Be A TEDx Speaker!

May 13, '16

Brentwood is hosting its third TEDxBrentwood on Saturday, October 22nd in the T. Gil Bunch Centre for the Performing Arts. Our year 2 theme is FUSION: DIVERSE THOUGHTS AND IDEAS. As a member of the Brentwood family here’s your opportunity to get involved. Each of you know amazing people from our Brentwood community who could deliver an epic...

A Farewell To Home

Jul 08, '13

Welcome family members, teachers, friends and, of course, fellow Brentonians, to our last gathering before we disperse in countless directions for our summer holidays. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our home that we so dearly care for. Home is a strong word, but it perfectly suits Brentwood. At Brentwood we are a family. Our family...

Closing Of A School Year

Jun 04, '13

This time of year is bittersweet for many members of the staff and the student body. For returning students and staff, there is the allure of summer break, one that gets stronger as the weather gets better and Closing looms. For the school’s Grade 12 class, the Graduation Dinner and Dance in Vancouver is a collage of happy memories and the reality...

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