Head's Closing Ceremonies

Jul 25, '16

Head of School Mr. Bud Patel, July 24, 2016 For any of us who follow the news and read the global tea leaves, we are left with the realization that we are living in an era of EXTREMES. No longer does lukewarm do. We need something scolding to singe our increasingly numbed nerves. What jolts us from our sleepy lives now are offensive rants,...

From Hand to Hand

May 13, '16

The Regatta was, once again, a roaring success. Well over 5000 people descended on our campus to enjoy a sun-drenched weekend of 190 races and plenty of off-the-water entertainment. The Entre Booths provided tasty treats, the Regatta Store enjoyed lengthy lines, and the Music Stage was full of song. One important addition this year was our first...

House Families

Jun 04, '13

On Tuesday, May 28th, I did #1 Inspection in Mackenzie House - a formal room inspection. While this usually is part of our Saturday morning routine, Mrs. Flynn and I were unable to find a suitable Saturday. So, in true Brentwood fashion, she informed the girls that Mack House was having a special BBQ – burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda, etc. – with...

Thank you for your input!

Nov 14, '12

Brentwood thanks all of our respondents for participating in our survey. The results from students, faculty, staff, parents, and Old Brentonians will support the creation of our new Strategic Plan.  We welcome members of the Brentwood community to participate in upcoming consultation sessions – see below.

November 21, 2012

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