Historic Season for Junior Girls Basketball

Apr 04, '20

This was a historic year for Junior Girls Basketball. Many of these devoted young women met every Wednesday night throughout the fall to start building on their skills. Once the real season began in November, they were ready to go, leaping into the first two tournaments of the year. The squad was deep enough to field two teams. One played in...

Junior Girls Basketball Provincial Tournament

Mar 27, '20

Ten basketball players, two coaches, one Laurel and everyone’s favourite bus driver, Richy, became a family and made unforgettable memories all in just one week in late February! The Junior Girls Basketball team travelled over to Langley on Tuesday, February 24th to make Brentwood’s first appearance EVER at the Provincial Tournament. Already...

The Little Team That Did (Qualify for Islands)

Mar 23, '20

The Senior Girls Basketball team had a very successful season. With many new players coming in and a new coach (Mr Vittorio Pasquale) nobody really knew what to expect of our team. In the end, we did something the Senior Girls Basketball team hasn't done in a long time - qualify for islands! Despite the outstanding last three games the team...

Wrapping Up History

Mar 19, '20

Everyone has a dream, some people have hopes, and the Brentwood Junior Girls Basketball team had a goal. Since the begining of last season, the Junior Girls team has had a goal of making it to provincials in 2020, and a certain group of astonishing athletes, coaches and people made that goal happen. It takes a particular mindset for an athlete...

Prep for Provies

Feb 19, '20

Ups and downs, makes and misses, through the struggles of a game our team sticks together. The Junior Girls’ Basketball team is a family, a well-oiled machine, all relying on each other at some point or another. Over the first two days of midterm break, 12 of some of Brentwood’s top junior girl athletes participated in the Vancouver Island...

February Midterm

Feb 18, '20

On this long-awaited and well-deserved midterm break, Brentwood’s students and staff have been blessed with the opportunity to de-stress. Whether they are marking papers, catching up on work, or hitting the slopes, now is the ideal time to recuperate after being thrown back into classes, arts, and athletics following winter vacation. Everyone...

Hoops, They Head To Islands

Feb 10, '20

This past Friday, 14 of the best Brentwood Junior Girls Basketball players started their weekend journey to Vancouver for ISAs. This skilled group of girls could not have been more excited about getting to know some of the tougher competition around the province. The tournament started with a slow game vs. Crofton’s B team. This was not one of...

Making Dreams A Reality

Jan 29, '20

On January 17th the Jr Girls Basketball team travelled to Dover Bay Secondary School with a chance to be the first Brentwood Junior Girls Basketball team to qualify for provincials. The team first faced PCS and showed their strength with a 26 to 46 win! The game showcased some great shooting from Jensa NG, Mackenzie ‘23 and Miranda NP, Alex...

Pressing The Season

Jan 21, '20

After returning to Brentwood early after a long, well-deserved break, the Brentwood Junior Girls Basketball team kicked off the year with a three-day training camp. Sadly we were missing our boarder teammates so some of Brentwood’s finest junior boys ballers stepped in. Davis P, Whittall ‘23, Kai Y, Privett ‘22 and Ruben R, Privett ‘23 were a huge...

Around the Rim

Jan 17, '20

This past weekend, the Senior Girls Basketball team opened their season with the Clyde Ogilvie Invitational Tournament, hosted at our very own Foote Center. The purpose of this event was to get to know the other teams in friendly competition, whilst perfecting our game strategies for future tournaments. Exhibitions like this are important to the...

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