We Made it!

Jun 23, '22

After two years of dedicated work, the Senior Girls’ reached their goal - a season for the history books! To prepare for a much-anticipated season, the team started practicing in September. Surprisingly, for more than half of the team, it was their first time suiting up in a Brentwood uniform, however, that did not stop us from making history! ...

Maybe Next Year

Apr 02, '22

Adversity, difficulties, misfortune became something the Senior Girls Basketball team became very familiar with. Hurdle #1 – an extended Senior A Volleyball season at provincials including four of our five starters, followed by a three week Winter Break meant that our full team didn’t play their first game until mid-January. Hurdle #2 – Covid....

Athletics Update

Mar 30, '22

Welcome back from a well-deserved vacation, Brentwood. I hope you are ready for the busiest athletics term of the year! Before we look ahead, however, let’s look back at athletic program seasons that came to an end just before Spring Break. In February, our hockey teams wrapped up their seasons in dramatic fashion as they hosted our annual...

That’s a Wrap!

Mar 18, '22

After two years of dedicated hard work, the Senior Girls’ team reached their goal and had a season for the history books! To prepare for a much-anticipated competitive season, the majority of the team started practicing in September. Surprisingly, for more than half of the team, it was their first time suiting up with a Brentwood uniform, however,...

Weekday Sports Blog

Mar 01, '22

Competitive sports teams had a busy few days with the Senior Hockey team’s Showcase game and the Senior A Boys Basketball Islands. Additionally, all three hockey teams participated in the Ross Cup. As per usual, rowers were also erging in the Foote. A four year member of the program, Alec D, Whittall ‘22 told me that erging is “different from...

Ms Madlen Anderson - Low-post Toughness in a Gentle Soul

Feb 16, '22

It has been said, time and time again, that “Brentwood could not run without our Brentwood Faculty Assistants (BFAs)” and Ms Madlen (Maddy) Anderson, Alex House grad is living proof of this. I first met Ms Anderson this summer as we worked a few shifts together at True Grain - a bakery in Cowichan Bay - a job for which I was most likely...

Mucho Burrito Makes Mucho Champions

Feb 11, '22

The 2022 Basketball season has been awaited since the pandemic halted competitive sports in March 2020. Unfortunately, unlike our Senior Boys Team, which has played 17 games so far in their competitive season, our Senior Girls Basketball team remains in the single digits - having only played seven games this whole season - three without the Senior...

Senior Girls Edge Shawnigan

Feb 09, '22

The Senior Girls Basketball team always puts on their game faces as we greet our competition; this was especially the case as we faced off against our local rivals, Shawnigan Lake School last Tuesday. Due to Covid restrictions, no spectators were allowed to watch the game, but the whole team, especially the bench, contributed greatly to the...

Sports Rehabilitation

Jan 23, '22

Sustaining an injury during the peak of an athletic season can be a huge let down to an aspiring athlete, especially with recovery times that often last weeks, months, or potentially years. Luckily, Brentwood students can be reassured that there is a support team at their backs in case an injury occurs. Thanks to the amazing facilities provided...

Senior Girls Basketball: We’re Back!

Jan 20, '22

As the Brentwood campus begins to bustle with new-year-new-me energy from students returning from break, a bright 2022 seems to be in store for Brentonians. As the countdown to warmer weather begins, a much anticipated event surrounds us. That’s right, basketball enthusiasts and DG fans, basketball season is finally here. In December we...

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