And That’s A Wrap: SAC Edition

Aug 02, '21

It is difficult to summarize the impact the Student Activity Council has on the Brentwood community since it is so welcoming and all-encompassing: it touches the hearts of all students and staff in different ways. Beginning with this year’s first COVID-sanctioned event, the SAC Games and Movie Night welcomed new and returning students to campus,...

Jane Austen Tea Party

Jul 28, '21

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Brentwood Grad in possession of some free time, must be in want of a tea party. In early June, as spring turned to summer, the AP Literature 12 students celebrated the culmination of their intellectual literary journeys with the annual Jane Austen Tea Party. Austen's Pride and Prejudice remains...

Mack House

Jul 26, '21

This has been a strange year, but we still welcomed 20 new Mackenzie girls to our house. Little did they expect what the returning 49 girls all knew and loved - that Mack is not just a boarding house, but a home. A home filled with laughter, sometimes chaos, and most all, love for all within. Almost instantaneously the new and the returning...

Hope House Springs Eternal

Jul 23, '21

After the 2020 Spring Break that never ended finally ended, Hope House was more than ready to welcome our pack of rambunctious returners as well as our 22 wide-eyed newbies. Despite all the rules to stay on our dots & restrictions on hugs, Hope quickly became the same house I’ve always loved. Our house values moved from the walls of the common...

Whittall House

Jul 20, '21

Whittall House – the best house at Brentwood – has had a colourful history. The only house to be burned down twice, as well as being infamous for having both a rat and a Grade 8 infestation. But all in all Whittall House of 2020/2021 will be one for the books for sure, as we gritted our way through these challenging times. Without further ado,...

Interhouse Champions!

Jul 14, '21

As I reflect, I realize how fortunate we were to spend this year together. Not having the chance to say our goodbyes and our traditional ‘last night’ in June 2020 was something we all hoped never to relive. It seems like yesterday when the waves of new students were flooding into the house during Orientation. Starting off the year with the...

Rogers 2020-2021

Jul 10, '21

The 2020-2021 school year has brought Rogers House closer than ever. The protocols that Covid brought to Brentwood have helped bond the house. Being limited to our cohorts forced us to create strong and everlasting bonds in the house as we spent more time together, especially during the cold and rainy second term. From the first day the new...

BEAT 2020-2021

Jul 08, '21

This year, the BEAT’s mission was to promote better waste streaming habits in the residences and raise awareness of the plastic waste generated by the pandemic. As part of this initiative, we encouraged each House to choose a conservation project to support knowing BEAT would funnel all of the money from recycled refundables across campus into...

Privett Blue

Jul 06, '21

As the end of the year approaches, even in these unprecedented times, Privett has shown why we are the most unique house. It can be heard around campus: “There go the Privett House boys”. The brothers of Privett were bonded by the cold and rainy winter months, the stern looks from staff as many of us forgot the dress code, and the love and respect...

Grade 8 Program Report

Jul 04, '21

What a joy these amazing Grade 8 students are! Whether playing a whole-class frisbee game on Campbell Common, singing together in music class, or competing in an intraclass World Cup of Rugby tournament for PE, the inclusive and positive energy of these 8s is infectious. These twenty-seven exceptional young people came to Brentwood this year,...

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