Brentwood is Doing Something

Jun 15, '19

To add to Brentwood’s climate change strides, the food services team has decided to wipe out plastic. The amazing team that makes all of our meals and prepares our snacks and food when we go on school trips, just stepped it up to the next level. This means that “We are no longer providing juice boxes, Gatorade or water bottles for packed meals for...

Dress As You Like Day

Jun 14, '19

As the end of the year is approaching, it was about time for the school to give the students what they really wanted: an opportunity to finally try wearing a non-traditional uniform. On Wednesday, it was Brentwood’s annual Dress As You Like Day. Whether it was the girls finally having pockets to put a phone in, or the boys finally getting to...

Reid Carr Retirement Tea

Jun 11, '19

Last Friday was a great celebration of the beloved Mrs Reid Carr, retiring this summer after 17 years in Allard House. Following our usual sign in, all members of Allard sauntered over to the Field House in the Foote Centre. We helped to set up food, tables, and gifts. Then, hiding behind the bar, we anxiously anticipated her appearance. Peeking...

Waterfront Opening

Jun 07, '19

As the last days of May fly by and June gets going, the countdown is on until we walk out of the Brenwood gates for summer. One of the many bonuses of the last month of the school year is the opening of the waterfront. With the warm weather June has brought it is hard to look at the ocean and not be able to enjoy its refreshing waters. So stating...

Grade 8s Go to Wildplay

Jun 06, '19

On May 31, the Grade 8s hopped on a bus around nine fifteen, and headed down to Langford to go to Wildplay. The day was beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. The Grade 8s could not have been more excited about the adventure ahead as we drove up to the entrance to Wildplay. We quickly exited the bus and headed up to the park entrance. We all...

Allard Little-Big Sister Olympics

Jun 04, '19

This past week, Allard Grade 11s took the reigns on Little-Big Sisters, and planned our very own Allard Olympics. This event allowed for the Allard mermaids to bond with each other through fun and competitive games on the field. Each floor teamed up to compete against each other, the winner of each game helping to determine the best floor in...

MS Walk With Lulu

May 31, '19

In honour of World MS Day this year, Mrs Carr and SPARC organized a bus load of students to attend the Duncan MS Walk on May 26th. The team was in support of our Head Prefect, Lulu J, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis this past December. As a school, we were able to raise over $1,780 for the MS Society and were the third overall team...

Lifer’s Dinner

May 30, '19

Lifers are a special breed here at Brentwood. Lifer refers to Grade 12s who have been at the school since the glory days of Grade 9, and for some, the glory days of Grade 8. In Grade 9, our class was made up 20 students who had continued from the Grade 8 program, joined by 55 new students, giving our class a total of 75. Today, out of that class...

Water Pong 2019

May 29, '19

Every year, the Grad Class is responsible of fundraising that goes towards a bursary to help send a student to Brentwood the following year. Constantly working towards our goal, the grad class has held numerous fundraisers such as selling candy grams for Valentine’s Day, corsages and boutineers for Snowball, and Boston Pizza at Regatta. For the...

The Last Month at Brentwood

May 22, '19

As the year is nearing a close, Brentwood Grads are preparing for their last exams, last moments with friends, and last memories that they will carry with them forever. This time of the year can be both very exciting, as summer and hot weather is nearing, but also sad, as Grads and some one-year international students prepare to leave these...

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