Midterm Break's Afoot

Feb 16, '19

Midterm Break features five school trips that have more than 80 students hopping with energy over the holiday. Three of our basketball teams (Jr Girls, Jr Boys and Sr Boys) are participating in playoff tournaments with Ms Napier, Mr Sullivan and Mr Gage at the helm. Further afield, 14 science students are with Mr Doehler and Ms Lawrence on a...

Celebrating Midterm

Feb 15, '19

As the weather remains chilly and students have hit their peak of studying, Midterm Break comes around. Packing, cleaning, and finishing up tests and other enduring tasks may not be a students’ favourite way to spend their time, but knowing that there is a break right around the corner definitely helps. Onyi O, says that she is “excited for...

Warm Clothing Drive: BEATing the Chill

Feb 13, '19

With the rain and chill brought by a damp BC winter, many people do not have adequate clothing to keep them warm. As one of the many initiatives taking place for Brentwood’s upcoming Kindness Week, the Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) is facilitating a warm clothing drive to try to make a positive impact in our community. Last week,...

Brentwood’s Snow Day

Feb 12, '19

In light of the snowfall that coated Vancouver Island over the past 48 hours, students received one very exciting email Sunday night notifying them that their weekend would be extended. Despite the average Brentwood student’s love for learning, the cancellation of Monday’s classes left the whole school in a frenzy. Snow continued to pour down...

Grade 8 Leadership

Feb 12, '19

Greetings Brentwood! As many veteran Grade 8s will tell you, the conference at Saint Michael’s University School is always a blast. The Grade 8s this year continued the tradition. The theme this year: Search your Selfie. After a bus ride to SMUS, we were led to a theatre where about 200 students and teachers were seated and standing. Two...

Game of Friends

Feb 11, '19

Last Friday the Brentwood Grad Class hosted the Shawnigan Grad Class for a games night. The event consisted of snacks that ranged from ice cream floats to yam fries, games such as Blackjack and Jenga, and, to end it off, there was a dance. The event was a successful opportunity for the two schools to mingle as all of us are going to be heading...

Java Hut 2019: A Night to Remember

Feb 11, '19

Every year, amidst the darkness of a chilly February night, Crooks Hall is brought alive with the music, talent, and laughter at Java Hut, and this year was no exception. Java Hut, Brentwood’s annual talent show, offers everybody who wishes to perform a chance to utilize their various talents to entertain Brentwood’s population for a much-enjoyed...

Symptoms Of An Imposter

Feb 09, '19

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t deserve a lot of the success you have achieved? Have you ever had a sinking feeling that one day people will think that you are not as smart as they once believed you to be? For many capable students at Brentwood, this may be the case, and the resulting diagnosis is a condition known as imposter syndrome. Last...

Happy Chinese New Year, 新年快乐!

Feb 08, '19

On February 5th, Brentwood came together to ring in the New Year with Chinese music and food. The lovely kitchen staff served up fried rice, wonton soup, spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, egg tarts and much more. I grew up celebrating Chinese New Year with the Chinese side of my family in Beijing and Hong Kong. Being away from home on a...

An Eggsquisite In-House Breakfast

Feb 06, '19

Saturday’s are always a busy time in the houses: we head off to breakfast, come back to hurriedly #1 our rooms, and then get dressed in our number #1s for classes. On some very special weekends, however, we are able to break the pattern and take extra time to bond and kick back. This past Saturday some Hope 11s organized a wonderful in-house...

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