TEDx Is Back!

Oct 27, '20

TEDx is an event where live speeches are delivered to help inform others about progressive ideas. These cutting-edge observations can be life changing and we at Brentwood are fortunate enough to see these insights provided by our speakers each year. With COVID, external speakers were not able to attend: so we modified the event. The event was...

A Nutritious Nigerian Night

Oct 25, '20

On Thursday, the Food Services Staff prepared a fantastic day of Nigerian-inspired food for us all to enjoy. The menu, as announced in Assembly that day, included a delicious dinner of Suya chicken, baby shrimp fried rice, fried plantains, and, much to the enjoyment of the students, nostalgic spring rolls remembered from our long-lost cookie...

Hey Brentwood! Get the BEAT

Oct 24, '20

Happy Waste Reduction Week! I know, I know, you’re all probably having a hard time containing your excitement but don’t worry, the BEAT has some pretty cool stuff planned ahead. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Good Green Deeds, it consists of sending me a picture of you doing some act of kindness or service, specifically...

A Brave Space

Oct 23, '20

We are here to tell you about a new Friday tutorial option, which will be a time for courageous conversations. What does this mean? This will be a student-led group, with Ms Richardson moderating. We will set up a schedule that will deal with topics of inclusion and anti-racist education. In courageous conversations, individuals are...

The Day Student COVID-19 Experience

Oct 22, '20

For most returning day students, it has been hard to navigate the changes occurring due to COVID-19. Pre-Covid, day students got to go into the boarding houses and have a space to put their things and hang out. Due to Covid, the day students have to go to the Foote Centre where there are lockers to put your bags, etc. Since not being able to go in...

The Fab Five

Oct 21, '20

Many of us can remember our first day at Brentwood. It was a day filled with excitement and of course, a little fear. For new students this year, however, that fear was probably slightly more prominent. Imagine moving to a new province, country, or even continent and living in a new house with new friends and new people all in the middle of a...

Covid-Safe Cross-Cohort Connection

Oct 20, '20

The most unforgettable experiences that any Brentwood student will gain are the friendships made on campus. Before the 2020-21 school year, you would see many different people from various houses venturing into common room hangout areas in any of the eight houses. In the summer term, you would see dozens of kids hanging out on the field, throwing...

An Evening of Thanks

Oct 16, '20

Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving dinner. The lovely, cheerful atmosphere and the importance of the evening make the gathering such a bright event. Similarly, the kitchen staff does an amazing job of preparing the best meals we could ask for. Every year, the halls are filled with the savory scent of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes,...

Camp Brentwood 2.0

Oct 15, '20

It is time for “Take two” of Brentwood’s fondly named Camp Brentwood, or CB2 for short! Returning to campus late Monday and early Tuesday after a well-deserved Thanksgiving weekend, our students are once again in quarantine to promote a healthy community. In an email sent by Deputy Head of School - Student Life, Mr Liam Sullivan, the...

Thanks Covid Team

Oct 14, '20

As Brentwood’s population dispersed across the country for our four day weekend, suitcases in hand, crammed full of all the weekend’s necessities, we asked ourselves the popular question that comes with this holiday, “What am I thankful for?” The overwhelming response of both students and staff alike was, “I am thankful to be back at school in...

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