Thanks to Our Parents

Aug 20, '18

To our Houseparents I cannot say thank you, for a mere thank you is not enough of an acknowledgement or reward for all of the work they do for us. Who is crazy enough to accept a job living with 60 girls or boys for 9 months? Working 24 hours of a day, 7 days a week, sacrificing weekends and family time to be there for us? Without these amazing...

My Experience In Privett House

Aug 19, '18

After my first year at Brentwood as a small and seemingly invisible Grade 9 student, I wanted nothing more than to be a member of Privett House. I had older friends from my previous school come to Brentwood and a lucky few of them were also given the honour of being placed in Privett. After hearing my first debate within the Colts rugby team about...

BEAT 2018

Jul 30, '18

The Brentwood Environmental Action Team’s motivation for this year’s theme, Actions on Agenda 2030, was put in place by the desire by the United Nations to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. A vision in this action plan by the United Nations “aims to end poverty, promote prosperity and people’s well-being while protecting the...

Cowichan Opens the BC 2018 Summer Games

Jul 20, '18

Cowichan Opens the BC 2018 Summer Games The BC Summer Games celebrated its opening ceremonies last night in the beautiful evening sun of the Cowichan Valley. 3000 athletes from across British Columbia begin three days of competition this morning. Members of the Brentwood family are contributing to this celebrations of sport and inclusivity in...

Hope House

Jul 12, '18

2017-18 was magical: we sailed through ups & downs, conflict & laughter. In the process of building life-long friendships, we learned to reflect, communicate & compromise. We learned to love & how to express our love. In September, we opened our arms to 27 new students. Although Orientation was hectic, girls immersed themselves in the inclusive,...

Brentwood Beach Day

Jul 10, '18

Final exam were coming up! Everybody was preparing so hard but it’s always a good idea to get some rest during these stressful times. That is why the Student Activity Committee (SAC) held Brentwood Beach Day 2018 on June 9. There were so many activities for students to participate in. The most important one, of course, was swimming in the clear...

Privett House

Jun 30, '18

At the start of the year Mr Patel told the Grade 12s that this school year would go by in a flash; he was absolutely right. It feels like only yesterday that new students arrived on campus, walking wide-eyed into Privett. Yet in this deceptively short amount of time, the boys - no, men - of Privett have banded together in a way no one thought...

An Exam Free Week - Grade 8 Camping

Jun 29, '18

Instead of sitting in a desk and writing exams for the last week of school, the Grade 8 class had the privilege of being able to camp at the Horseshoe Bend group campsite. This camping trip was action packed and bonded the class in ways that would never have happened if we’d been sitting in school desks. When we first arrived at camp, everyone...

Hope House Tea Party

Jun 25, '18

On Sunday, June 10th, the annual Hope House Tea Party was held. Every year, the Grade 11 girls in Hope take on the task of preparing, decorating and hosting the party. Invitations were sent out, and the common room was transformed into a beautiful seating area for all tea party goers to enjoy. Snacks such as cookies, sandwiches, cheese,...

Great Grade 8

Jun 22, '18

The Grade 8 program is in its 4th year and remains a big part of Brentwood. Experiential learning is at the heart of the program, and we embraced this concept from day one. The start of the year had us setting sail on a four-day SALTS trip. Students had the opportunity to learn what it takes to run a tall ship, from hoisting sails, to launching...

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