Thankful Dinos

Oct 17, '21

As we leave Thanksgiving Break behind, students immerse themselves back into the busy Brentwood schedule, and, as Term One continues, a sense of gratitude lingers from our turkey dinner celebrations. With Houseparents spearheading the many responsibilities that come with our campus’ boarding life, it is only appropriate to be thankful for all that...

The Bunch - A Thursdays Collective

Oct 16, '21

Monday is the beginning of the week and an Arts day. Tuesday is a typical day followed by afternoon sports. Wednesday is sleep in and breakfast cake day. Then, Thursday is number one uniform and Assembly day. We love our Thursdays. On this day (Saturdays too) we students dress in our number one uniforms collectively as a school, proudly...

Airband: A Fortnight Away

Oct 14, '21

Folks, the moment has almost arrived. In just two weeks’ time, after countless meetings and rehearsals, Brentwood will host a show for the ages. Airband 2021 is almost here, and it’s going to be better than ever. Airband is far more than just another interhouse competition: it is an otherworldly experience. On Friday, October 29th, our school...

The Perfect Privett Prefects

Oct 12, '21

There are lots of reasons I enjoy my Monday night duty in Privett House. First, it’s a genuinely pleasant group of young men who, while naturally given to adolescent rambunctiousness, are engaged and happy at Brentwood. Second, the Grade 12 Prefects take their responsibilities seriously in the faith that they have a significant role to...

Fall’s First Break

Oct 10, '21

It’s officially that time of year for the staff and students of Brentwood. Autumn has been in effect for a couple of weeks now resulting in cooler temperatures and a panoply of leaves scattered throughout campus. The start of Fall also means the 2021-2022 school year’s first break is among us. Despite Thanksgiving Break only being three days...

Thanksgiving Dinner at Brentwood

Oct 09, '21

Once a year, to conclude the first several weeks of the new school year, and to jump-start the much anticipated long weekend, Brentwood comes together to share Thanksgiving Dinner as a school. We all travel down as a house wearing our number one dress and enjoy a nice meal together before we travel off-campus for Thanksgiving Break. Due to the...

New Hopelings Bring Hope to Hope House

Oct 08, '21

This year Hope House has received many new students across grades, personalities, and nationalities. This flock brought an energetic new dynamic to Hope that was welcomed with gleaming smiles and friendly arms. The dazzling energy remains in the house as the new students settle in and start their Brentwood lives. What does it really take to be a...

The Vic Trip Virtues

Oct 08, '21

On Sunday September 26, nearly every Brentwood student attended a day trip to Victoria - our first in two years. Students and staff were thrilled at the opportunity to visit Victoria as a school to shop, eat and enjoy the wonder of the lower Vancouver Island. The houses left at slightly staggered times, but all students were able to spend an...

The Monday BLUES

Oct 07, '21

Usually, after anm active six-day week of hard work full of academic, athletic, artistic, and social challenges, we look forward to the one-day weekend where we can relax and appreciate the great times spent with our friends. Unfortunately, that glorious one-day weekend eventually comes to an end. Ah, Mondays. The grey weather, the herd of...

Kicking the Year Off Right With the End of Summer Bash!

Oct 05, '21

Last Saturday night, September 25, the whole school celebrated the start of what is sure to be another amazing school year. After a jam packed two weeks of classes, sports, and arts, and rescheduling due to rain, Brentwood students were itching to let loose and meet some new people. The evening started out with the Fall Fun Fair, expertly...

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