Who Am I This Time?

Jul 04, '16

In May the Senior Acting class and I went to St. George’s in Vancouver for the annual drama festival to perform our play Who Am I This Time? directed by Mrs. Quinton. We left the school and met up with Ferdinand S and Meril MH from the senior rugby team, as well as meeting Julie S and Alexis C who joined us from University tours, so it was a...

Rugby Rumbles On

Jul 02, '16

Closing Day was Friday. Most of us took Saturday to either rest or celebrate with the Grads at the Dinner and Dance in Victoria. A host of Brentwood rugby players, however, hopped on a ferry Friday afternoon and headed to Vancouver for the BC Regional Rugby Championships Saturday and Sunday where they represented the North and South...

Into the Ether with Jaclyn C

Jun 22, '16

One of the schools most valued senior performers, Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16, recently produced her first album. Entitled Into the Ether, the six song EP is Jaclyn’s first time putting a compilation of music together. Jaclyn said despite her experience in the music world - which she started in seventh grade when she won Duncan’s Got Talent, Songwriter’s...

Reaching New Heights: ODP Climbing Trip

Jun 18, '16

The ODP clan packed their bags and headed for Squamish last Friday afternoon, eager to clamber up crags and conquer cliffs. After a ferry trip from Nanaimo and a long bus ride into Squamish, we pitched tents at a campsite. The next day we headed to our first climbing destination. The first cliff we climbed was called Area 44. After a short hike,...

Design 11

May 22, '16

The latest challenge for Design 11 students was to develop a concept for an “Inspiration Space,” to be sited on our Brentwood campus. Over the last four weeks student groups have been applying the first three steps of the design thinking process (empathizing, defining and ideating) to create a multi-faith inspiration/contemplation space as a...

Dancing At the Circus

May 17, '16

After another season of hard work by the Brentwood Dance team, one of the biggest shows of the year kicked off on May 11, 2016. It was the first night of the Evening of Dance: obviously the dancers were nervous. But each night had a great turnout which filled the orchestra of the Killy Theatre. It was thoroughly engaging to watch the hard-working...

It’s Showtime!

May 04, '16

On Thursday, April 28th the Brentwood Dance team performed three pieces at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, held at the University of Victoria’s Farquar Auditorium. Some were nervous while some were excited, but every dancer learned from this experience. The adjudicator gave excellent, encouraging comments to each class and the...

Regatta Rock II: Saturday’s Arrivals on the Outdoor Stage

May 01, '16

Saturday was a particularly sublime day at the Regatta: the ocean was dappled with sunlight, the boothes sizzled up savoury snacks for hungry visitors, and the Rock bands proved to be just as talented as Friday’s performers. The afternoon was kickstarted by excellent singer Jayden Holman, featuring Brentwood’s Rock Band teacher Mr. Scott...

Regatta Rock: Entertainment on the Outdoor Stage

Apr 30, '16

Once again it is The Regatta, that glorious time of year when one can munch on potato tornadoes while bathing in the sun’s radiance and watch students compete in nautical ordeals of endurance. The experience would be incomplete, however, without live music from the outdoor stage. The entertainment lineup on Friday brought together a talented...

Debate and Model UN

Apr 28, '16

From the excitement of our own IMUN, to a mock trial at the Supreme Court of Canada, and the first World Scholars’ Cup in this part of the world, our debaters have been very busy; our year was a barn-burner in all three terms. In late November, we hosted Brentwood’s second IMUN (Island Model United Nations: Centered on a theme of...

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