A Sparkling Experiment in Chemistry

Dec 23, '16

On December 2nd, as the winter wind was howling on the Brentwood campus, curiosity lead the Grade 11 Chemistry AP students to a science experiment under the instructions of Mr Amiel. Students with aprons and goggles were keen to apply their knowledge in a real science scenario. They used theories from Dalton’s Law and Moles to predict the results...

Dear Mary

Dec 22, '16

Each term our students participates in a creative writing contest, named in honour of long-time Brentwood English teacher, yearbook editor and houseparent, Ms. Beth Meluish. Below is the sonnet composed by the Grade 10 winner, Jemma O, Mackenzie ‘19. Dear Mary, I write to thee with love and prayers of hope; Wishing I stood with you, your hand...

The Lone Island

Dec 20, '16

Each term the entire school participates in a creative writing contest, named in honour of long-time Brentwood English teacher, yearbook editor and houseparent, Ms. Beth Meluish. Below is the ballad composed by the Grade 9 winner, Jessica W, Allard ‘20. The Lone Island Long times ago when winds blew strong When sailors sailed the seas...

Gage(ing) his Passion for Hoops

Dec 18, '16

One might think that Mr. Blake Gage has enough on his plate. As the Houseparent of 55 boys in Whittall House, Athletic Director, teacher of financial accounting and Senior Boys Basketball coach, he manages a wide range of responsibilities at Brentwood. That he also volunteers to coach the South Cowichan Heat U13 basketball team and he is assisting...

Welcome to Canada - مرحبا بكم في كندا

Dec 16, '16

In recent weeks, several Arabic-speaking Brentwood students have travelled to Kelsey Secondary School to meet and socialize with some Syrian immigrants who are adapting to the language and culture of their new country. Arabic speaking Brentonians Balqees J, Allard ‘16, Lulu J, Allard ‘18, Aiysha M, Hope ‘17, Hala M, Hope ‘18 & Hadi N, Ellis ‘18,...

A Union of Universities

Dec 15, '16

1:30 a.m. and we’re off, embarking on what will be the most packed, tiring, exciting and stressful adventure of our adolescent lives. Back during the November midterm break, more than forty students were chaperoned by Mr. Rodrigues, Ms. Beausoleil & Mrs. Coull to travel to three provinces, 10 cities and 15 universities to answer the question we...

Writing for Rights

Dec 11, '16

In Mr. Collis’ Lit 12 class, we all stopped and together gazed across the beautiful view of Mill Bay and Mount Baker and were told to think about what we have. Looking out over the stunning water, there were some unpleasant things that we could think about happening in our daily lives, but nothing compared to what is happening across the world...

Biodiversity on Campus

Dec 10, '16

Our Malaise Trap results from the University of Guelph are in! Back in September, the Biology 12 AP students set up an insect trap that looked rather like a tent and collected specimens that flew into it over two weeks. These specimens were then sent of to the University of Guelph DNA lab for identification. The experiment is happening at schools...

Law 12 Mock Trial: Round One

Dec 05, '16

Christmas arrived a month early for Brentwood’s Law 12 students when Mr. Bryant announced that we would be doing a mock law trial as our first large assessment. With research, reading, and acting involved, the mock trial portion of the Law 12 class was a main attraction for most of this year’s students. This year’s Law 12 class is the largest of...

Entrepreneurial Science at UVic

Dec 02, '16

A group of Brentwood students visited the University of Victoria last Tuesday to participate in their first ever symposium on Entrepreneurial Science. They enjoyed a day of workshops, talks and presentations. The highlight was having to come up with an idea and “pitch” it to a group of entrepreneurs. The two teams from Brentwood finished first...

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