Reach for the Top

Jan 29, '17

Last Friday night, after a long week of hard work and dedication, the Reach for the Top interhouse competition took place in the Killy Theatre. Screams of joy and laughter filled the room with jubilation. It was a mental game. Participants were rubbing their hands and ready for this challenge. They were waving their house flags and howling their...

Spirit Week

Jan 28, '17

This past week has been Brentwood’s annual Spirit Week hosted by the SAC who have put on a different event for each day of the week. So far, there has been Senior Boys Basketball Showcase, a Tailgate party followed by the Senior Hockey Showcase, Interhouse Reach for the Top, Japanese & British themed dinners, rock bands performing in Crooks,...

Happy Puppies

Jan 27, '17

The third Monday in January, this year January 16th has been labeled ‘Blue Monday’, the saddest day of the year. Lacking in Vitamin D as a result of not seeing much sun since October, we get bogged down by homework and university applications, live for Sunday Brunch (cue the angel choir) and drag ourselves out of bed in the dark. With its roots...

An Aussie Dinner - Cooked Down Under

Jan 24, '17

Last Wednesday Crooks Hall was turned upside down for a down under celebration. The Aussies had come to town and everything went green and gold. The food services staff prepared some good old ‘Shrimp on the barbie’ and a big ‘Sausage Sizzle’ as our six Australian students served a barbecue for the school to celebrate Australia Day. The spirit...

Camp Allard

Jan 20, '17

As it was the second weekend back for all the students at Brentwood after the winter break, it was, of course, time for an open house! With Allard being the first open house of 2017, the Grade 12s wanted it to be the most memorable and the best event possible. The theme this year was Camp Allard: everyone showed up with their own personalized...

Bert To My Ernie

Jan 17, '17

A great roommate relationship starts when you break the metaphorical shell of discomfort. When you first meet your roommate, they’re most likely going to be shy and awkward with glasses so you think they’re unquestionably smart. What you don’t know is that you will soon become coparents to a fish, they’ll infest your prep time with humorous...

Snowball: A Hypnotic Experience

Dec 27, '16

Snowball: A Hypnotic Experience In a school full of 500+ students, it is tempting to keep to your own social groups, house, team or grade. With life as a senior student different from life as a junior, a sense of disconnect can occur. Decades ago, the late Mrs. Beth Melhuish came up with an event that would solve this problem. And thus, the...

Gage(ing) his Passion for Hoops

Dec 18, '16

One might think that Mr. Blake Gage has enough on his plate. As the Houseparent of 55 boys in Whittall House, Athletic Director, teacher of financial accounting and Senior Boys Basketball coach, he manages a wide range of responsibilities at Brentwood. That he also volunteers to coach the South Cowichan Heat U13 basketball team and he is assisting...

Welcome to Canada - مرحبا بكم في كندا

Dec 16, '16

In recent weeks, several Arabic-speaking Brentwood students have travelled to Kelsey Secondary School to meet and socialize with some Syrian immigrants who are adapting to the language and culture of their new country. Arabic speaking Brentonians Balqees J, Allard ‘16, Lulu J, Allard ‘18, Aiysha M, Hope ‘17, Hala M, Hope ‘18 & Hadi N, Ellis ‘18,...

A Union of Universities

Dec 15, '16

1:30 a.m. and we’re off, embarking on what will be the most packed, tiring, exciting and stressful adventure of our adolescent lives. Back during the November midterm break, more than forty students were chaperoned by Mr. Rodrigues, Ms. Beausoleil & Mrs. Coull to travel to three provinces, 10 cities and 15 universities to answer the question we...

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