American Tradition

Nov 26, '17

A large percentage of Brentwood students come from the United States of America, so it is tradition for the school to hold an American Thanksgiving dinner in November, in addition to the Canadian Thanksgiving event in October. On the last Thursday of November, students, staff and their families, and some American students’ families, gather in...

We Are So Much More

Nov 25, '17

Below is the text of Glory's C's recent TEDx speech. At 9 years old, she was raped and bought off with an ice cream cone to keep it quiet that she had been alone with her cousin. She was pregnant by 14, and she gave birth to a chance to redeem herself from all the pain she had seen in the span of a decade. But two weeks later, that chance passed...

Reach for the Top

Nov 24, '17

So I don’t mean to brag, but I’d like to consider myself as a fairly intelligent individual. I get pretty good grades and people often view me as a smart guy. So when I heard that Interhouse Reach for the Top was coming up, I got excited. This could be a way to show the rest of the school just what kind of brilliance is housed between Privett and...

A Scary Trip to Victoria

Nov 20, '17

As Fright Week was coming to the end before midterm, the SAC took a scary trip to Victoria on Sunday. All SAC members were invited to attend and Ms Mclean was very generous in chaperoning us. When we arrived in Victoria, we were allowed to roam around the busy capital for a few hours. Students went shopping for Halloween costumes, spring formal...

Hope Open House

Nov 15, '17

The much anticipated Hope Open House took place on October 21st. This year, Hope Grade 12s boldly set the theme as Anything But Clothes, which provoked much excitement in the school. The theme itself allows students to design and make their own costumes for this unforgettable event. Before the event started, students in Hope House hustled and...

Whittall Open House

Nov 14, '17

The greatest way to start off Halloween is, of course, with an Open House. Before the midterm, Whittall House was open to monsters or cute creatures of all ages. A Whittall House tradition is the theme of Halloween, and SAC helps set up a few days before. Students dressed up in their favourite Halloween costumes, and came with groups of friends....

Day of the Dead Dinner

Nov 11, '17

The Day of the Dead is a famous Mexican holiday that is celebrated throughout the region. This extraordinarily important day is to honor the deceased of family, friends and even neighbours. Some traditions include building altars and bringing the favourite flowers, foods and beverages of the departed. People also bring possessions of the deceased...

Karaoke in the Kaf

Nov 07, '17

It was a typical Thursday evening; Brentwood students and staff strolled into Crooks Hall, expecting another delicious meal. Except … it wasn’t a typical Thursday. Of course, the meal was fantastic, but on the far side of the building was a stage and a computer filled with songs for karaoke. Led by Ravi R, Rogers ‘18, & John E, Rogers ‘18, the SAC...

Nigerian Dinner

Nov 04, '17

“Where the World Comes to School,” Brentwood boasts great diversity across its student body. Students from Nigeria and of Nigerian descent make up one of the larger ethnic groups at the school, and this past Wednesday we had the chance to share our colourful culture and cuisine with the school community. Between 5:15 and 6:30, Crooks Hall...

New to Brentwood

Nov 03, '17

I have to admit, there were a couple nights before coming to Brentwood where I tossed and turned in my bed for hours, trying to ease my anxiety. Even for someone like me who should be used to traveling and changing schools (I’ve switched schools about10 times so far in my life since my family is always moving) the thought of moving to a different...

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