Privett House

Jun 30, '18

At the start of the year Mr Patel told the Grade 12s that this school year would go by in a flash; he was absolutely right. It feels like only yesterday that new students arrived on campus, walking wide-eyed into Privett. Yet in this deceptively short amount of time, the boys - no, men - of Privett have banded together in a way no one thought...

An Exam Free Week - Grade 8 Camping

Jun 29, '18

Instead of sitting in a desk and writing exams for the last week of school, the Grade 8 class had the privilege of being able to camp at the Horseshoe Bend group campsite. This camping trip was action packed and bonded the class in ways that would never have happened if we’d been sitting in school desks. When we first arrived at camp, everyone...

Hope House Tea Party

Jun 25, '18

On Sunday, June 10th, the annual Hope House Tea Party was held. Every year, the Grade 11 girls in Hope take on the task of preparing, decorating and hosting the party. Invitations were sent out, and the common room was transformed into a beautiful seating area for all tea party goers to enjoy. Snacks such as cookies, sandwiches, cheese,...

Great Grade 8

Jun 22, '18

The Grade 8 program is in its 4th year and remains a big part of Brentwood. Experiential learning is at the heart of the program, and we embraced this concept from day one. The start of the year had us setting sail on a four-day SALTS trip. Students had the opportunity to learn what it takes to run a tall ship, from hoisting sails, to launching...

Lifers’ Dinner 2018

Jun 18, '18

And just like that, it's time to say goodbye. Fifty-five of us lifers gathered in the foyer of the Centre for Art and Humanities for a final reunion with our first friends from the autumn of 2014 and fellow graduates. Enchanted by the spectacular architecture and surrounding art, this night was bound to be special and memorable for all. We...

Third Term

Jun 13, '18

Opening up your weather app and seeing it filled with sun might be amongst the greatest feelings for any Brentwood student. Shorts and t-shirts are dusted off and put on after a rainy winter, sunglasses are taken out of their cases, and sunscreen is slathered over all those who are fair. These days students spend lots of their free time lounging...

The Busiest Time of the Year!

Jun 06, '18

Since September a lot has changed: new friends were made, laughs have been shared, and the snow has melted. The beginning of the year is an exciting time for everyone: new people join the school and everyone is experiencing a relaxing time with friends and classmates. Life is very balanced between academics, arts, athletics and social life which...

Casino Night @ Ellis

May 30, '18

Every year, Ellis House hosts the best open house of the year with competition and a hint of gambling. Casino Night! Every student who came won: a few won big in Texas Hold’em and the biggest winner was Bronte who won $180,000 in the VIP room. Almost everyone won and had fun making bank, and almost everyone dressed up for the best in suits and...

PARTY Program

May 24, '18

Thanks to the Brentwood Health program, a group of 10th graders recently took a trip to the Cowichan District Hospital to take part in a program called PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth). First, we heard from a doctor about how being impaired while driving can affect you, showing us pictures of some crashes throughout the...

Building for the Future

May 21, '18

After three days at Mlilwane Big Game Park, we picked up our shovels and wheelbarrows and, brick by brick, began erecting the structure that would bring together a rural community. The building would present them with opportunities to take cooking classes to help families become more self sufficient, host board meetings for the high school and...

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