Back and Ready To Attack

Sep 21, '18

Campus is thriving with frenzied excitement as eager students begin the 2018-19 school year here at Brentwood! Following an action-packed Orientation, students from all corners of the globe have boarded the Brentwood Express, and are going full speed ahead towards a busy, yet wonderful, tripartite year! Classes have commenced, and students are...

The Terry Fox Run

Sep 20, '18

On April 12th, 1980, Terry Fox began one of the most iconic and momentous journeys in Canadian history. He began the “Marathon of Hope,” cementing his legacy in Canadian history forever, and helping to change the lives of millions of Canadians suffering from cancer every day. Terry had previously been through chemotherapy, and had lost his right...

Hope House Grade 12 BBQ with Mr Patel

Sep 17, '18

On the 11th of September, the Hope House Grade 12s were invited to a private dinner with the Head of School, Mr Bud Patel, at Brentwood's stunning new Foote Centre. The girls were treated to an incredible array of delicious food, drinks, and to top it off, ice cream. All the Grade 12s were asked about our Prefect roles in the house and given a...

End of Summer Bash

Sep 15, '18

What do you do with 555 energetic teenagers on a rainy Saturday evening in Mill Bay, BC? Why, you throw a party of course! Hence the 2018 End of Summer Bash! The fun began with a social hour, a barbecue on MacLaren Plaza with two fun competitions. First was the balloon-throwing contest, in which two partners would throw a water balloon full of...

Allard BBQ 2018

Sep 14, '18

When you picture a boarding house full of girls, what naturally comes to mind is probably akin to the happenings of the Allard barbeque. Think hoodies and leggings dazzled up with hoops and braids, and you basically get my Sunday evening. Unfortunately, the plan for this night of bonding was much more elegant than the actual execution, but so is...

Mermaid Traditions

Sep 13, '18

To be a part of Allard House entails not only creating lifelong friendships and experiencing living in a house filled with more than sixty girls, it also involves sisterly bonds, joy, and working together to create a team. In Allard, there are many traditions that stick with the girls for a very long time. Whether it’s having house dinners,...

The Eldon & Anne Foote Athletic Centre

Sep 12, '18

The Eldon & Anne Foote Athletic Centre is brand new with its official opening coming on September 22 at 2:00. The Foote Centre has everything anyone could ever wish for. It even has a climbing wall that’s 52 feet tall! The Centre has 4 volleyball courts or 2 basketball courts that you can play on at once and it has 10 hoops so it’s perfect for...

Interhouse Track and Field

Sep 11, '18

For the third time in this busy week, the beautiful Brentwood campus was flooded with interhouse colours and cries of encouragement and house pride, as the houses gathered for the annual interhouse Track and Field event on Saturday afternoon. With Fun and Games as well as Eco-Challenge behind them, the eight dedicated interhouse captains turned...

Eco-Challenge 2018

Sep 08, '18

The first few days at Brentwood, during Orientation, move very quickly. Not only are the new students thrown into a metaphorical ocean of Brentwood challenges, they are literally thrown into the Pacific Ocean during the Annual Eco-Challenge! The vibrant colors of all 4-brother-sister combos are begin to flood into the waterfront with their house...

Let There Be Light

Sep 07, '18

In the 1980s, when my parents were teaching in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I attended Lakefield College School. Rural, on waterfront, personal, and with a family feeling, LCS had many of the same qualities we cherish here at Brentwood. We teenage boys attended chapel several times a week - sometimes reluctantly - but we boisterously enjoyed singing...

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