Arduino in AP Physics

Feb 24, '17

Coding is being introduced into the BC curriculum in an effort to prepare students for jobs in the swiftly growing technology industry, but Ms. Olszewski is ahead of the game, introducing her AP Physics 1 (Grade 11) classes to coding through a unique exploration known as “The Arduino Project”. Ms. O explains: "The Arduino project is designed to...

Where Ideas Come to Life

Feb 20, '17

Where Ideas Come to Life This year Brentwood has created a new room in the Centre for Humanities and the Arts known as the Makerspace. It was brought to Brentwood in order to meet the strategic objectives of the academic plan and has brought experiential learning to Brentwood becoming, in Mr Lee’s words, “Brentwood’s garage”. Everything and...

If Only Ergs Could Float

Feb 13, '17

With winter season supposed to be coming to an end, the negative degree weather and lots of snow falling doesn't seem to want the winter indoor rowing reason to stop. On Sunday, January 22nd the Men's and Women's rowing teams went down to UVIC for the 33rd Annual Monster Erg event. We had 3 teachers, 14 boy, 3 girls and 1 coxswain compete. With a...

Poetry Slam 2017

Feb 11, '17

Not only is the English Department Moodle the place where all the cool kids hang out, but room 301 (The Collisium - professional home of English Department Head, Mr. Paul Collis) is now some pretty decent competition with the turnout we had on February 3rd. With the promise of 12 poetry slammers, free donuts, and coffee, how can you not show up?...

Lieutenant Governor Visits Brentwood

Jan 30, '17

The Lieutenant Governor of BC, The Honourable Judith Guichon, visited our campus this afternoon to speak to the school about our history as a country, our government, and some programs and contests she has created with the aim towards sustainability and nation building. After a gracious welcome and an introduction by Mr Patel, and the singing of...

The Neuroscience of Making Decisions

Jan 25, '17

Last Friday we were treated to a lecture on “the neuroscience of decision making” by research Professor Olav Krigolson of the University of Victoria. Biology and psychology classes were able to get an insight into Dr Krigolson’s ground-breaking work on the brain’s decision making systems in which he uses electroencephalograph or EEG machines to...

Welcome to Canada

Jan 21, '17

Back in November, our 12AP Human Geography class, thanks to Ms. Murtland, had an opportunity to talk to a number of immigrants about their recent and diverse journeys to Canada. Split into three groups, we rotated through the tables to hear their personal narratives. Syria, Turkey and the Philippines were some of the countries these immigrants...

Human Geo 12 in Langford

Jan 21, '17

On Wednesday January 11th the Grade 12AP Human Geography class boarded a bus to adventure off campus under the watchful wing of Ms. Murtland to study the development of the City of Langford. This is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the province! The first stop was made at the summit of Bear Mountain to see and sketch an eagle eye’s...

Build-a-Whale @ Brentwood

Jan 19, '17

If you ever get a chance to stroll past the atrium in the main floor of the Ross Building, a huge creature is awaiting to surprise you. A full killer whale skeleton is on display for everyone to see. Lent to the school by Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society the offshore orca holds many learning opportunities for...

Hamlet in a Hurry

Jan 18, '17

Many of us remember Hamlet as Shakespeare’s longest play, often running more than four hours, but my Literature 12 class was recently able to perform it all in just minutes. On Tuesday Mr. Collis’ English Literature 12 class performed our own five minute version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The abbreviated version of the great problem play was cast...

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