Biodiversity on Campus

Dec 10, '16

Our Malaise Trap results from the University of Guelph are in! Back in September, the Biology 12 AP students set up an insect trap that looked rather like a tent and collected specimens that flew into it over two weeks. These specimens were then sent of to the University of Guelph DNA lab for identification. The experiment is happening at schools...

Law 12 Mock Trial: Round One

Dec 05, '16

Christmas arrived a month early for Brentwood’s Law 12 students when Mr. Bryant announced that we would be doing a mock law trial as our first large assessment. With research, reading, and acting involved, the mock trial portion of the Law 12 class was a main attraction for most of this year’s students. This year’s Law 12 class is the largest of...

Entrepreneurial Science at UVic

Dec 02, '16

A group of Brentwood students visited the University of Victoria last Tuesday to participate in their first ever symposium on Entrepreneurial Science. They enjoyed a day of workshops, talks and presentations. The highlight was having to come up with an idea and “pitch” it to a group of entrepreneurs. The two teams from Brentwood finished first...

Brendan McLeod: Slam Poet

Nov 20, '16

Last Saturday, Grade 10 students in E block skipped their regular English class and went to a slam poetry session with Brendan McLeod in the lecture theatre. Brendan opened up his performance with a hilarious political poem, talking about how his mum “forced him to write” and a short background on what he does and his passion for poetry. Mr....

Horne Lake Caves - Exploring The World Beneath Us

Nov 09, '16

On Wednesday, October 19th, a class of 25 students and two teachers clad in rain gear jumped onto a yellow bus and headed to the Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park. Students varied from being dressed in sweatpants, hoodies and sneakers, *cough William*, to being prepared with so much rain-gear that you could possibly mistake them for rainbow...

TedxBrentwood: Fusing Together the Community

Oct 29, '16

Saturdays at Brentwood are usually filled with ties, blazers, and (to Mr. Patel’s dismay) rolled down knee high socks. October 22nd was a Saturday unlike the rest, because TedxBrentwood had arrived like Christmas on a gloomy December day. Gone were the mandatory uniforms and in was stylish smart casual attire. The countless hours that the...

TEDxBrentwood 2016

Oct 15, '16

In October 2014, the Brentwood community saw more than just the beginnings of a cold, wet British Columbian winter. The first TEDxBrentwood took place during this chilly and hectic month, bringing inspiring speakers from near and far to the Killy Theatre stage. TEDxBrentwood is the brainchild of Brentwood’s Director of Marketing & Communications,...


Oct 11, '16

In early September, Mr, Ganley’s English 12 students enjoyed reflecting on the Rio Olympics and the power of the WhatItTakes ads by Sport Chex (39 seconds in you can see Olympic Bronze medallist and Brentwood RFA Ms. Kelly Russell scoring a try in Women’s 7s action). Below are the works of two young...

Senior Biology Gets to the Root of Exploration

Oct 10, '16

Senior biology student recently got to appreciate the art and science of cloning by making cuttings in the school greenhouse. The cuttings were treated with rooting hormone powder of different strengths to investigate its ability to transform stems into roots. Mr. David McCarthy

Biology in Bamfield: An AP Adventure

Sep 28, '16

Early morning, Monday, September the 19th, seventeen eager Biology 12AP students headed off campus and began the five hour bus ride to what would become a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, a cooperative effort of UVic, UBC, Simon Fraser, U of A and the University of Calgary. Upon arrival, students immediately...

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