A Mackenzie House Tradition Continues

Jun 28, '17

As the end of the school year rushed towards us, exciting summer plans were quickly being formed. Most of us have fun experiences to look forward to, but what about other children who cannot afford to have the experience of a summer camp or vacation? This is the question from which an amazing Mackenzie House tradition sprung a few years ago. Each...

Grade 11 BBQ

Jun 21, '17

The days in this school year are now numbered on one hand, a fact that both staff and students alike are excited and reflective about. With the end of the school year comes many things: exams, packing and cleaning, interhouse track and field, and final house outings, just to name a few. Over his tenure as Head of School, Mr. Patel has made it a...

Triumph at Interhouse Track and Field

Jun 20, '17

Amidst the tumult of exams and the clamour of our final days of the year, there stands a glimmering moment free of packing, studying, or heartfelt goodbyes: Interhouse Track and Field. Taking place on the last Saturday of the concluding term, it is always the final Interhouse event, and this year it stands to determine which brother and sister...

The Final Few Days

Jun 15, '17

As the end of year rolls around, campus is buzzing! Students can practically taste sweet summer, but with tart exams starting tomorrow we are are busy bees studying - and soon cramming. Lots of exciting things will happen before the year is over (this definitely doesn't include exams). One of the first signs the student body knows summer is close...

Mess With The Bull: You Get The Horns

Jun 08, '17

Last Thursday we fifty nine brothers of Whittall House proudly presented our house heritage to an assembly of attentive students. Preparations happened during prep on the nights leading up to our special event. The boys, led by House Captain Andrew W, Whittall ‘17, our fearless leader, and helped by Peter L, Kavi G, and Xander A, examined the...

Cena Latina

Jun 02, '17

Latin American students stand out amongst the rich and diverse population of Brentwood with their outgoing personalities and intense language. Yesterday was the lucky day for our many of these students as they were able to enjoy some dinner dishes straight from their home countries. At 5:30pm, the cafe filled up with the lively music of Latin...

Vegas in Ellis

May 22, '17

On May 13th, time slowed down as Brentonians got in their clean-cut suits and dresses and headed to Ellis House for the event everyone has been waiting for. Amongst the hustle of end-of-year tests, projects and AP exams, Ellis Open House provided an exciting night off for our tired students. This year’s theme, just like any other year, was...

The Heaven and Hell of an Ellis Host

May 20, '17

Last Saturday, the famous annual Ellis Open House took place. The theme was, as always, Casino. This event is said to be one of the best of the Open House Series and this was definitely proven once again this year. For me, in my first year in Ellis, this was a great, but stressful, experience. As an Ellis House boy, this event gave me multiple...

The Day Everyone Looks Forward To

May 10, '17

May 6 was a day that many Brentwood students looked forward to. It was the second Red Saturday of the year. Even though Brentwood students are heavily rewarded with long breaks, they still only have one-day weekends. But when one of the infrequent two-day weekends finally happens, everyone is excited. Students and staff can then enjoy a...

Student Vote 2017

May 09, '17

As you are likely aware, the British Columbia provincial election takes place today. Brentwood students in Civics 11 ran Student Vote yesterday with several polling stations around campus. To make the process a little more interesting, the students in Civics 11 also participated in a simulation focused on engaging the school community in...

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