BEAT Builds Birdhouses

Mar 04, '17

On Sunday, February 19 a handful of BEAT members headed to the makerspace in the Centre for Art and Humanities to hand build birdhouses. Not just for fun, or to finish an overdue woodworking project, but to help birds in the Cowichan Valley and around campus. BEAT has worked all year on a project called “Home Tweet Home”, an initiative that will...

Kindness Week

Feb 27, '17

As a result of the collaboration between the SAC, SPARC, Grad Council, and BEAT, Kindness Week was organized to celebrate compassion and kindness in our community. Events took place all week embracing kindness. Grad President Olivia B, Alex ‘17 and her crew put many hours into this event, even coming in during break to ensure that every student...

Java Hut

Feb 25, '17

Last Saturday night Brentwood hosted its annual Java Hut, a casual opportunity for staff and students to showcase their musical and acting talents. Each act was given approximately four minutes in which they exhibited their musical prowess before a very receptive audience. The show was MC’d by Lauchlan M, Nick H, and Lanny L, clad in matching...

Big White 2017

Feb 21, '17

Midterm breaks at Brentwood are a good opportunity for students and teachers to go home, relax, and enjoy their time off of school. For some, however, home is a 13 hour plane ride across an ocean and a continent. So what did we do? Last week 25 international students hopped on an airplane and flew to Kelowna where we would spend the next six days...

A Fair Dinkum Dinner

Feb 16, '17

Earlier this month, our friends from down under took over Crooks Hall armed with fairy bread and the less gentle Vegemite. Hosted by Clare M, Mackenzie ‘17 and Mrs. McLean, Australian Dinner was a treat for the Brentwood community and marked the first cultural dinner of the new year. With a menu that consisted of prawns on the barbie, fairy...

Mack Skate with Maggie & Mike

Feb 12, '17

After watching an entertaining 5-4 loss to St. George’s at Showcase Hockey, the Mackenzie girls stepped on to the ice to enjoy some skating of their own. Each year after Showcase Hockey, the Mackenzie girls are allowed to invite one guest to bring free skating. With one hundred and ten students attending Mack Skate this year, there were lots of...

No School: A Day in A Brentwood Winter Wonderland

Feb 10, '17

This past Monday, February 6, students woke up to an email they had never received before: Mr Felix informed the Brentwood community that the school would be having its first snow day in more than 30 years! Snow blanketed the Brentwood campus, and showed no signs of stopping. As students rejoiced with no classes, Mr Felix believed it was the...

Barbie’s In Town

Feb 02, '17

This past Saturday night was the annual Alexandra Open House. This year’s theme was Barbie’s Dream House and many of our students came to the event dressed up as the Barbie or Ken of their dreams. The open house was a huge success and all of our students had a blast. Each floor was a different Barbie theme: the bottom floor was pink themed, the...

Heartbreaker at Kerry Park

Feb 01, '17

Last Saturday night a spirited sea of red-garmented students were bussed to the Kerry Park Arena. The crowd’s copious energy was in anticipation of Brentwood’s Showcase hockey game versus the visiting Saint George’s School. Before the rivalrous game commenced, Mr Patel and Mr Flynn dropped the ceremonial first puck. The crowd showered Mr Flynn,...

Brentwood's Blood Donors

Feb 01, '17

On Monday, Brentwood, led by SPARC (Student Peer Assistance Resource Counselors) ran a blood drive right on campus. It was a chance for students at the school to donate their blood to an amazing foundation that helps save lives every day. Brentwood has been taking part in blood drives over the past many years with help from the Canadian Blood...

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