Junior A Volleyball: A Season Recap

Nov 28, '22

In the next two weeks, the 2022 Junior A Girls Volleyball season will come to a close. With grit and positivity, the team persevered through any challenges they faced. The team has faced long playdays, and many games were finished in the third set. Throughout the season, the team has improved significantly through the connection between the...

AP Studio Art, Survival of the Artsiest

Nov 26, '22

Arts afternoons at Brentwood include a vast array of classes for various skill levels and artists. One might wonder, however, where the best of the best artists go to create and showcase their finest works. The AP Studio Art class is an amazing and rigorous course that allows our top students to exercise their artistic abilities at a professional...

Senior Volleyball B Team Gets Gritty - and Joyful

Nov 24, '22

Volleyball at Brentwood is one of the most popular first term sports for girls. This year’s numbers eclipsed previous years amongst both new and old students, and spanning all skill levels. Coming together at the beginning of the year, dozens of players are eager to not only improve their skills, but also to learn what team they will be playing...

Term Two has Sports for You

Nov 22, '22

As the weather gets colder and the complaints of students having to do sports outside get louder, Brentwood introduces a fresh batch of sports for the winter months. As a key part of the tripartite system at Brentwood, the school places a strong emphasis on athletics and incorporates them within the campus days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. From...

November’s Midterm Break

Nov 20, '22

As we approach the end of the first term of our 22-23 school year, the Brentwood community is back from a long-anticipated Midterm Break relaxed and recharged for the final month of first term. For the hardworking students and staff of Brentwood, these breaks are crucial to our wellness and health to give us time to step out from the incredibly...

A Day in the Life

Nov 19, '22

Though Brentwood is renowned for its fabulous boarding program, there are a few students that slip through the gates without having a dorm to call home. The school would not be the same without the 125 or so day students who attend Brentwood College School. The day student experience is different to that of a boarding student’s. Slipping...

Brentwood Exercises Environmental Advocacy

Nov 18, '22

Environmental Advocacy is an immersive class offered at Brentwood on Arts afternoons. As this course was newly established this year by Mr Ganley, there are lots of opportunities and excitement for the future of this class. Students use creative media to inform, motivate, and activate the Brentwood community to improve the natural world....

Oh Mamma Mia! Brentwood Has Started Musical

Nov 16, '22

After an eventful two months of Interhouse competitions, full-school events and much more, first term is almost at an end. To the many busy students around campus, first term seems extremely short, but it is actually the longest. Amid the sunny days of the term, rest assured that Brentwood’s musical for this year, Mamma Mia, got underway and...

Challenging & Rewarding – AP Seminar

Nov 14, '22

A world of research presentations awaits Brentwood students on their road towards university. At the glowing start line of that road, for many, is AP Seminar. By researching and analyzing contrasting perspectives, students learn to work independently and collaboratively in research projects. AP Seminar is a Grade 11 level course offered at...

Passing The Knowledge Torch : Peer Tutoring At Brentwood

Nov 12, '22

One of the many unique features of living at a boarding school is being constantly surrounded by classmates and friends. While this may come with some drawbacks – let’s be honest, we all crave some alone time – one of the most significant advantages is easy access to extra help resources: teachers, BFAs, duty staff, and, perhaps most importantly,...

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