The Feminine Side of the Ice

Jun 08, '18

The first time for anything is scary. Now imagine stepping onto the ice with teenage boys skating circles around you. It’s almost impossible not to smell the testosterone in the air. Then we seven girls step onto the ice. Back in November, the girls, many of whom have never played hockey or even skated before, took their first shaking and unsure...

Pug Day

Jun 07, '18

On May 25th, Mrs Reynolds took her proud Grade 11 English classes to sit on the Gillespie Field in the sun. Mrs Reynolds brought her pugs to class for the day as a reward. She has two English 11 classes which she puts to competition. Both classes compete for something she calls “Pug Points”. She will give both class a quiz and whichever class...

The Busiest Time of the Year!

Jun 06, '18

Since September a lot has changed: new friends were made, laughs have been shared, and the snow has melted. The beginning of the year is an exciting time for everyone: new people join the school and everyone is experiencing a relaxing time with friends and classmates. Life is very balanced between academics, arts, athletics and social life which...

Wave at Brentwood

Jun 06, '18

Vancouver Island Wave is the Island soccer club that plays in the British Columbia Soccer Premier League. This means they play Mainland club teams. The BCSPL is the highest level of youth soccer possible so when five Brentwood students and one coach currently play for VI Wave, it shows the level of quality of our soccer program. Two out of the...

The Jazz Band at MusicFest Canada

Jun 05, '18

The String Ensemble and the Jazz Band recently had the opportunity to attend the 46th annual MusicFest Canada at the University of Toronto (Victoria University, Faculty of Music, Emmanuel College). During the week-long event, both groups received adjudication from skilled musicians, and had the opportunity to perform in front of large crowds of...

Play Hard, Study Harder

Jun 04, '18

Three weeks of school are left, two if you exclude a week of final exams. Studying is the top priority for everyone, and the focus is bigger than usual. All year long, teachers instruct Brentonians in many diverse courses. In June, final exams occur; they are assessments for which students have prepared themselves and paid attention in class all...

Shawnigan Lake Regatta - Junior Crews

Jun 04, '18

The Shawnigan Lake Regatta is always an event everyone is excited for. Not only because you see all the people you meet at Brentwood Regatta again, but because it is also a weekend full of exciting races. From May 11th to 13th Junior and Senior crews gave their best in the tough 2km race to earn medals. This is the longest race that has taken...

Junior Boys Rugby

Jun 03, '18

Individual talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships, and with the season on the line against a worthy competitor, we were all going to lay it on the line. As Brentwood’s Colts had many hard-fought and gruelling games, many of which were rewarded with wins, the most crucial game of the junior boys’ season, one that determined a berth to...

Shawnigan Lake Regatta - Seniors

Jun 02, '18

The alarm started beeping at 5:40 am. The rowers and coaches arose from their beds. Slowly, everyone started heading towards the bus to the Shawnigan Lake Regatta, one of the most important regattas of the year. The results would determine the seat rankings for the CSSRA, also known as nationals. There are a lot of rowing clubs participating in...

The Fiercest Competition

Jun 02, '18

At assembly last week, Mr Patel highlighted the prevalence of the elements of competition in all aspects of the school. Nothing, however, captures the friendly but fierce competition amongst students better than interhouse events. Interhouse challenges include all types of arts and sports, as well as events such as energy-saving week and trivia...

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