2nd XI Field Hockey

Dec 27, '17

The year began with a group of 16 girls assembled on the Cowichan turf, a mix of seasoned and new players, both seniors and juniors. Although practices started with a refresher of basic skills as our coaches assessed the abilities and strengths our the new team, it was clear that we had amazing potential with a little refinement needed. In just a...

Cross Country

Dec 24, '17

The 2017 Cross Country season has come to a close. It has been an incredible few month for the team filled with unbelievable achievements, grit and joy. The highlights of this year’s Cross Country season consisted of both the speed squad’s success and the rest of the team. For the speed squad, the Heisterman siblings have had outstanding success...

Mackenzie House Gives

Dec 23, '17

What better way to kick off the season of giving than to give to those in need? Each year, Mackenzie House sponsors a family in need as a way of giving back to our community. This year, Mackenzie House’s sponsor family consisted of a single mother with three children. With the help and support of Mackenzie Houseparents who eagerly helped fund...

Junior Boys Soccer

Dec 23, '17

“The King of the North” cry the bannermen of Winterfell: “Jon Snow is the King of the North!” With all due respect to George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, no one, not even the thieves and unwanted sons shuddering at the top of the wall, can truly understand the bone-numbing reality of how winter is coming until they have journeyed north from...

Probability on the 13th

Dec 21, '17

As part of their recent unit on probability, the three Foundations of Math 12 classes have been creating casino games. On Wednesday, December 13 they invited the school to stop by Ross 306 to play the novel games that they had created. Each participant was given $20 FoM12 dollars upon entry and those who increased their stake could cash in their...

Development Field Hockey

Dec 20, '17

The Development Field Hockey team had a very productive and exciting season. Many of the girls who played on this squad had very little to no field hockey experience at the beginning of the term. Over the course of the season, they worked very hard to improve their basic skills, as well as their tactical play on the pitch during competitions, and...

Spanish 12

Dec 19, '17

Spanish 12 this far into the year has been an incredible experience. The class atmosphere (and of course the teacher) are amazing and I begin every class with a smile. We have even had the pleasure of hosting presenters from Cuba and Costa Rica. Throughout the class we were shown the culture of each country including music, food, dialects and...

Cross Training & Varsity

Dec 18, '17

Being a part of one or both of these programs, that push you to your limits and challenge your mind and body, can be really beneficial for a full-time student. Not only do these programs and their instructors push you to be the best you can be, but they give you the motivation to go to the gym every day if you can’t find that motivation on your...

Snowball 2017

Dec 17, '17

The long-awaited Snowball finally arrived with the crisp December air and the heavy anticipation of all Brentwood students. Snowball is a Brentwood tradition: a junior (Grade 9 or 10) can ask a senior (Grades 11 or 12) to be their Snowball date, and the senior must accept the invitation, so on the last Saturday before Winter Break we attend an...

Run For The Claus

Dec 16, '17

Run For The Claus was a 6km run (or 3.5 km walk) on December 3 in which the people of the Cowichan Valley dress as Santa Claus to support the Clement Centre Society. The Clement Centre is a non-profit that helps children and adults with special needs. It desires “a community in which all individuals are included, valued and celebrated.” Children,...

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