Shawnigan Training Camp

Apr 26, '18

From small boats to a gigantic eight, the Brentwood boys spent the first five days of their Spring Break getting into motion. After a grueling winter of training in smaller boats, it was finally time to start swinging together in our beloved eight. Training with your competitors is a task not everyone is willing to take, but the Brentwood...

Spring Formal

Apr 25, '18

Brentwood Seniors recently enjoyed a great Spring Formal put on by both the Grad Council and the SAC. This team effort required many meetings, weeks of planning, and numerous hours of organizing and set up. A huge thank you goes out to these student-run clubs for all their hard work, especially Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McLean as their guidance is...

Brentwood Math Challenge

Apr 25, '18

On Thursday, we awarded the Brentwood Math Challenge Trophy to Genevieve P ‘18 and Ben H ‘19. Over ten weeks each winter, we send out a weekly math puzzle to all students and staff. The problems are hard, the topics varied, and the students love them. We receive responses from all sorts—from young Grade 9s who don’t do their homework to Grade 12s...

An Advertising Opportunity

Apr 24, '18

I have big news for you: on April 27th, 2018 Brentwood College School will host one of the biggest school events in Canada: the Brentwood Regatta. This is three days of adrenalin and emotions. Over 2000 rowers, parents, and children are coming to see the rowing races. For this big day the marketing class is working on something huge. Our...

The Secret to Success

Apr 23, '18

25 Olympians, 23 of whom were rowers. 11 straight Olympic Games - 1976-2016. 9 Olympic medalists: Bronze: Ned Pratt & Bruce Ford; Silver: Tom Herschmiller, Malcolm Howard, David Calder & Scott Frandsen; Gold Blair Horn, Darren Barber & Malcolm Howard. This is just a fraction of the success produced by the world renowned Brentwood College Rowing...

Senior Men's 8+

Apr 22, '18

The countdown to Brentwood Regatta 2018 started 360 days ago, the day after last year’s Brentwood Regatta ended. Almost a year has now passed and the time is almost here for the Senior Boys to prove themselves once again on their home course. After many intense early morning rows, followed by afternoon practices, the Senior Men’s 8+ and 4+ are...

West Coast Choir Festival

Apr 22, '18

All of Brentwood’s musical groups are immersed in a busy festival season, travelling to Victoria, Ladysmith, Langley, and even Toronto to participate in music festivals. For the second year in a row, Brentwood hosted its own gathering of Vancouver Island choirs: the West Coast Choir Festival. On Friday April 20th, we were thrilled to welcome...

Junior Girls Basketball

Apr 21, '18

For the Junior Girls Basketball team, this was a year of tremendous development, not only regarding technical, soft skills and relationships between players and coaches, but for the reputation of the junior girls in the basketball program. The first day of tryouts, there was a turnout that completely exceeded the expectations of the coaches....

A Wet and Wonderful Weekend

Apr 20, '18

For 20 Outdoor Pursuits students, Friday, April 13th was not unlucky in the least: it was the beginning of a weekend full of challenges, skill building, and fun on the Cowichan River. Every year, Mr Norman organizes and runs the Cowichan River Youth Kayaking Festival. The three-day event is designed to introduce youth to river kayaking, and to...

Ethnobotanist on Campus

Apr 19, '18

Ethnobotanist and Ford House alumna '88, Fiona Hammersley-Chambers recently came to share her expertise on the indigenous plants growing on the Ogden House property. Environmental Science AP students were shown how to identify plants from the deadly Hemlock of Socrates fame to various edible species that can be harvested for food and medicinal...

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