Our Greek Cultural and Competition Experience

Aug 31, '17

In mid-July, 15 Brentwood students were given the great opportunity to travel to Greece and compete in this year’s World Scholar’s Cup Global Round in Athens. The days when we were not competing, we got acquainted with Greek culture and its history. We took it easy on the first day, with a half day tour around the city. We visited the Plaka, an...

Pacific Debate Championships

Jul 10, '17

In late May a large number of Brentwood’s formidable debate club journeyed onto the mainland to partake in the Pacific Debate Championships. With nail-bitten fingers and colossal stacks of notes, we prepared to thwart the opposition with our clever arguments. The debaters began their journey by first traipsing through the Tsawwassen Mills Mall,...

Photography 101

Jul 08, '17

Every Brentwood student gets to choose his or her arts academic courses, arts electives and sports for the year. For me, it was really exciting. I am from Germany and it was my first year here at Brentwood. Being an international student and also having been raised in a different language and culture meant it was not that easy, especially when...

The Showroom

Jul 04, '17

On a Sunday night in May Brentwood’s Composition Rock Band performed at the Duncan Showroom. The building was something out of a movie. Hanging lights, creepy antiques, and instruments from the 70s floated around the band as we prepared for the gig. Our style was a mix of indie rock and grunge as we performed songs we’ve written, and some covers...

Concert For A Summer’s Eve

Jun 09, '17

The Grade 12s of the music department already feel the nostalgia settling in. Why? Their last Brentwood performance – Concert For A Summer’s Eve – is upon us. As soon as Festival Season, in April and early May, finished, all the music ensembles turned their focus to preparing for the performance, which features the Jazz Band, Vocal Ensemble, Wind...

Concert for a Summer's Eve Preview

Jun 03, '17

With the end of term 3 and exams right around the corner, performers are hungry for their last chance to get on the Brentwood Stage, so expectations are high for the Concert for a Summer’s Eve next week. The concert has been awaited for by many performing arts classes as some of them last performed last in December. The Wind Ensemble, Vocal...

Something is Budding at Brentwood

May 30, '17

Indubitably, the Brentwood campus is a beautiful environment, with lush plant life and captivating, ecologically-inspired architecture. From the Millennium Trail, to the myriad of trees and flowers that dot our plazas, to our oceanfront location, there is a focus on connecting nature to our daily lives. However, it may surprise you that in spite...

Theatre Production, the Dark Art

May 26, '17

The ghostly shadows of Theatre Production students work countless hours throughout the year creating and nurturing the numerous productions like Mary Poppins, Concert For A Winter Eve, Evening Of Dance, Senior Acting, special events, and much, much more to make Brentwood the special place that it is. Many weeks before the opening night of any...

Rock n’ Record

May 23, '17

Last Monday, the Beginner Rock Band ventured to a cabin in the woods to record their three best songs for the 2017 Brentwood Rock Band CD. The Beginner Rock Band made their way to Maple Bay to start recording their favorite songs with the recording guru himself, Zack. We performed our concert of “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz, “Harder to Breathe” by...

Stringing Together a Victory

May 18, '17

On Wednesday May 3rd, The Brentwood Guitar Ensemble performed in the Highlights Concert at the University of Victoria. The Guitar Ensemble came first in their division at the Victoria Music Festival, allowing us to go to the highlights concert and winning us a cheque for two hundred dollars. Our Captain was Jade M, Allard ‘17 who was given the...

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