Spring Sports Captains

May 03, '18

Spring Sports Captains were announced last weekend. Leading their teammates in training and competition this term are Senior Girls Soccer – Morgan W Senior Boys Rugby - José GM Senior Girls Rugby – Chloë P Boathouse – Amaya V & Logan P Golf – Calvin C Tennis – Female Co-Captains: Tochukwu A & Leila M; Male Co-Captains: Will H & Nick P.

We Put the S in Sport

Apr 30, '18

As second term came to an end, we said goodbye to one of our most memorable competitive teams. Only one of the team’s member will be returning next year; the rest move on to university. This was an outstanding run for Brentwood Squash. We saw outstanding development; it is easily visible when you compare us to last year when we played (got...

Student Leadership At Regatta

Apr 27, '18

During the busy weekend of our International Regatta, all Brentwood students participate in various jobs to help out with the busy event. This allows for a sense of leadership and unity in the school; whether you are parking cars, handing out awards, boat washing, or taking photographs, every job has an important role in the Brentwood, and rowing,...

Shawnigan Training Camp

Apr 26, '18

From small boats to a gigantic eight, the Brentwood boys spent the first five days of their Spring Break getting into motion. After a grueling winter of training in smaller boats, it was finally time to start swinging together in our beloved eight. Training with your competitors is a task not everyone is willing to take, but the Brentwood...

The Secret to Success

Apr 23, '18

25 Olympians, 23 of whom were rowers. 11 straight Olympic Games - 1976-2016. 9 Olympic medalists: Bronze: Ned Pratt & Bruce Ford; Silver: Tom Herschmiller, Malcolm Howard, David Calder & Scott Frandsen; Gold Blair Horn, Darren Barber & Malcolm Howard. This is just a fraction of the success produced by the world renowned Brentwood College Rowing...

Senior Men's 8+

Apr 22, '18

The countdown to Brentwood Regatta 2018 started 360 days ago, the day after last year’s Brentwood Regatta ended. Almost a year has now passed and the time is almost here for the Senior Boys to prove themselves once again on their home course. After many intense early morning rows, followed by afternoon practices, the Senior Men’s 8+ and 4+ are...

Junior Girls Basketball

Apr 21, '18

For the Junior Girls Basketball team, this was a year of tremendous development, not only regarding technical, soft skills and relationships between players and coaches, but for the reputation of the junior girls in the basketball program. The first day of tryouts, there was a turnout that completely exceeded the expectations of the coaches....

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Apr 18, '18

Every Spring, Brentwood has the honour of hosting one of the most competitive, entertaining and, most importantly, fun international high school rowing regattas in the world. The preparation for this event is a matter which our school does not take lightly. Whether you are a part of our well respected rowing team, a staff member, or a student,...

A Busy Month for Rowing

Apr 17, '18

Training never ends when you are a varsity rower. For some of the top Brentwood rowers, the first five days of Spring Break were spent at Shawnigan Lake getting time to train and focus on improving. Some of the same athletes also spent the last five days of break at Quamichan Lake training in small boats in preparation for the Dueling Over a Grand...

Girls Rugby Gets Started

Apr 17, '18

As the competitive term has come thundering down on our team, our girls have risen to the occasion bringing sportsmanship, good energy, and determination to every game. It is no secret that our team is in a developmental phase, as over half of our numbers are comprised of junior girls. With this in mind, watching the dedication that each girl puts...

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