Who Needs a Mid-term Break?

Nov 07, '18

For most Brentwood students and faculty, that is a rhetorical question. After 10 weeks of school, of course we need a mid-term break. Don’t dare get between me and my afternoon nap/Netflix account/bus to the airport/mainland! For several groups of Brentonians, however, mid-term was about staying together, having fun and pursuing excellence. Mr...

Halloween at Brentwood = Airband 2018

Nov 05, '18

While most teenagers spent Halloween night trick or treating or in a haunted house, on Wednesday, October 31st, Brentwood students took their dance moves and lip synching skills to the Killy stage to compete in the annual interhouse Airband competition. The night was filled with drama, backflips, laughter, and dance moves like the pros. For...

Whittall Open House

Nov 05, '18

Every year, each house at Brentwood gets its chance to open their doors to the entire student body and showcase what their residence is all about. All students are allowed to come visit and enjoy the festivities each individual open house has to offer. Following Rogers, this year’s second open house was hosted by Whittall last Saturday, October...

Home Schooled to Boarding School

Nov 01, '18

Growing up in community on a small island is not your typical childhood. However, it has been something I will never forget. I was born and raised on an organic produce farm on Salt Spring Island, farming and stewarding the land with the community I was brought up in. I was homeschooled until Grade 8, so I spent almost 100% of my time before that...

Brentonians’ Marathon of Hope

Oct 31, '18

Terry Fox, an athlete, humanitarian, and research activist, with one leg amputated due to cancer, embarked on an east to west cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Although the spread of his cancer caused him to end the Marathon of Hope in Thurder Bay, ON, his legacy continues. The Terry Fox Foundation has raised over...

Brentwood Loves the Caf Staff

Oct 30, '18

“Enjoy your food, enjoy your life.” - Victoria Moran Teenagers are a hard group of people to please. We can be moody, and hard to deal with much of the time. But a few key things at Brentwood keep our students constantly happy, level-headed and fun to be around: the faculty, the location, and, of course, the food. Brentwood’s cafeteria...

Brentwood Reaches For the Top

Oct 24, '18

This past Saturday night, Brentwood students flooded into the T. Gil Bunch Centre to cheer on their housemates as the houses went head-to-head in the mind-boggling and reflex-testing inter-house competition, Reach For The Top. Student’s knowledge on history, geography, literature, mythology, and science & innovation were put to the test and many...

The Spookiest Week of Them All

Oct 24, '18

It’s that time of year again; the Spooky Season is fast approaching. In celebration of Halloween and everything that is scary, goulish, and spine-chilling, Brentwood is hosting Fright Week starting tomorrow, October 25th. The week’s festivities will run until Halloween night, with plenty of events in between for students, as well as for staff and...

Fall Fun Fair

Oct 23, '18

Last weekend the SEC put on a great Fall Fun Fair. The fair ran from 4:00 to 7:00 on Saturday and included a plethora of activities including three different inflatable activities, delicious BBQ, and a Zorb Ball tournament. Several students enrolled teams to participate, however only two squads prevailed from the brackets. Both The Units and The...

Ideas Worth Spreading

Oct 22, '18

TEDx’s motto is, ‘Ideas worth spreading’ and that is precisely what the students of Brentwood heard at our TEDx on Saturday. For those who have never had the pleasure of experiencing TED, it is series of talks organized by a non-profit organization which strives to share ideas on a variety of topics through a series of fascinating, albeit short,...

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