Mrs. Maggie Flynn

Aug 25, '17

It is my honor and delight to speak about Maggie Flynn. Mrs. Flynn followed her husband, Mike, to Brentwood in 1999. She was hired by Head of School Bill Ross and has worked for 3 Heads in her career here. She once let her girls gag and tie up Mrs. Pennells, in the Mack House phone booth and actually, she may still be there - someone should...

Mrs. Susan Quinton

Aug 19, '17

Once upon a time, an immigrant from the wilds of Winterpeg, where she taught English and drama for 26 years, Susan Quinton arrived on campus in 2003 - pixie faced and bubbly - ready to pick up the torch in acting from Keith Digby, the retiring Director of Arts. The first chuckle I heard from Susan came as the result of a mistake. She had...

Rogers House

Aug 19, '17

Boys... thank you. Time is a jewel, worth more than any coin or precious stone. Time is eternal, omnipresent, infinite, and different after every second, yet constant. Time is an inventor and an artist - a masterpiece. It is a wise teacher. A giver and a taker. It is an invisible adversary, yet it is yours. Time can also be a gift, and let me tell...

Whittall House

Aug 07, '17

Although a deceivingly short time has passed, this year’s group of Whittall boys have transformed from a collection of friends and strangers to a brotherhood bolstered by Whittall’s foundational values of Honour, Integrity, Perseverance, and Trust. The boys battled ferociously for the Interhouse title alongside the Alex girls, but also spent...

Privett House

Aug 03, '17

2017 has been an outstanding year in the Halls of Blue. Although I think it is fair to say that either facilities or the school administration turned down the heat in Privett in the fall, a select group of young men entered in September, ready to take on anything and we have turned it back up! From Day One, every grade stepped up to their...

Mackenzie House

Jul 30, '17

Mackenzie, although a boarding house, is not a house at all; it is a home. It is home to 3 big dogs, 1 cross-eyed cat, 2 energetic boys, 1 Bridger, 1 Neil who likes tea and bow ties, 1 rugby Olympian, 1 Lulu McCallum who is herself a home to a soon-to-be baby, 1 flawless Sue Cheung, and 71 individuals who fill the hallways with laughter and fill...

Hope House

Jul 26, '17

A year in boarding follows a narrative arc. The introduction, began when 26 new girls arrived in an unfamiliar setting; characters met & an atmosphere coalesced, created by the girls who formed the dramatis personae. Underpinning myriad plots & character development are our house values of kindness, inclusion, respect & service. A good story...

Ellis House

Jul 22, '17

This year has undoubtedly been a momentous one in Ellis House history. Through good times and hard times the boys have consolidated as one unit, and an unforgettable sense of camaraderie has been established this year. From Lewis’ unforgettable, tear-jerking, rendition of “Delicate” to Zaid, Cameron, and Julian’s star roles in the play, Picasso at...

Allard House

Jul 16, '17

It feels like yesterday that Allard welcomed its young Mermaids to their new home away from home. From the moment we were on the field playing getting-to-know-you games, I knew that this year would be an adventure. We began the year, not only welcoming new girls, but also welcoming our new Assistant House Parent, Mrs. Smith, and her family: Mr....

Alexandra House 2016-17

Jul 12, '17

June marks the end of another unforgettable year of traditions in Alex House, yet also the beginning of a new chapter. This past year we welcomed many new faces and personalities into Alexandra. From the littlest of Grade 9s to the Lifers in Grade 12, this year created a host of memories to last a lifetime. Birthday parties with DQ cakes, Big...

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