Vic Trip

Sep 28, '17

Victoria, BC is usually a bustling city, with some 360,000 people in the greater area. Last Sunday, that number was increased by 500, as buses full of Brentwood students of all grades commuted down to the waterfront city for the much anticipated “Vic Trip”. The day is the first sort-of break from our busy Brentwood life, as students left in the...

Off To a Good Start

Sep 27, '17

The first week of school is officially over and week four is underway. All students, new and old, are diving straight into their academics and getting involved with their sports and arts as well as all the activities on campus. Grade 9s have found their classes and are learning to adjust to the busy Brentwood schedule. On the other hand, the Grade...

Saudi Dinner

Sep 26, '17

As-Salaam-Alaikum Brentwood! As summer turns into fall, all members of the community have settled into the Brentwood routine. In such a diverse place, different cultures are celebrated often. Saudi National Day was September 23rd – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia turned 87 and the Brentwood’s Aramcons used this as an opportunity to share their...

Grade 10 Camp Qwanoes Adventure

Sep 22, '17

At 8:00 on Tuesday morning, the one hundred and twenty-four students that make up this year’s Grade 10 class excitedly departed on their way to an adventure-filled day at Camp Qwanoes. Divided into six groups, the Jedi, Wookies, Ewoks, Bounty Hunters, Sand People and Storm Troopers, we arrived for a brief orientation. Pulling on raincoats to keep...

Strong (not Tough) on Sunday

Sep 20, '17

This past Sunday the Grade 12s gathered in the Killy Theatre for ‘Strong not Tough’ Resilience training. Many de-stressing tactics useful for these upcoming months filled with university applications were learnt. Understanding how to deescalate situations through empathy and sympathy in the houses was one of the many useful skills we learnt....

Terry Fox Sunday Run

Sep 11, '17

Terry Fox was a man with a story. He was a man with determination and hope. Terry had goals for himself and for Canada. The Brentwood community has a tradition of helping Terry with this goal. All new and returning students, as well as dozens of staff, some parents, and more than a few of our four-legged friends ran or jogged or walked 5...

Welcome Back!

Sep 10, '17

Welcome back Brentonians! Following a restful and enjoyable summer, the first week of the 2017/2018 school year has been extremely busy. With a flood of new students pouring through the front gates on Tuesday, it took a massive effort by the SEC, Orientation Assistants, and staff to get them accustomed to the Brentwood routine. After three days...

Glowing in Green

Sep 09, '17

The second event that counts towards the running tally, Eco-Challenge provides new and returning students alike a chance to show their grit. Essentially interhouse outdoor pursuits, the event is organized as a giant, multi-skill relay race, with components such as canoeing, portaging, shelter building, kayaking, and running. It is also the first...

Fun & Games 2017

Sep 07, '17

Since time immemorial, the Wednesday evening of Orientation Week has exploded into the first Interhouse competition, Fun & Games. Led by Mr Rodriques (more than just a pretty face in University Counselling) and our new RFAs and Faculty, a palette of organized chaos including crazy human tricks, Simon says, hucklebuckle, musical chairs, and rock,...

200 Hellos, 200 Farewells

Sep 06, '17

Yesterday, upwards of 400 parents, grandparents, and siblings arrived on our oceanfront campus to deliver their 200+ children, grandchildren and siblings into the supportive arms of Brentwood’s staff: houseparents, teachers, advisors, coaches, & cooks. In the late afternoon, amid a few tears and many lingering hugs, these supportive families...

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