Spring Formal 2017

May 05, '17

On a not-so-typical Saturday night in late April, all the Grade 11s and 12s were invited to Brentwood's first ever spring formal. While the girls got dolled up by doing their hair, powdering their noses, and painting their nails, the boys put on their crisp suits and gelled their hair. The clock clicked from 7:59pm to 8:00pm and the girls rushed...

Eat. Race. Cheer.

Apr 28, '17

Ravenous? I hope so. Because if there’s one thing we should all be this regatta weekend, it's hungry. Whether you merely crave a break from the hustle and bustle of Brentwood life or you’re just looking forward to the thrill of a good race, you can rest assured that there is one aspect of this weekend that will leave you completely...

Regatta Student Responsibilities

Apr 28, '17

Welcome to our 47th Annual Brentwood Regatta, 2017. Here at Brentwood, we think it’s very important for every student to get involved during Regatta weekend and engage with visitors from other schools. Every Brentwood staff member, student, rower or non-rower, has an active role on campus which allows them to interact with the athletes and...

A Succulent Singapore Dinner

Apr 27, '17

Brentwood students come from all around the globe, including the Lion City of Singapore. A week ago Wednesday, our Student Activity Council hosted a Singapore dinner as part of this school’s goal to celebrate the diversity of our community. The dinner included Char Kwey Tao, Chicken satay, Hainanese chicken rice, and mango sticky rice. In...

Regatta 2017

Apr 26, '17

All around the Brentwood campus, activity is increasing. With new merchandise available at the school store and a stage being constructed in front of Founder’s Plaza, it is clear that the Brentwood International Regatta is fast approaching. For Brentwood rowers this is the only opportunities to compete in front of their school. After miles of...

The BEAT Goes On

Apr 24, '17

Our BEAT, Brentwood's Environmental Action Team, led by Gina B, Mack ‘17 and Ms Richardson, organizes numerous events throughout the year to encourage a sustainable lifestyle. In the inaugural BEAT Earth Day Photo Contest, grade winners included Grade 9 - Quin N, Grade 11- Nairee P & Grade 12 - Hanna M who each won $50. The overall winner was...

Charity Work Day: Making Change in the Community

Apr 23, '17

With May fast approaching and the Brentwood bubble busier than ever, reflecting upon amazing feats that the school orchestrates is always important. April 1st was Charity Work Day, the annual event that fuses the small community of Brentwood with the entire Cowichan Valley, all providing service to raise funds for deserving charities. Released...

Yankee Doodle Dinner

Mar 11, '17

Although outnumbered by a multitude of Canadians, on Tuesday, March 7, Brentwood’s American students got together to help plan a mouth-watering Yankee doodle dinner. The meal included finger-lickin BBQ chicken wings, as well as burgers, waffle fries and, of course, apple crumble a la mode. Although it wasn’t America’s independence day,...

Farewell to Nurse Jasmin

Mar 09, '17

Below is the text of a speech delivered at Assembly this week by Kyara A, SPARC Captain, as a farewell to Nurse Jasmin. It is bittersweet for me to stand up here today and say goodbye to Nurse Jasmin. She is an incredible member of the Brentwood family but she has been presented an opportunity that she could not turn down. Tomorrow, Nurse Jasmin...

Ivan Coyote: Be Kind

Mar 05, '17

Last week we had the privilege to listen Ivan Coyote, a gender neutral speaker who spreads awareness about prevalent issues at our age including bullying, the LGBTQ community, and suicide. With it being kindness week here at school one thing we can take away from this speech is to be more open and sympathetic. As we all know, Brentwood is a kind...

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