Monday in Alexandra House

Nov 22, '18

A day typical day starts off when everyone’s feet hit the floor, promptly, at 7:00am. Walking down the hall, you’ll be greeted by the early birds who are fully dressed in their uniforms on their way to breakfast and avoided by the half-asleep girls in their sweatpants. Ms Mais will be wandering the halls to make sure all of her girls are awake and...

Powerful Philosophical Enlightenment (PPE)

Nov 21, '18

Imagine a full class load with some Advanced Placement courses likely mixed in, topped off with a healthy selection of demanding arts and sports, as well as all the other commitments that Brentwood life thrusts at its students. Most people in this situation would find themselves at full working capacity. Twenty-three dedicated students, however,...

Get In, Get Dirty

Nov 20, '18

One of the most popular arts at Brentwood is pottery. More specifically, handbuilt pottery. The class has three fine art blocks, all fully enrolled. The class is taught by the wonderful Mrs. Luna whose engaging, positive and calm aurora motivates students to craft beautiful creations. So far she has taught we students different techniques in...

Plain Talk about Air Quality

Nov 19, '18

BC provincial air quality meteorologist Earle Plains talked to AP 12 Environmental Science students recently about his role helping to monitor and maintain air quality standards. A monitoring station has just been set up in the Foote Centre and will be part of the province and worldwide data network available at the link here Of particular...

Tips for Roommates

Nov 19, '18

Living with another human, especially if one has no had experience with this task prior, can be a complex and even a daunting task. Having another breathing thing within your 5 meter radius for a majority of any given day can be a new challenge altogether; one that boarding students at Brentwood have to learn to deal with. However, it can be...

Glow in the Dark Bowling: How We Spent Our SPARE Time

Nov 18, '18

Busy schedules are inevitable at Brentwood; balancing a multitude of academic, athletic, and artistic endeavours leaves us students with little time to spare, which means we like to make the most of our free time. This last Saturday, three buses full of eager Rogers boys and Allard girls ventured to the Duncan Lanes bowling alley for a late...

Junior Soccer - ISA Champs Times Two

Nov 17, '18

The season was a rollercoaster. The boys started out with a convincing win over Kelsey, kicking the year off with a 7-0 goal differential. A week later the short-staffed team faced next door rivals Shawnigan. The lads lost a hard-fought battle against a surprisingly strong & well instructed team. Next up was the 2018 Junior Boys ISA Championships,...

The Writing Elite

Nov 16, '18

Here at Brentwood, students can aspire to be essentially anything they want. They can turn hobbies into pathways for future careers. An example of this is the Writing 12 program. This is a class of a select ten students who are given prompts for various writing assignments - such as poetry, screenplays and short stories - who will then take...

A Brentwood Tribute to Those Who Served

Nov 15, '18

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” Laurence Binyon In November 11, 1918, an armistice was signed to end World War I. This was a monumental day in history that has been celebrated by Canadians every...

Diwali Dinner

Nov 14, '18

Diwali is one of the many international dinners that Brentwood hosts. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights and traditionally takes place in November in the northern hemisphere. International dinners are organized by the Students Activities Council (SAC). The SAC put a lot of time and effort into planning these dinners while also being their...

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