On the International Stage: Rowing and Rugby

Dec 04, '16

Rowers have long used ergometers for fitness testing. World records in various age and weight categories are maintained. Two weeks ago, Kate LW, Allard ‘17 pulled a 6 kilometer Rowing Canada erg test. Her time of 24 minutes, 33 seconds tied the world record in the youth lightweight division. This record has stood for eight years. Not to be...

Brentwood-Cowichan Rugby Fusion

Dec 03, '16

Rugby is a difficult game. Filled with counter-intuitive rules and opposite sides making physical contact with force and strength, it is surprising that anyone plays this sport at all. Yet Brentwood always sees many boys sign up to play three times a week, and for the second year there is a group of nine which has decided that three days just...

Fleet Footed Denise

Nov 11, '16

Denise Roy was born in Banff, Alberta and became an athlete at a very young age. She came from a family of runners: her grandparents and mother were also known for their speed in running in school. In Denise’s junior year she enjoyed sprinting so much she joined a track and field club. During one of her tournaments a family friend came out to...

Claremont’s Sevens Scrimmages

Oct 28, '16

Thursday of last week, at approximately 12:25 in the afternoon, an assortment of Brentwood boys, grades nine to twelve, dashed from their respective houses trailing socks and rugby equipment necessary for the round of scrimmages being held at Claremont Secondary School. By 12:30 everyone was organized, on the bus with a bagged lunch, and by...

Junior Colts Rugby

Oct 12, '16

The Grade 8/9 rugby team hosted a Shawnigan Lake School squad for a practice scrimmage on Tuesday, and showed how far they have come in a short time. Young Jack NG and David L proved most dangerous, scything through several times while newcomer Pio L tackled ferociously. Alex S and Dale F also showed real mettle both on attack and defense, and...

Senior Boys Rugby

Aug 24, '16

The Senior Boys Rugby Programme is about commitment, hard work and perseverance. It requires its athletes to devote themselves to the sport, the school and each other. This year's team did just that. Throughout the year, the players were highly motivated and strove to sharpen their skills for the competitive season. The competitive season...

Girls Rugby

Aug 16, '16

Rugby is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports; it requires strength, a level head, and a heart of gold. The girls’ rugby team has been working on all aspects of the game since term one. The focus of the first term was to introduce the skills and tactics of the game as well as teach its many values. It was the first time many...

Colts Rugby

Jul 28, '16

The Colts had their most successful season in recent memory. It started in March with a nine-try rout of St. George’s, then gained momentum during a tour of England & Wales. Overseas, they competed bravely in all of their matches, and returned harder and smarter. The obvious highlights are the results: the Colts beat Shawnigan, St. George’s, Oak...

Rugby Rumbles On

Jul 02, '16

Closing Day was Friday. Most of us took Saturday to either rest or celebrate with the Grads at the Dinner and Dance in Victoria. A host of Brentwood rugby players, however, hopped on a ferry Friday afternoon and headed to Vancouver for the BC Regional Rugby Championships Saturday and Sunday where they represented the North and South...

Grade Eight 7s

Jun 18, '16

A collection of Grade 8 rugby players - Torren, Keaton, Deklon, Isaac, and Connor, bolstered by Grade 7 future-Brentonian Jack - assembled last Friday afternoon to compete in a mini-rugby 7s jamboree on Gillespie Field. The boys played three games; they dismantled James Bay Athletic Association eight tries to one; lost a good battle to Shawnigan...

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