The Brain: the Ultimate Frontier

Jun 10, '16

“Some say space is the final frontier, but I believe that the brain is the ultimate frontier” says Dr. Ryan Darcy, Brentwood '91, an acclaimed neuroscientist and entrepreneur who is currently leading a team of talented biomedical engineers, physicists, and other scientists at one of the foremost labs and treatment centers which is focusing on the...

3D Printing At Brentwood

Dec 09, '15

This Saturday, Simon Fraser University professor, Dr. Paul Tinari provided us with a fascinating and thought-provoking vision of a future revolutionized by the new technology of 3D printing. Dr Tinari is an author, radio talk-show host, lecturer and consultant. He has advised governments, the US military, NASA and large corporations about future...

Musseling in on Cilia

Nov 26, '15

Few schools allow a biology teacher to harvest fresh mussels 10 minutes before a class so that students can observe their living infrastructure. Here, in a microscope view, can be seen waves of moving cilia that power the animals’ feeding and breathing systems. This feeding method makes the shellfish particularly likely to bioaccumulate...

Bio-Civ does Diving

Nov 19, '15

In Biology-Civics class, students are spending their free Sundays plunging into freezing cold backyard pools in full scuba gear. Why? That’s a good question. Students who are enrolled in Bio-Civics are taking up the challenge of getting their scuba diving licences, presenting an amazing opportunity for students who study marine biology...

Dear Mr. Tate

Jun 17, '15

Many critical events occurred in September, 1985 – US President Ronald Reagan ordered sanctions against South Africa, the TV show “The Golden Girls” debuted on NBC, engine failure caused Midwest Express Flight 105 to crash, and a young and enthusiastic man began a 30 year odyssey at Brentwood College School. He was recruited and employed as an...

Renaissance Eggs

Apr 12, '15

Yesterday morning the Grade 9 class had their official “parachute launch.” Students had to design and build a device that would take an egg safely to the ground as slowly as possible. A variety of designs showed that the creative process had been well applied. Practice drops had led to improvements in the structures, a process that helped...

A Weekend With Hal

Jan 28, '15

This past weekend the competitive robotics teams went up island to Comox, where we competed in our first ever competition. We drove up on the Friday, and the teams got their robots inspected to see if they fit the requirements; they also got some practice driving. Since September, these two teams have been diligently working on their robots. The...

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