A Letter to My Grades

Jan 13, '17

Each term the entire school participates in a creative writing contest, named in honour of long-time Brentwood English teacher, yearbook editor and houseparent, Ms. Beth Meluish. Below is the free verse poem composed by the Grade 11 winner, Anna M, Alex ‘18. A Letter to my Grades Dearest Academic Average, Hello and greetings from the...

A Fusion of Art & Colour

Dec 14, '16

As you walk into the Centre for Art and Humanities building, you are immediately greeted by a fresh wave of brightness, colour, innovation and creativity. This is the Fusion Art Show, a collection that encompasses months of hard work that students from drawing and painting, pottery, art foundation, and sculpture have been working on to get their...

It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

Dec 07, '16

Since – in some cases – September, students and teachers of the music department have been busily preparing for the School’s annual winter music presentation: Concert For A Winter’s Eve. The product – an approximately two-hour line-up of performances by solos, small groups, and the music ensembles – has progressed well into the process of...

An American Thanksgiving with Fusion

Nov 28, '16

As the Brentwood community includes about 40 American students, the school celebrates American Thanksgiving at the end of each November. With American and Canadian Thanksgiving being just over a month apart, Brentwood students and faculty are lucky enough to indulge in two fantastic meals. There are three sets of Parent-Teacher-Student...

Royal Conservatory Gold

Nov 26, '16

Over the November midterm, Brentwood’s Holly CH, Mackenzie ‘17 earned a Gold Medal from The Royal Conservatory for her Level 9 Voice examination mark. Receiving the highest Level 9 mark in British Columbia, Holly was honored at the 2016 Vancouver Convocation & Gold Medals Ceremony. This marks the second time that Holly has been recognised at the...

Dinner Debates at BCS

Nov 25, '16

Is armed conflict a justified means of achieving peace? That is a question asked by many around the world through history, and the question that we, the novice debaters of BCS and Shawnigan Lake School, were determined to solve at the dinner debate last Friday. At 5:00, we introduced ourselves to our guests from SLS, all of us eager to begin. We...

Willy Wonka Takes to the Stage

Nov 22, '16

The Grade 8’s were nervous and excited to start the Willy Wonka musical. Before we started to practice, we had to audition. All the kids who wanted to take part in having a main role, had to audition. We had to sing the song of the role we wanted to play. The main characters are: Willy Wonka, played by Jack; Charlie Bucket, played by Rohin;...

Brendan McLeod: Slam Poet

Nov 20, '16

Last Saturday, Grade 10 students in E block skipped their regular English class and went to a slam poetry session with Brendan McLeod in the lecture theatre. Brendan opened up his performance with a hilarious political poem, talking about how his mum “forced him to write” and a short background on what he does and his passion for poetry. Mr....

The Oxford Cup

Nov 18, '16

Truth or Dare……. Dare? Are you sure? Alright. Take a deep breath and walk into room A261 on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon between the times of 2:00 and 4:00 pm. Within minutes - after taking several seconds to recover, of course - you’ll probably recall the quote that says “We are what we repeatedly do. And excellence, therefore is not...

A Day to Remember

Nov 15, '16

On this Remembrance Day, Brentwood’s students and staff filed silently into the Killy theatre, sitting as Vivian F’s piano filled the space with a beautiful nocturne by Chopin until the whole school was in place. Then the Women’s Choir, with the moving “Prayer for the Children”, set the mood for what would be a solemn event. Remembrance Day is...

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