What Do You Debate About?

Apr 08, '19

“Oh, you debate? What do you debate about?” It’s the question I have heard more times than I can count. I have come to expect it the same way I know I will be informed how much I’ve grown every time I meet one of my mum’s old friends. But the problem with this particular piece of small talk, is that there really is no answer. Unfortunately, I...

Brentwood Debate 1970

Mar 28, '19

Last month the team of Amelia H, Allard ‘20 and Jaylyn B, Allard ‘20 won the BC Provincial Debate Championship. This remarkable accomplishment got Brian Carr reflecting on the storied history of debate at Brentwood. The first formal year of debating at Brentwood was in 1970. Below is the report from the yearbook written by Grade 11 student,...

Reflecting on Debate - 1971 to 2019

Mar 26, '19

The following is a letter from Brentwood Alumni Wade Davis (Class of 1971), former Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society, a Member of the Order of Canada, Professor of Anthropology and the BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia and author of 23 books. Wade and his debate...

Swimming in Winter? Why Not?

Mar 16, '19

Since I was a kid swimming in Cinque Terre, Liguria, in Italy has always been - and will always be - a part of my life. I remember the time when my grandma used to bring me to the beach, early in the mornings, with few people around, a crystal clear sky and a shining sun that let the transparent, still untouched water, sparkle. We would go for a...

Wind Musicians at Brentwood

Mar 14, '19

Brentwood is a community that not only promotes acceleration in academics and athletics, but equally in our staggering arts program. One fundamental performing art is our Wind Ensemble. Our ingenious conductor, Mr. Clausen, focuses on challenging students to hone new skill sets and go beyond their limits. At the beginning of the year, we...

The Last One

Mar 07, '19

While I was going through my numerous university applications and alumni interviews, the one question that I was asked the most was “What is one thing you are passionate about?” While some people might find that question challenging to answer, it was a very easy question for me. Every time I was asked that question, I did not hesitate to say,...

West Side Story Opens on Killy Stage

Feb 26, '19

Brentwood’s production of West Side Story launched it’s week-long run on the boards of the Killy Theatre last night to an enthusiastic audience. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the musical tells a tragic tale of intolerance and transformative love in 1950s New York. The production is led once again by the expert team of Director &...

Java Hut 2019: A Night to Remember

Feb 11, '19

Every year, amidst the darkness of a chilly February night, Crooks Hall is brought alive with the music, talent, and laughter at Java Hut, and this year was no exception. Java Hut, Brentwood’s annual talent show, offers everybody who wishes to perform a chance to utilize their various talents to entertain Brentwood’s population for a much-enjoyed...

Jets v Sharks

Feb 10, '19

With Officer Krupke (Jacob B, Ellis ‘19) as referee, the two gangs from West Side Story battled it out for turf on the hardcourt at the Foote Athletic Centre on Sunday morning. The gangs then moved into the Bunch Centre for Performing Arts and joined the rest of the cast for a dress rehearsal with the orchestra. The show opens Monday, February...


Jan 28, '19

In early December, a group of Brentwood students went to Vancouver to participate in Connect Model United Nations. After preparing for weeks, we were all varying degrees of excited and nervous to delivery our points. From a security council on the topic of the Korean peninsula, to a committee on international lawmaking, and everything in between,...

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