Junior Colts Rugby

Jan 10, '20

The Brentwood Grade 8 & 9 rugby team had one of its most successful seasons to date. We had heaps of players, all full of talent and courage, and we improved substantially in a short while. Most notably, we recorded some excellent results against top teams. The team was led superbly by Will C, who showed the determination he had honed as a...

Pacific 6 Soccer - Kicking Into Chaos

Jan 08, '20

On the grey, brisk morning of December 29th, nine eager Brentwood students started their journeys over the Malahat to the Pacific Football Club’s brand new indoor turf in Langford for the first-ever Pacific FC Winter 6s tournament. Jocelyn L, Mack ‘22 and I played alongside each other and were coached by the one and only Mr Barrett. Despite...

Know Pain, Know Gain

Jan 06, '20

Cross Training is a sport option at Brentwood available during all three terms. The sport offers a great environment to challenge yourself and get fit. You learn unique ways to push yourself to limits you never thought you could reach. The program is run by Mr Langer, Ms Hall and Mrs Stevens. Each coach helps motivate everyone to do their best and...

First 11 Field Hockey

Jan 04, '20

The Brentwood First XI Field Hockey team played an amazing season this year improving tremendously and placing 9th at provincials. The team proved to be hard-working, strong individuals who conquered their weaknesses and grew as a squad. We participated in several tournaments including the Friendship Cup, the John Ferrara Cup, ISAs, Islands and,...

Don’t be Blue, Term Two is Coming for You

Jan 02, '20

That’s a wrap on term one! While the first three months of school were very exciting, and we’re enjoying a three-week holiday, term two is approaching in full swing. Here are just a few moments to look forward to. Just like term one, we’ll have plenty of our delicious themed dinners from all around the world. We’ll also have an entertaining...

Merriment With Mike and Mariya

Dec 31, '19

During our rollercoaster ride, the Junior A team had a phenomenal season. After losing our star middle Jocie L to the seniors, we overcome her absence and pushed on harder. In a difficult pool at ISAs, the juniors went 2-3 coming out of the tournament with a seventh-place finish out of 12 teams. “The team kept working hard and improving...

Senior Boys Soccer

Dec 29, '19

If you told me that a certain group of 26 individuals were enroute to make school history, I would’ve called you crazy. This soccer season the Senior Boys struggled through adversity from the very beginning of the season. Back in September, this team was already rewriting the books, visiting St George’s for the ISA tournament. Early on, the...

Varsity Volleyball

Dec 26, '19

Since the first practice, the Senior A Girls have been scrappy & gritty. After losing 8 to graduation, new faces joined the returning 5 players to create an inspiring team. Barely 2 weeks in we headed to Vancouver where we competed in the UBC Invitational. Although some struggles arose, they motivated the team to push & win the division. Next, the...

2nd X1 Field Hockey

Dec 24, '19

The 2nd X1 team is the sweet jam in the sandwich - the outside layers are the 1st X1 and Development. This season, field hockey had more of an on-campus profile thanks to the donation of the artificial turf by a former player and her family. This enabled us to train occasionally at the school and play 7-aside interhouse matches. The majority of...

Junior Boys Soccer

Dec 23, '19

The 20th century prophet Meat Loaf once sagely observed, “I want you. I need you. But there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna love you, but don’t feel sad: for two out of three ain’t bad.” This year’s Junior Boys squad can boast of two trophies, and one empty, dusty void, both in our trophy case, and in our hearts. Let’s start with the first title:...

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