Sports: An Integral Part of Brentwood

Dec 03, '20

Exercise is crucial for our physical and mental health. Whether it’s just a short walk around the block or hours of intense rowing, it will make a difference in your life. Here at Brentwood, we value athletics as a crucial part of our curriculum. Being physically fit helps our students become happy and healthy individuals. Not everyone loves to...

The End Of Field Hockey

Nov 24, '20

To end this year's Field Hockey season, two different events took place. On Thursday and Saturday, all three teams came together for an interhouse field hockey skills competition followed by a banquet. The skills competition consisted of numerous events over the course of two days, including target shooting, hardest shot, and sprinting. Our skills...

First Term Sport: The Same, But Different

Nov 23, '20

As first term sport comes to an end and students look beyond the horizon and into the frenzied world of term two, let’s take a moment to look back at the highlights of an athletic term unlike any other. First term - for three sports programs here at Brentwood - is usually jam-packed with games and competitive action, so the COVID-19 pandemic has...

Hockey Skills Competition

Nov 20, '20

Bragging rights, a $15 Subway gift card, and the public embarrassment of losing to one of the goalies were all on the line last Saturday during our socially-distanced skills competition. The challenges were diverse. A shooting-accuracy challenge, where each player got 10 pucks to knock down four targets in the net. A speed test, to see which...

Meet Mr. Matthew Ward - The Smoothest Man on Campus

Nov 19, '20

Ellis House felt a great loss after the departure of the legendary two-year RFA Adam “A-Rod” Rodrigues last year. Covid-19 meant that the boys did not get a proper goodbye, and feared that they would not have the chance to ever do so. While we missed Mr R ever so dearly, we choked back our sorrow and pushed ahead into the coming year. Nobody...

Sunday Morning Football

Nov 05, '20

Sunday morning at Brentwood is something that each and every student cherishes and holds dearly. It is a sacred time of rest and relaxation where hours upon hours of sleep are caught up on and no one is to be disturbed. However, on Sunday mornings from 8:30 to 9:30, while the rest of the school population is tucked away in bed, a dedicated...

A Team that Turns Punishment Into Sport

Nov 03, '20

Take a second to imagine this feeling. Your legs are heavy, you can’t breathe, and your entire body is aching. The cause of all this pain is running, a sport that is every other sports’ punishment. Now, why would anybody choose to do this to themselves? I have the answer for you. This year, Brentwood’s cross country program is the biggest it...

Term 1 Basketball During COVID

Oct 29, '20

Sports are usually a low priority during a global pandemic, however here at Brentwood students make sure sports are the second most important thing - after academics of course. Basketball during COVID has been a challenge, but playing with mitigation strategies is way better than not playing at all. COVID has made basketball practices...

Virtually the Head of the Charles Regatta

Oct 28, '20

The 56th annual Head of the Charles Regatta (HOTC) was certainly an event like no other as hundreds of athletes ranging from high school students to seniors competed virtually from their home waters. Seven Brentwood athletes were invited to compete in the 2020 HOTC regatta in both youth singles and doubles. Competitors from across the world...

Stage 2 Soccer

Oct 21, '20

As soccer throughout British Columbia successfully made the move into Stage 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic, the sport began its climb to the top once again. Over 20,000 men and women play soccer throughout the province and all of these people are beyond happy to be back on the pitch. Schools have resumed training across the province and the Brentwood...

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