Privett House Life With A Roommate

Nov 16, '19

Life is different when sharing your personal space with a stranger, especially when it's your first time living away from the comforts of home. In this article I’m going to share with you what life is like in Privett House and the person I’ve come to call my roommate. our room is smaller than my own bedroom - but this one I have to share....

Family Love, Allard Style

Nov 16, '19

Allard House. When I think of Allard House the first thing that comes to my mind is family. The people of Allard have become my family away from home. Everyone is so close and we all truly care about each other. One way we are able to maintain such a close relationship is through our Big-Little Sister groups. Each group consists of one junior...

Remembrance Day Address

Nov 15, '19

As you filed into the Killy Theatre, you would have seen one of our most treasured archival pieces from the old chapel in Brentwood Bay. This Honour Roll displays every Brentonian that served during World War II, with the center reserved for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Later in this service, those names will be read out by three of our...

Lest We Forget

Nov 14, '19

Once every year, on November eleventh, we wear a poppy over our hearts. The poppies are the same color as the poppies that grew in Flanders Fields, between the graves of our soldiers, the color of the blood spilled during the war, to adorn left sides of our blazers. Remembrance Day is a somber holiday, recognized across Canada as the time to...

Hope House Halloween

Nov 12, '19

Halloween is a very foreign thing for me - well at least the level of excitement around it at Brentwood. I’m Australian. Students at Brentwood participate in many activities during the week leading up to Halloween known as Fright Week. Pumpkin carving, Orange and Black day, scary movies, Halloween costume contests and many other activities are put...

Fright Week

Nov 11, '19

From Wednesday 23 October to Wednesday 30 October, Brentwood hosted a Fright Week that focused on Halloween. In addition to a Halloween-decorated campus, there were many activities where students could enjoy their last week before the Midterm Break. Throughout the week, a wide variety of activities were offered, such as a spooky film in the...

Number One Inspection

Nov 08, '19

Every Saturday morning, there is a refreshing time for every student: Number One Inspection! Every single room in the house is inspected by two Grade 12s and a duty master. Sometimes there is even a guest inspector like Mr Patel or an alumni of the house. On Saturday mornings, the start of classes is pushed back to get a longer time to clean up...

Midterm 2019

Nov 05, '19

For nine weeks in September and October the midterm break is a goal to be pursued, but not quite attained. It is a refuge for the fatigued. A star to every wandering bark. For most of us it is a time to recover, relax, re-create. For others, it is just another opportunity to pursue their passions. Here is a list of the academic, artistic, and...

Basketball By Colours

Nov 05, '19

Stakes are high, energy even higher! All students, tall and small, are on their feet. Hearts are pumping, teams are cheering. Interhouse basketball is one of the most - if not THE most - thrilling interhouse events. Noise travels across Wheaton Gym in the Eldon & Anne Foote Athletic Center as games commence. Most games are off to a pleasing...

The Midterm Mood

Nov 04, '19

Everyone is currently off enjoying themselves on a well-deserved and much-needed mental and physical break from the stresses of school. Whether they are off enjoying warm weather elsewhere, back home with friends and family, or shopping up a storm, I think it is safe to say that everyone is simply enjoying relaxing. Freya P, Hope ‘21 has told...

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