First Day in a Fright-filled Week

Oct 26, '17

To kick off Fright Week, students were allowed to wear orange and black clothing on Tuesday in spirit of the upcoming holiday. Many students got into the Halloween spirit donning whatever orange or black clothing they could find. Later in the day, students who are going on service trips to either Swaziland or Nicaragua served up a delicious BBQ,...

TEDx Talk Drives Brentwood’s Community

Oct 23, '17

Yesterday was the fourth time Brentwood has had the amazing opportunity to host a TEDx event. On a cold, rainy October day Brentwood staff and students warmly gathered in the Killy Theater to listen to speakers from around the world share their stories around the theme of “Drive”. TEDx events are individually planned within a community with the...

Glenora XC

Oct 21, '17

Last Thursday the Brentwood Cross Country team participated in their first race of the year, a rust buster that took place in Glenora Trailhead Park. This was a small, low-key race that each and every healthy Brentwood XC member had the chance to race in. Beginners were oriented to the trials of trail racing and the seasoned veterans were able to...

Our SALTS Journey

Oct 19, '17

Being in Grade 8 and having an opportunity to take a trip together is mind blowing. This trip was mainly laughter with a lot of excitement. All of us were excited to try new things on the boat such as climbing up the stern of the boat was a new experience for all of us. As well, we got to row in the safety boats to land which was tricky as these...

Uni Apps

Oct 15, '17

As he awaits his next appointment, Director of University Counselling, Mr Rodrigues, taps away at his keyboard. When asked about how the process was going, he simply uttered “Stressful, very stressful”. With the university counselling team of Mr Kingstone, Mrs Coull, and Mr Rodrigues taking care of 165 graduates this is no small task. Hundreds of...

Grad BBQs at Patels

Oct 08, '17

Last week, Grad ‘18 attended a series of welcoming dinners at the Head of School’s residence. Mr Patel warmly invited all houses to his home over the course of eight evenings for a Grade 12 House BBQ. Alexander House was the first group of students to have the honor to attend this wonderful event. At 5:00, students dressed smartly and casually...

Another Year, Another Victory

Oct 04, '17

Each autumn, the CIBC Run for the Cure is held in Victoria; the event is held in order to bring awareness to and help raise money for breast cancer research, and this year, Brentwood College School was, once again, announced as the winners of the School Team Challenge after raising $7,520. Early on Sunday morning, sixty-five Brentwood students...

The BEAT Begins

Oct 01, '17

In January of 2016, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations came into action as a call to “end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.” The aim of the UN is to have all 17 SD goals met by 2030. These goals have been taken on by the Brentwood’s Environmental Action Team (The BEAT)....

The White Hatter

Sep 30, '17

On Tuesday evening all new students assembled in the Bunch to witness a presentation on Internet Safety. The presenter, Darren Laur, who goes by the alias The White Hatter came on stage and addressed serious topics in an interesting and funny manner. The main goal was to address how to become a more safety conscious user of social media....

Vic Trip

Sep 28, '17

Victoria, BC is usually a bustling city, with some 360,000 people in the greater area. Last Sunday, that number was increased by 500, as buses full of Brentwood students of all grades commuted down to the waterfront city for the much anticipated “Vic Trip”. The day is the first sort-of break from our busy Brentwood life, as students left in the...

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