What Does Regatta Mean to Brentwood?

Apr 16, '18

The 48th annual International Brentwood Regatta hosted at Brentwood is an opportunity not only to support our rowing team competing against teams from all over Canada and the U.S., but it is an opportunity to make memories with friends through the events, food booths, and performances that take place during this busy weekend. Regatta brings people...

Swaziland Game Parks

Apr 15, '18

These past two weeks in Swaziland were filled with many incredible memories and places such as the three game parks. We started our trip in Mlilwane. The difference between Milwane and the other parks we visited is that Mlilwane only has antelope and smaller animals, no big herbivores or predators. Because of this we were able to do activities in...

Behind Our Athletes

Apr 15, '18

Behind the scenes of Brentwood’s successful sports teams are the programs and staff which work hard to keep our athletes healthy and competing at the high level that Brentwood offers. Mrs Tanya Scheck runs a rehab class dedicated to keeping our injured student athletes in shape and on the path to returning to their sport. Each student has...

Nicaragua Service Trip 2018

Apr 14, '18

At the beginning of Spring Break, thirteen Brentwood students and two chaperones stepped out of the Managua airport, bleary-eyed from travelling overnight, into a climate totally different from the temperate rainforest of Vancouver Island. A four-hour van ride took us to Monty’s Beach Lodge, in the coastal community of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua, where...

Vancouver Island Concert Band Festival

Apr 13, '18

On Wednesday April 11th, two of Brentwood’s music groups departed the school to participate in the first music festival of our spring season: the Vancouver Island Concert Band Festival, held at Ladysmith Secondary school. Music festivals offer ensembles and bands the opportunity to perform in front of a board of adjudicators, and then receive a...

Hockey 2018

Apr 12, '18

Brentwood hockey enjoyed immense success in 2017-18. The program had over 60 athletes across four teams which all enjoyed triumphs during the season. This year included many exciting moments such as the Senior Boys undefeated league season. The team was “relentless” in the words of the coaching staff as they defeated all opponents outside of...

A Good Deed a Day Allows for Kindness to Stay

Apr 11, '18

Each year, as our way of giving back to the community, as well as a way of expressing our gratitude for the privileged lives we members of the Brentwood community are able to live, Brentwood hosts its own Charity Work Day. CWD is an annual event in which Brentwood students, staff, and teachers get split into different groups, travelling locally to...

Winter Athletic Awards

Apr 10, '18

Last Thursday’s Assembly featured a recognition of last term’s athletic accomplishments. Individual awards were presented to the following students: Basketball Sr Girls - Coaches’ Award - In recognition of distinguished performance: Zjaya D. Jr Girls - The Lister Trophy - For the player who best exemplifies the attributes required for...

Law 12

Apr 09, '18

Law 12, taught by Mr. Bryant, is a course that helps students explore different types of law throughout the year, including criminal, family, and contract law. The class is taught in a style that allows students to discuss, reflect, and bring forth their own ideas in relation to the topics being presented. Although the class is very enjoyable and...

Brentwood Hockey - Beginning of a New Era

Apr 08, '18

At the start of the year, anxiety filled both the coaches and player core as they were hesitant to see who would compose this year’s hockey team. Losing a couple of key players from last year's team, the coaches were curious to see who would step up and fill their spots. At the beginning of the year, during first term, a strong showing of new and...

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