Probability on the 13th

Dec 21, '17

As part of their recent unit on probability, the three Foundations of Math 12 classes have been creating casino games. On Wednesday, December 13 they invited the school to stop by Ross 306 to play the novel games that they had created. Each participant was given $20 FoM12 dollars upon entry and those who increased their stake could cash in their...

Development Field Hockey

Dec 20, '17

The Development Field Hockey team had a very productive and exciting season. Many of the girls who played on this squad had very little to no field hockey experience at the beginning of the term. Over the course of the season, they worked very hard to improve their basic skills, as well as their tactical play on the pitch during competitions, and...

Spanish 12

Dec 19, '17

Spanish 12 this far into the year has been an incredible experience. The class atmosphere (and of course the teacher) are amazing and I begin every class with a smile. We have even had the pleasure of hosting presenters from Cuba and Costa Rica. Throughout the class we were shown the culture of each country including music, food, dialects and...

Cross Training & Varsity

Dec 18, '17

Being a part of one or both of these programs, that push you to your limits and challenge your mind and body, can be really beneficial for a full-time student. Not only do these programs and their instructors push you to be the best you can be, but they give you the motivation to go to the gym every day if you can’t find that motivation on your...

Snowball 2017

Dec 17, '17

The long-awaited Snowball finally arrived with the crisp December air and the heavy anticipation of all Brentwood students. Snowball is a Brentwood tradition: a junior (Grade 9 or 10) can ask a senior (Grades 11 or 12) to be their Snowball date, and the senior must accept the invitation, so on the last Saturday before Winter Break we attend an...

Run For The Claus

Dec 16, '17

Run For The Claus was a 6km run (or 3.5 km walk) on December 3 in which the people of the Cowichan Valley dress as Santa Claus to support the Clement Centre Society. The Clement Centre is a non-profit that helps children and adults with special needs. It desires “a community in which all individuals are included, valued and celebrated.” Children,...

Here’s To Term One

Dec 15, '17

A highly anticipated event for the students and staff is the Christmas Lunch on the afternoon before Christmas Break. With Mr Collis juggling flaming pins, a surprise visit from The Grinch and Mrs Reynolds, Mr Norman & Mr Griffiths busking outside Crooks and and many other teachers caroling inside, it couldn't get much better. But it could!...

Piggy Left, Piggy Left!

Dec 14, '17

The U18 Cowichan Piggies Rugby team was comprised mostly by Brentwood students this fall and we had a hard, but successful, season. The team had some difficulty throughout the season due to injuries but this gave us the opportunity to play in different positions allowing us more playing experience and more knowledge about the game. Some weekends...

Strings in Comox

Dec 13, '17

It is a noteworthy achievement when any ensemble comes together to perform in a music festival. Even more remarkable is when a group performs after only playing together for just over two months, as the Brentwood strings ensemble did on Wednesday, November 22nd. This year, the string ensemble is comprised of an exciting 15 students, ranging from...

Santa On Campus!

Dec 13, '17

Twas the week before Christmas Break, when all through the McNeill Centre … As winter break nears, the school is filled with twinkling lights and Christmas trees. The SAC knows this as the time of year when we host our annual Children’s Christmas Party for the children of Brentwood staff members. Last Sunday afternoon the McNeill Centre was...

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