Build-a-Whale @ Brentwood

Jan 19, '17

If you ever get a chance to stroll past the atrium in the main floor of the Ross Building, a huge creature is awaiting to surprise you. A full killer whale skeleton is on display for everyone to see. Lent to the school by Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society the offshore orca holds many learning opportunities for...

A Sparkling Experiment in Chemistry

Dec 23, '16

On December 2nd, as the winter wind was howling on the Brentwood campus, curiosity lead the Grade 11 Chemistry AP students to a science experiment under the instructions of Mr Amiel. Students with aprons and goggles were keen to apply their knowledge in a real science scenario. They used theories from Dalton’s Law and Moles to predict the results...

Biodiversity on Campus

Dec 10, '16

Our Malaise Trap results from the University of Guelph are in! Back in September, the Biology 12 AP students set up an insect trap that looked rather like a tent and collected specimens that flew into it over two weeks. These specimens were then sent of to the University of Guelph DNA lab for identification. The experiment is happening at schools...

Entrepreneurial Science at UVic

Dec 02, '16

A group of Brentwood students visited the University of Victoria last Tuesday to participate in their first ever symposium on Entrepreneurial Science. They enjoyed a day of workshops, talks and presentations. The highlight was having to come up with an idea and “pitch” it to a group of entrepreneurs. The two teams from Brentwood finished first...

Senior Biology Gets to the Root of Exploration

Oct 10, '16

Senior biology student recently got to appreciate the art and science of cloning by making cuttings in the school greenhouse. The cuttings were treated with rooting hormone powder of different strengths to investigate its ability to transform stems into roots. Mr. David McCarthy

Biology in Bamfield: An AP Adventure

Sep 28, '16

Early morning, Monday, September the 19th, seventeen eager Biology 12AP students headed off campus and began the five hour bus ride to what would become a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, a cooperative effort of UVic, UBC, Simon Fraser, U of A and the University of Calgary. Upon arrival, students immediately...

Seashells by the Seashore

Sep 18, '16

On yet another glorious September morning, Biology 12AP students explore the low tide in search of observations that will prompt questions and eventually yield experiments. In addition to shore crabs, starfish and tiny hermit crabs were discovered. How fortunate we are to have a shoreline on our doorstep! Mr. Dave McCarthy

Bug Study

Sep 14, '16

Brentwood AP Biology students are again taking part in a Canada-wide bug survey through the University of Guelph. Insects caught in the trap, recently set up outside of the biology lab by Kate L, are collected over a two week period and then sent to the university labs for analysis using DNA bar-coding techniques. The diversity and abundance of...

Baring the Facts on Bears

Jul 08, '16

Alysa McCall, Director of Conservation Outreach and Staff Scientist at Polar Bears International was available able via internet in May to talk to a group of Biology 11 students about her research. Students were able to ask her about how climate change was impacting these creatures and how that was, in turn, affecting the whole Arctic ecosystem....

Neuroscience News

Jun 14, '16

Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, Brentwood ‘91, is currently one of Canada’s foremost neuroscientists. Ryan spoke about his pioneering work in the field during our TEDx event last fall and offered to show some students around his neurotech lab in Vancouver whenever we could make it. This past week 15 students were given a tour of the facility which does...

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