Marvelous at Math & Perfect on Piano

Mar 03, '17

After six rounds, Yiwen C, Allard ‘20, with 30 of a possible 30 points, is currently the top student in the Math Department’s fortnightly challenge. She is also a very accomplished pianist who performed at the Cowichan Music Festival Gala concert on Sunday at the Duncan United Church where she will be performed Frederic Chopin’s “Minute Waltz”....

A Musical Marathon

Mar 01, '17

A musical is a butterfly. It metamorphoses from a plan to a work in progress and, finally, to a show. It grows slowly at first, then rapidly, to emerge in full-fledged splendour. In late September, auditions are held and rehearsals begin. Then, March seems so far off, and musical is not foremost in the cast’s mind. In January, momentum...

Java Hut

Feb 25, '17

Last Saturday night Brentwood hosted its annual Java Hut, a casual opportunity for staff and students to showcase their musical and acting talents. Each act was given approximately four minutes in which they exhibited their musical prowess before a very receptive audience. The show was MC’d by Lauchlan M, Nick H, and Lanny L, clad in matching...

Where Ideas Come to Life

Feb 20, '17

Where Ideas Come to Life This year Brentwood has created a new room in the Centre for Humanities and the Arts known as the Makerspace. It was brought to Brentwood in order to meet the strategic objectives of the academic plan and has brought experiential learning to Brentwood becoming, in Mr Lee’s words, “Brentwood’s garage”. Everything and...

Pottery For Poppins: The Musical Ceramics Show

Feb 17, '17

Every year the advanced potters in the ceramics program put on a musical-themed pottery show that will be displayed in the foyer of the Bunch Centre for Performing Arts during the run of the musical. This year’s musical is Mary Poppins which opens a variety of themes and art designs that the potters can play with and have artistic freedom over....

World Scholar’s Cup

Feb 14, '17

For the second year in a row Brentwood hosted the World Scholar’s Cup. This competition is in it’s 10th year but it’s especially important to Brentwood because the first round in Canada was held here one year ago. The competition is a grueling experience in which diligent competitors, in teams, participate in essay writing, debates, a particularly...

Regional Debate Success

Feb 04, '17

On January 28th, twenty-six eager Brentwood debaters travelled to Victoria to compete at the Regional Debate Tournament. The fifteen teams, accompanied by their coaches and volunteer judges, arrived at GNS at 8am. All junior and senior teams analyzed and challenged the prepared rounds in the morning. Teams argued both sides of the resolution:...

Interhouse Debate

Jan 30, '17

January 13th. A Friday. Somewhat ominous. Sixteen debaters gathered in the Centre for Art and Humanities, eagerly awaiting the first topic to be released. Once released, they zoomed off for twenty minutes of prep before the first round began. Fierce debate took place across the junior and the senior rounds. As Allard/Rogers and Privett/Hope...

Hamlet in a Hurry

Jan 18, '17

Many of us remember Hamlet as Shakespeare’s longest play, often running more than four hours, but my Literature 12 class was recently able to perform it all in just minutes. On Tuesday Mr. Collis’ English Literature 12 class performed our own five minute version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The abbreviated version of the great problem play was cast...

Reaching for the Stars

Jan 18, '17

“If you reach for the stars, all you get are the stars” but the musical cast has found a whole new spin. “If you reach for the heavens, you get the stars thrown in.” As announced by directors Mrs. Widenmaier, Ms. Blake, and Mr. Newns earlier in the school year, the musical theatre version of Mary Poppins will grace our stage at the beginning of...

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