Girls Hockey

Jan 26, '21

The girls' hockey program is going strong this year and has had its best enrollment ever with 17 players currently registered. A unique aspect of this group is the wide range of skills within the group - the 17 players include girls who are novice skaters and have never played hockey before, as well as girls who would compete for a spot on the...

The Infallible Junior Footballers

Jan 21, '21

When you think of Junior Boys Soccer, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, it could be the combination of speed and skill possessed by Avik B. For others, it is the sheer quad strength and shot power of none other than Youki I, and for a small number, it is Davis P. This year, we saw it all. Although we were not able to play in...

Junior Colts Rugby

Jan 18, '21

Mr Smith, Mr Fisher, and I could not have been more pleased with the infectious enthusiasm exhibited by our Junior Colts this fall. Although many were very new to the game, they all dove into the experience with gusto despite the mitigations limiting us. Without the pressure of preparing the boys for contact situations, scrums, and lineouts, we...

Cross Country - Not Cross at All

Jan 16, '21

Rain or shine, pandemic or no pandemic, the Cross Country program advanced this term. Some of our highlights included conquering the treacherous hills of Mount Tzouhalem, running the demanding loop at Rat Lake and doing many laps around our beautiful campus. The program radiates a contagious energy of joy, which can be seen on its members'...

Start of Term 2 Basketball

Jan 15, '21

As term one basketball - or as some would call it the term of running - came to an end, the competitive season for basketball began. The Senior Boys spent most of their sports days doing conditioning while practicing in the gym on arts days with Coach Gage during term one. Since term two is the competitive season for the senior boys, we are now...


Jan 11, '21

Covid-19 mitigation strategies have limited every students’ athletic opportunities this year, but the volleyball program has been extremely fortunate in that our unique sport allows us to practice and mimic games in a way that is similar to previous years: separation on opposite sides of the net permits social distancing. Mitigation strategies...

Senior Boys Soccer

Jan 03, '21

This fall, the Brentwood Soccer boys were challenged with an extremely unusual set of circumstances. With not a single competitive match played, one could assume that the spirit of the team was dulled, however, this could not be further from the truth. The boys were able to work through drills and in-cohort games that led to fierce competition to...

The Things I Saw During Soccer Skills

Dec 18, '20

There are few things at Brentwood that are inevitable. Sign-ins. Saturday classes. SAC events each week. And Mr Barrett’s presence every sports afternoon, leading the soccer program, September through June. As we transition from term one to two, the sun doesn’t set on the soccer program as we seamlessly move from term one boys’ competitive soccer...

Climbing - “Chalk”full of Fun

Dec 15, '20

Since the Foote Center opened last year, hundreds of students have used the phenomenal resources it offers to explore athletics. One activity that receives constant appreciation and use is the climbing gym, managed by Ms Wagstaff, Mr Hughes, and Mr Griffiths. As more students express an interest in the sport, the gym is always lively on sports...

The Passion is Infectious

Dec 10, '20

The staff member who runs at least a marathon a week. The Allard RFA who could not live without her dog, or coffee. It is my honour to introduce the kind, funny, and motivating, Ms Spencer Manton. Ms Manton is a role model for many young women (and young men) at Brentwood. Her “All Hustle No Hype” mindset is what keeps her going. As a former...

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