Bird Banding in Bio 11

Sep 29, '17

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning in September, Mr. Miller’s Biology 11 classes departed for Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO) on southern Vancouver Island to enjoy a morning of birding and bird banding. The RPBO sits on a migratory pathway for many songbirds, birds of prey, and seabirds as they make their way off Vancouver Island and on...

Biology in Bamfield

Sep 24, '17

Bridges provided a short respite before the bus bumped back onto a rocky, dusty logging road. After two hours on dirt, it was hard to believe that we were headed to a major research station run by five universities, which welcomes hundreds of university students, high school students, and the public annually. Each year, the AP Biology 12 class,...

A SALTy Beginning

Sep 12, '17

Earlier this evening our 20 Grade 8s, led by Ms Patel, Ms Ramundi and Mr Griffiths, began their four day adventure aboard the tall ship, the Pacific Swift. While criss crossing the Gulf Islands the fledgling sailors with learn to navigate, trim the sails and bond as a class. For more on their program please see We look...

Let the Learning Begin

Sep 08, '17

10 minutes ago, 530 young Brentonians, filled with inspiring words from Mr Patel, poured out of the Killy Theatre and began their 2017-2018 academic adventures. Today the students will meet all of their teachers (in shortened periods) before an afternoon of Interhouse Eco-Challenge. Ironically, Mill Bay received, this morning, its first...

Launching In Third Term: Radical Rockets

Jun 30, '17

After 19 months of straight, gruelling chemistry, learning first-year university concepts and challenging the extreme AP exam in May, the AP Chemistry 12 class decided to let loose a little. For most of the month of May and the beginning of June, we took on the challenge of building high-powered model rockets. The task was first met with much...

Feminism 101

Jun 24, '17

Whether we choose to name it Feminism, Gender Equality, Womanism or Equalism, the search for the equality of all people is an as-yet unattained goal. To help examine the challenges presented in overcoming gender inequality, one elective available to Grade 10 English students in May was Gender Equality 101. Enriched by a carousel of enthusiastic...

Shocking. Positively Shocking!

Jun 09, '17

In Grade 10 English this past month, we were able to choose from several genre units to replace our typical English class for May. One of the options was the Ian Fleming unit, taught by Mr Collis, which focussed on the James Bond novels and movie adaptations. The course consisted of watching the best and the worst parts of the movies, making a...

Photojournalism 101

Jun 01, '17

In our four week Photojournalism elective, students have learned how to write news articles and take photos - and we’ve discussed what makes a photo special. Mr Ganley has given each student access to the yearbook cameras and this allows these students to learn how to take a photo and to practice their skills by getting out of the classroom and...

KidLit Elective - Nurturing the Inner Child

May 31, '17

In the past, the Grade 10 English curriculum had included a provincial exam at the beginning of May. Because of this, much material taught leading up to the exam was focused on what was on the curriculum guide. Luckily, the English teachers came up with the perfect end-of-year unit that kept English 10 interesting, the genre unit. This year,...

Something is Budding at Brentwood

May 30, '17

Indubitably, the Brentwood campus is a beautiful environment, with lush plant life and captivating, ecologically-inspired architecture. From the Millennium Trail, to the myriad of trees and flowers that dot our plazas, to our oceanfront location, there is a focus on connecting nature to our daily lives. However, it may surprise you that in spite...

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