Welcome Back!

Sep 10, '17

Welcome back Brentonians! Following a restful and enjoyable summer, the first week of the 2017/2018 school year has been extremely busy. With a flood of new students pouring through the front gates on Tuesday, it took a massive effort by the SEC, Orientation Assistants, and staff to get them accustomed to the Brentwood routine. After three days...

Glowing in Green

Sep 09, '17

The second event that counts towards the running tally, Eco-Challenge provides new and returning students alike a chance to show their grit. Essentially interhouse outdoor pursuits, the event is organized as a giant, multi-skill relay race, with components such as canoeing, portaging, shelter building, kayaking, and running. It is also the first...

Fun & Games 2017

Sep 07, '17

Since time immemorial, the Wednesday evening of Orientation Week has exploded into the first Interhouse competition, Fun & Games. Led by Mr Rodriques (more than just a pretty face in University Counselling) and our new RFAs and Faculty, a palette of organized chaos including crazy human tricks, Simon says, hucklebuckle, musical chairs, and rock,...

200 Hellos, 200 Farewells

Sep 06, '17

Yesterday, upwards of 400 parents, grandparents, and siblings arrived on our oceanfront campus to deliver their 200+ children, grandchildren and siblings into the supportive arms of Brentwood’s staff: houseparents, teachers, advisors, coaches, & cooks. In the late afternoon, amid a few tears and many lingering hugs, these supportive families...

Head Prefect's Address

Aug 29, '17

Good afternoon family members, friends, staff, faculty, fellow Brentonians, and graduating class of 2017. As Mr. Patel mentioned, this year I had the greatest honour of being Brentwood’s Head Prefect, and I want to start off today by saying thank you, to all of you that believed in me and gave me the opportunity to be your Head Prefect. Part...


Aug 27, '17

Though I’m sure those who look at me and think “little man syndrome” won’t believe me, I had no expectation of actually being the valedictorian. In fairness, I believe I proved my way with words by bridging the 12-inch vertical gap between m3 and Emma Frisch in Grade 9, but who am I to bear the responsibility of summarizing four years of...

Mrs. Maggie Flynn

Aug 25, '17

It is my honor and delight to speak about Maggie Flynn. Mrs. Flynn followed her husband, Mike, to Brentwood in 1999. She was hired by Head of School Bill Ross and has worked for 3 Heads in her career here. She once let her girls gag and tie up Mrs. Pennells, in the Mack House phone booth and actually, she may still be there - someone should...

Mrs. Susan Quinton

Aug 19, '17

Once upon a time, an immigrant from the wilds of Winterpeg, where she taught English and drama for 26 years, Susan Quinton arrived on campus in 2003 - pixie faced and bubbly - ready to pick up the torch in acting from Keith Digby, the retiring Director of Arts. The first chuckle I heard from Susan came as the result of a mistake. She had...

Rogers House

Aug 19, '17

Boys... thank you. Time is a jewel, worth more than any coin or precious stone. Time is eternal, omnipresent, infinite, and different after every second, yet constant. Time is an inventor and an artist - a masterpiece. It is a wise teacher. A giver and a taker. It is an invisible adversary, yet it is yours. Time can also be a gift, and let me tell...

Whittall House

Aug 07, '17

Although a deceivingly short time has passed, this year’s group of Whittall boys have transformed from a collection of friends and strangers to a brotherhood bolstered by Whittall’s foundational values of Honour, Integrity, Perseverance, and Trust. The boys battled ferociously for the Interhouse title alongside the Alex girls, but also spent...

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