Snowball 2018

Jan 01, '19

As the end of 2018 approached, Brentwood’s beloved traditions continued, one of them being the annual Snowball. On Saturday December 8, our Crooks Hall was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for the formal occasion. The night was filled with good food, good company, and a magic show to end it off. The night began with the exchange of gifts,...

Thanksgiving for Everybody

Dec 30, '18

Thanksgiving Day, for American people, is surely an important day and it is also for Canadian people, but, as an Italian, I can tell you the rest of the world has just one question: What really is Thanksgiving? In fact, in my part of the world Thanksgiving is always related with the image of a family sitting together with grandparents, aunts and...

The Life of Ellis

Dec 29, '18

Ellis House is composed of a great range of gentlemen and house parents. It also contains hard-working duty staff, who are the backbone of Ellis. The delight presented to the Ellis boys, at the beginning of each week, comes from the hilarious joke delivered by Mr. Cowie on Monday nights. Typically, this joke consists of a historical European...

The Winter Break Reset

Dec 21, '18

It’s that time of year again. We have clawed and crawled our way along this treacherous, rocky path that is first term, but we have arrived: Winter Break. It is finally time to relax and unwind, while also reflecting on the memories and experiences that we have gained since our September arrival. All those late nights plowing through assignments,...

Secret Santas in Allard

Dec 19, '18

To get into the festive spirit right before we all go off for Winter Break, Allard House does Secret Santas, meaning that each girl in the house buys three little gifts, and then one big gift, to give to another girl in the house. Over the span of three days you can expect little chocolates, fuzzy socks or notes to appear on your desk, signed by...

A Sweet End to 2018

Dec 15, '18

With enthusiasm and pleasure, the Grade 8s made one last visit in 2018 to their buddies at Alexander Elementary School on Thursday. They were also able to present a cheque for $2203 to support the Families Feeding Families Hamper Drive that Alexander does at this time of year! All proceeds from our Jungle Book performance, plus a class fundraising...

A Tasty Thai Dinner

Dec 13, '18

On December 5th students from Thailand helped prepare and serve a Thai meal for the Brentwood family. Crooks Hall was decorated with monkeys, elephants and palm trees, resembling Thailand’s tropical environment. Even though there were only eight Thai students at Brentwood, they were able pull off an amazing dinner for everyone to enjoy. The...

Mack Pays Back

Dec 08, '18

With the holidays rapidly approaching, Mackenzie House has taken the initiative to pay it forward in our community. This year our house raised $1450 to go towards two local families with young children. Through the local food bank, we were supplied with a wish list of gifts to supply, and with the remaining funds we were able to purchase gift...

Festive Houses

Dec 08, '18

It’s past December 1st and there isn’t a singular snowflake on the ground. As a student from Northern Alberta, I don’t normally get that holiday feeling unless my surroundings are caked in white, however, in our houses we have a long list of festivities lined up for the approaching weeks up until our Winter Break starting on the 14th. All the...

Radiant Rogers House

Dec 07, '18

Year after year, young men enter Rogers House for the first time with a raging mix of anxiety and excitement surging through their bodies. The thought of living in a boarding house with 70 other teenagers, on a remote campus, far from home, can get in the way of one truly knowing what a regular boarding experience is like. Luckily, however, Rogers...

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