Project Nest Box

Dec 07, '19

The Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society is a wetland and wildlife conservation group in Duncan, BC. Somenos Marsh is one of the largest intact wetland systems in the area, and supports a huge population of birds, plants, and other species. One of their species rehabilitation initiatives is Project Next Box, which engages in students from many local...

Privett House Parents

Dec 06, '19

Houseparent Mr Ron Neufeld and Assistant Houseparent Ms Sarah Wolinsky, both continue to play instrumental roles in an effort to keep Privett House healthy, strong and proud. These two individuals are truly one of a kind and incredible at what they do. When Mr. Ganley first approached me with the idea of an article on my Houseparents, I was...

Amazed by American Thanksgiving & Art

Dec 04, '19

November is a busy month - students are working hard to finish first term well, the Grade 12s are furiously finishing (or in some cases, starting) their university applications, and our first term competitive sports end their season. Brentwood hosts American Thanksgiving to not only acknowledge our American students & families from south of...

Mental Health Matters

Dec 01, '19

Last Saturday Brentwood organized a slightly different schedule. A program created for each of the four different grades in the senior school. For Grade 10, a first aid course had been organized, and the students of Grade 9 tried their best in the Meta9 Design Challenge. The Grade 12s had a Career Education Speakers’ event, and Grade 11s dealt...

Please Keep Our Beaches Clean!

Nov 29, '19

As humans continue to pollute our environment with garbage, we are faced with not only an expectation to properly dispose of our own waste, but also a duty to clean up after others. With this policy in mind, the Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) recently participated in a beach clean up at one of the stunning locations along the West...

In The Spirit of Giving

Nov 27, '19

In the past few weeks, in typical BC fashion, the weather here on Vancouver Island has begun to turn cold and damp. Although some of us find it annoying, this weather presents a much greater challenge for those in our community living in poverty or without a house to call home. With this in mind, the Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT),...

Whittall Open House - Get Nautical

Nov 21, '19

You know the old saying, “You mess with the bull, you get the horns”? While it may be our house motto to go with our red bull logo, we are not violent people. It is more indicative of the great sense of pride we have for our house community and the camaraderie with the brothers we live with. Despite any intimidating vibes our slogan may give off,...

Hope & Privett Bowling

Nov 19, '19

On Saturday, the 9th of November, after the last Parent Teacher meetings for the first term took place, Privett & Hope Houses met for a bowling evening in Duncan. The students of the two houses left the Brentwood campus at around 9:30 pm and made their way to Duncan Lanes where they spent the next two hours knocking down pins - or not. The two...

Why is Brentwood A Good School

Nov 18, '19

Brentwood College School is a co-ed boarding school that is located on the West Coast of Canada. It contains a variety of cultures and nationalities. As of last June 19th, 2019, I finished my first school year in Brentwood, in Ellis House - The Best House. In my first year, I had my struggles with academics, but I have found ways to improve...

Ocean Vibes

Nov 17, '19

Every year there are hundreds of students from all over the world coming to Brentwood. Brentwood is a school that puts a lot of emphasis on good education, athletics and arts. I am a student from Germany who came to Brentwood in the hope of gathering new experiences and becoming more independent. Brentwood is an amazing place to reach my goal...

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