Java Hut 2019: A Night to Remember

Feb 11, '19

Every year, amidst the darkness of a chilly February night, Crooks Hall is brought alive with the music, talent, and laughter at Java Hut, and this year was no exception. Java Hut, Brentwood’s annual talent show, offers everybody who wishes to perform a chance to utilize their various talents to entertain Brentwood’s population for a much-enjoyed...

Symptoms Of An Imposter

Feb 09, '19

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t deserve a lot of the success you have achieved? Have you ever had a sinking feeling that one day people will think that you are not as smart as they once believed you to be? For many capable students at Brentwood, this may be the case, and the resulting diagnosis is a condition known as imposter syndrome. Last...

Happy Chinese New Year, 新年快乐!

Feb 08, '19

On February 5th, Brentwood came together to ring in the New Year with Chinese music and food. The lovely kitchen staff served up fried rice, wonton soup, spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, egg tarts and much more. I grew up celebrating Chinese New Year with the Chinese side of my family in Beijing and Hong Kong. Being away from home on a...

An Eggsquisite In-House Breakfast

Feb 06, '19

Saturday’s are always a busy time in the houses: we head off to breakfast, come back to hurriedly #1 our rooms, and then get dressed in our number #1s for classes. On some very special weekends, however, we are able to break the pattern and take extra time to bond and kick back. This past Saturday some Hope 11s organized a wonderful in-house...

Mack Skate

Feb 05, '19

Each year immediately following the Hockey Showcase game vs. our friends from St. George’s, Kerry Park Arena hosts the annual Mackenzie House Skate. This house tradition is a wonderful opportunity to get closer with those in Mackenzie and our “plus one” guests. Mack Skate is a great chance for many to lace up skates for the first time and for...

Showcase Hockey

Feb 04, '19

Last Saturday a huge milestone passed for the Brentwood Varsity hockey team. The team’s Showcase game vs Saint George’s was an absolute shootout with a total of 17 goals being scored. The team also started a new Showcase tradition by holding a “Brentwood Whiteout”. The crowd of nearly 400 students, dressed in white, was absolutely electric and...

Sunday Ski Trips

Feb 04, '19

Along with many of the special activities offered at Brentwood, one of my favourites is a Sunday ski trip. Every Sunday a bus heads up to our local mountain, offering students the opportunity to get off campus and go play in the snow for a day. Mt. Washington is a fun mountain with all terrain spanning from fun easy green runs all the way to...

International Dinners At Brentwood

Feb 03, '19

A classic Brentwood tradition is the international dinners that take place throughout the year. Whether it be sushi from the Japan empanadas from our South American, or pasta from Italy you can expect to indulge in a variety of cuisines during your time at Brentwood, thanks to the Food Services Team, the SAC, Mrs McLean, and our international...

A Jolly Good British Dinner

Feb 01, '19

Brentwood came together to celebrate British culture late last week as a part of the SAC Spirit Week initiatives. As the students walked into Crooks Hall, they were met with British flags hung up around the cafeteria. With the Beatles playing in the background, the dining hall was soon transformed into Britain in the 60s. We were also treated to...

Polar Bear Swim

Feb 01, '19

A Polar Bear Swim is a quintessential ‘easier said than done’ situation. Essentially, one wakes up early in the morning and runs into the water sometime in January. Oftentimes this is done in Canada on New Year’s Day to celebrate new beginnings. On Saturday, Brentwood did our own version of a Polar Bear Swim. A crisp 7:45 on coveted sleep-in...

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