Climbing to New Heights

Brentwood Outdoor Pursuit students spent a day of outdoor climbing at Sunny Side Cliffs.
May 24, '11

On two separate Red Saturdays a group of brave Brentwood students boarded a bus at 7:30am destined for a day of outdoor climbing. Upon arriving at Sunny Side Cliffs, each of us took our backpack and a rope and made for the edge, looking down an intimidating precipice. Helmets were tightened, harnesses were doubled back and ropes were secured....

Outdoor Pursuits Tackles Whitewater

Brentwood's Outdoor Pursuits class recently paddled a section of the Upper Cowichan River.
Apr 18, '11

The ODP class recently paddled a section of the Upper Cowichan River. The weather provided the group with warm sunshine, rain showers, wind and even a little hail. We began at the Duck Pond Park in the village of Lake Cowichan, and paddled through a 6 kilometer section of class 1 and 2 whitewater. This was the first experience in moving water for...

Wilderness First Aid

Feb 10, '11

Over the course of the last two weekends, ten outdoor enthusiasts made time to complete an intense 50 hour Wilderness First Aid course. In addition to learning first aid that they can apply in wilderness situations, this course taught the principles of proper trip planning, safety plans, risk management and the risks and complications of ...

Salt Spring Circumnavigation

Sep 30, '10

Wednesday at 3:15pm, 11 Outdoor Pursuits members pushed their kayaks away from the Brentwood docks and began their five day, 95 km circumnavigation of Salt Spring Island. Their kayaks were fully loaded with fifteen meals worth of food and camping gear required for the trip. The students will be camping on several Gulf...

Students challenge the Duncan Boulders in Outdoor Pursuits

May 14, '10

Outdoor Pursuits students took on a new challenge this month and went on a search for the Duncan Boulders. Bouldering is sport of growing popularity, it may even have a spot in the Olympics in the near future. Bouldering is similar to rock climbing however bouldering 'problems' tend to be shorter and lower to the ground so there is no rope used to...

Outdoor Pursuits Class Hosts Whitewater Kayak Race

Apr 14, '10

Students of Outdoor Pursuits completed their annual immersion day recently near Skutz Falls on the Cowichan River. This unusual day involves leaping into a class two whitewater rapid and learning to rescue and be rescued. Advanced members of the class assisted the guides from their kayaks and learned valuable paddling skills. This day was the...

Godfrey Knox, 1939 - 2010

Jan 21, '10

By Tom Pennells, '98 Godfrey Knox came to Brentwood in 1992 to join Dan O'Brien in the Rambling program (Outdoor Pursuits) as a coach and climbing specialist.  I met him in the spring of 1994 as a wide-eyed grade 8 in search of adventure.  My first day of Rambling was not what I had expected....

Gold for Old Brentonians

Jun 04, '09

Today, in Vancouver, His Royal Highness Prince Edward, met with Old Brentonians Kat Holland (2006) and Chloe Malinka (2008) at an awards ceremony held at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel. The two young women received the Gold Level of the Duke of Edinburgh Award as a result of activities they completed while still students at Brentwood College. Kat...

Outdoor Climbing Update

May 11, '09

On Saturday, the Outdoor Pursuits rock climbing group had the opportunity to climb outdoors again, but this time they had the warm sun on their backs. Students challenged themselves with difficult routes (5.10a - 5.11) and were climbing cliffs of 20 m (63 ft) in height. Though the students found a full day of outdoor climbing more exhausting than...

This Year's First Outdoor Climbing Expedition

May 06, '09

On Saturday May 2nd, the Outdoor Pursuits group went climbing outdoors for the first time at Nanaimo River. The students have been climbing one or two times per week this term and three more outdoor climbing days are planned for this month. Last Saturday, the students were climbing at a variety of levels ranging from 5.7 to 5.11.

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