ISA Gold

Oct 02, '17

The Brentwood Junior Boys Soccer team had an impressive run at the ISA tournament this weekend on their home pitch, running the table and capturing Gold. Brentwood spread the scoring around with the following lads each registering at least one goal: Will G, Rogers ’21, Logan G, Ellis ’21, Ankit B, Privett ’21, Pedro P, Ellis ’20, Jack NG, Ellis...

The BEAT Begins

Oct 01, '17

In January of 2016, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations came into action as a call to “end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.” The aim of the UN is to have all 17 SD goals met by 2030. These goals have been taken on by the Brentwood’s Environmental Action Team (The BEAT)....

The White Hatter

Sep 30, '17

On Tuesday evening all new students assembled in the Bunch to witness a presentation on Internet Safety. The presenter, Darren Laur, who goes by the alias The White Hatter came on stage and addressed serious topics in an interesting and funny manner. The main goal was to address how to become a more safety conscious user of social media....

Bird Banding in Bio 11

Sep 29, '17

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning in September, Mr. Miller’s Biology 11 classes departed for Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO) on southern Vancouver Island to enjoy a morning of birding and bird banding. The RPBO sits on a migratory pathway for many songbirds, birds of prey, and seabirds as they make their way off Vancouver Island and on...

Arts Captains 2017

Sep 28, '17

Here are Brentwood’s Arts Captains for 2017-2018 as announced in Assembly today. Drawing and Painting Anika P Musical Theatre Hannah R Wind Ensemble Zara P String Ensemble Francis V Debate John E & Morgan W Model UN Dylan C Public Speaking Sarah L Dance Hannah S Pottery Will H & Mark W 2D...

Vic Trip

Sep 28, '17

Victoria, BC is usually a bustling city, with some 360,000 people in the greater area. Last Sunday, that number was increased by 500, as buses full of Brentwood students of all grades commuted down to the waterfront city for the much anticipated “Vic Trip”. The day is the first sort-of break from our busy Brentwood life, as students left in the...

Off To a Good Start

Sep 27, '17

The first week of school is officially over and week four is underway. All students, new and old, are diving straight into their academics and getting involved with their sports and arts as well as all the activities on campus. Grade 9s have found their classes and are learning to adjust to the busy Brentwood schedule. On the other hand, the Grade...

Saudi Dinner

Sep 26, '17

As-Salaam-Alaikum Brentwood! As summer turns into fall, all members of the community have settled into the Brentwood routine. In such a diverse place, different cultures are celebrated often. Saudi National Day was September 23rd – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia turned 87 and the Brentwood’s Aramcons used this as an opportunity to share their...

Biology in Bamfield

Sep 24, '17

Bridges provided a short respite before the bus bumped back onto a rocky, dusty logging road. After two hours on dirt, it was hard to believe that we were headed to a major research station run by five universities, which welcomes hundreds of university students, high school students, and the public annually. Each year, the AP Biology 12 class,...

Term 1 Hockey

Sep 24, '17

On Tuesday, September 15th at 1:52pm the bus roars to life and the excitement can be felt from front to back. We are excited to test out our new sticks, or break in those skates, while others sit praying that their helmet fits over the bushy mane that has grown lusciously over the summer, or that they had not forgotten their neck guard at home...

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