A Dream in White

Feb 21, '11

This past midterm break, 32 international Brentwood students went on a skiing trip to a winter paradise with two meters of snow. This adventure, organised by the school for students who couldn’t get home for such a short break, was the Silver Star sensation.  
Silver Star was a wonderful time: six days of skiing, a great hotel, and the...

Quest for Candy Land

Feb 11, '11

The night of February 5th 2010 Brentonians set out on a mission: find their way to Candy Land. When they arrived, they were delighted to find that Mackenzie house had transformed itself into a sugary wonderland. While some were dancing in the common room, others were gallivanting throughout the halls of the elaborately decorated house. With...

School Ski Day

Jan 21, '11

On Wednesday, January 26th, Brentwood will be holding its annual School Ski Day. Mr. Amiel and Mr. Flynn have been working hard to organize this event in which 250 students are taken to Mount Washington (which has the biggest snow base in the world!), for a day of skiing. In a term that is often clouded with wet weather, a ski day, above the ...

Run for the Cure Magic

Jan 18, '11

Four magicians, led by Cool Dude, Eric Bedard, entertained a Bunch Theatre full of appreciative Brentwood students this past Friday night. Comedy and illusion held the audience captive even after bellies were full of Island Farms ice cream. The free magic show and ice cream treats were awarded to Brentwood, for raising the most funds for the...

Manuary Meets Mill Bay

Jan 07, '11

Seven days ago, a historic month at Brentwood College began. Although we were still on holiday, January 1st was the beginning of Brentwood’s first ever Man Month in support of prostate and testicular cancer awareness and research. Fundraising and awareness raising are the goals.

Why prostate and testicular cancer?


Airband Thunders Across Bunch Stage

Dec 03, '10

NSYNC, The Black Eyed Peas and even Lady Gaga all graced the stage of the T. Gil Bunch Theatre last Saturday. These world-class acts were brought to life by Brentwood’s finest dancers, lip-synchers and choreographers, at the first annual inter-house air band competition. With acts ranging from the popular Weather Girls hit “It’s Raining Men”, ...

A Concert for A Winter’s Eve

Dec 01, '10

Thursday night, following the scrumptious American Thanksgiving feast put on by the staff of Crooks Hall, and on Friday as well, Brentwood hosted its annual Concert for a Winter’s Eve as a benefit for the local Food Bank. Hosted by the Sugar Plum Fairy, alias Mrs. Widenmaier, the night exhibited some of Brentwood’s finest musical talents. A...

Movember or Manuary: Choose Your Portmanteau

Nov 29, '10

This month, an array of furry lips has been spotted around our campus. The Movember fever has struck the school and a trio of male faculty members have been honourably growing moustaches to raise awareness and funds to defeat prostate cancer. This sprouting of hair can be ...


Nov 19, '10

For the 26 hour period between the end of assembly on Thursday and the end of classes on Friday, approximately 100 otherwise enthusiastically verbal Brentwood students began a self-imposed period of silence: no talking, texting, tweeting, Facebooking or emailing. What could motivate our teenagers to shun these generally spontaneous means of...

Interhouse Soccer

Nov 17, '10

Interhouse soccer, perhaps one of the most competitive events of the year, was played last Thursday for the senior boys and this Tuesday for the juniors. Though it may have been wet, cold, and windy, devoted house members battled against the weather and each other in the hopes of winning, and maybe, just maybe, becoming a hero by scoring the...

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