Space in Studio Art

Nov 30, '15

Lying on the floor, tears, existential crises, being covered in paint, claiming to be “literally dying” of laughter—among other things— it’s inevitable. Just another standard day in AP Studio Art. I may make it sound bad, but for me and most of the class, it’s our favourite space (ha! Space) to be in. These past couple of weeks, the eighteen...

Brentwood Arts: Painting The Roses Red

Apr 25, '15

There are two types of people: those celebrating their birthday, and those celebrating their unbirthday. Both types of people should attend the exquisite, peculiar Displays of Student Art and Sculpture, being held across the Brentwood campus from 2-4pm. “I haven’t seen this many drawing of rabbits since my kids watched Donnie Darko!” muttered...

Art Think

Mar 15, '15

It hangs high upon the walls. It ignites halls. Does the watchful observer of modern art, however, truly find what they are seeking? The question is rhetorical. Art, though dubbed a conventional practice — or celebration of learning in some instances — veers off the beaten path of academia. No piece of art is an 83 percent. Aspiring artists...

Chaos & Collage

Dec 10, '14

This past Friday, artists of the Drawing and Painting classes were fortunate to be taught by the acclaimed and esteemed Christian Nicolay. Christian, a multi-media artist out of Vancouver, provided priceless insight into the world of collage. Providing valuable advice and techniques, this encounter was extremely beneficial and has prepared the...

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