Fall Sports Captains

Oct 22, '17

The Fall Sports Captains were announced at assembly in late September. Here are the young women and men who will help lead their competitive teams this season: Sr Girls Field Hockey - Rebecca S & Kayla B Sr Girls Volleyball – Linnea B Cross Country - Sydney C & Jamal H Sr Boys Soccer - Griffin FR

Senior Girls Volleyball

Oct 03, '17

This past weekend, the Senior Girls Volleyball team rose early to board the Brentwood bus enroute to VIU. It was our first real tournament of the season and things were looking up with a big win against Isfeld to start the day (and an abundance of bunnies around to give our extra carrots to). The reward for working hard and pushing through four...

Volleyball's First Tournament

Sep 18, '17

After only three practice, the Senior Girls Volleyball team had a strong start at the Dover Bay Season Opener Tournament in Nanaimo. The girls went 5-1, losing only one game in a third set. This was the continuation of team tryouts, with coach Jill Fougner able to see the girls in game-play action. Notable newcomers were setter Linnea B, Allard...

Falling for Sport

Sep 15, '17

A week into the Fall term, Brentwood’s Athletics program is in full swing. On a walk around campus yesterday I came across our 530 athletes participating in basketball, volleyball, field hockey, squash, rugby, soccer, tennis, cross country running, kayaking and rowing. And completion has begun. This weekend finds the Senior A Girls Volleyball...

Grade 11 BBQ

Jun 21, '17

The days in this school year are now numbered on one hand, a fact that both staff and students alike are excited and reflective about. With the end of the school year comes many things: exams, packing and cleaning, interhouse track and field, and final house outings, just to name a few. Over his tenure as Head of School, Mr. Patel has made it a...

Junior A Volleyball

Apr 13, '17

Brentwood’s Junior A Girls Volleyball team had a great season. The team exceeded all expectations from the very start. We played in 7 tournaments: Isfeld, Dover Bay, Belmont, VIU, ISAs, Central Islands & Islands. While most school teams draw upon their local clubs for players, we spent the first half of the season coming together as a group,...

Term 2 Development Volleyball

Mar 24, '17

Twenty-six girls ranging in age from 13 to 18 have been dedicated to their training and have worked hard during this second term of volleyball development. We were able to enter two teams, U15/16 & U17/18, into various tournaments. The U17/18 team won their Island Series final and our younger team just returned from a tournament where they were...

Senior A Volleyball

Jan 22, '17

This fall Brentwood’s Senior A Volleyball team rose to the challenge of filling in our missing pieces. With only four returning Grade 12s, our team was quickly formed during the first week of school as we brought in three new students and the Grade 11s. Our first tournament at UBC was so early that some of us had never played together, but it...

Junior A Volleyball

Jan 09, '17

Brentwood’s Junior Girls Volleyball team had a great season. The team exceeded all expectations from the very start. We played in 7 tournaments: Isfeld, Dover Bay, Belmont, VIU, ISAs, Central Islands and Islands. Our proudest moment of the season was coming first in the Central Island region. I am also very proud of how our team played their...

Junior C Volleyball

Dec 31, '16

It was our first practice; we were all scared: most of us had never played before. Thirteen girls, new faces. We learned to play the game from the basics, having no idea if we might be successful. It might be a complete failure; we would probably be making fools of ourselves, but we knew that we had to give it a chance, we all had to try our best....

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