Writing 12’s Stratagem

Oct 05, '15

There is a distinct percent of the population that would rather be tortured than go to a movie theatre and watch a play from the 1700s. Thankfully, the Writing 12 class is too punk rock to be in that percentage. This past Thursday, Mr. Collis sprung about 10 of us from prep and took us on an adventure to a different dimension, otherwise known as...

Capturing the Class

May 15, '15

The shiny apple logos of laptops illuminate room 304; busy fingers tap the keyboards. 24 students made the decision to rank Photojournalism 10 as their first choice: that landed them a spot in this class. Since Tuesday April 14, Mr. Ganley’s photojournalism elective has been choosing topics they are interested in and have been preparing them to be...

The Crusading Author: John Wilson

Apr 15, '15

A pleasant treat came Brentwood’s way on April 14th when critically acclaimed local and self-proclaimed “history geek” author, John Wilson, came for a presentation and discussion of his craft. Having written over 40 books, of varied genres, Mr. Wilson’s specialty is historical fiction. The quick-witted, clever man explained his writing...

Welcome To The Slam

Apr 06, '15

In contradiction to the general public’s opinion (including my own before last Tuesday) slam poetry is nothing like the WWE. Spearheaded by Claire A, Allard ’15 and Katlan S, Mackenzie ’16, with the hyped backing from Mr. Collis, Head of English, a group of students headed down to Victoria for a Slam Poetry Workshop. On the short bus ride to...

Writhing in Ecstasy In Writing 12

Mar 13, '15

After nearly two terms of writing blogs, short stories, sestinas, haikus, book reviews, critical essays, and music, the entire class of Writing 12 headed down to Victoria to visit the Regional Assembly of Text. There, each writer would experience what it was like to be a worker of prose back in the cretaceous period when typewriters were still...

5-Minute Hamlet

Mar 12, '15

While reading Hamlet, I often contemplated Shakespeare’s state of mind. How unsatisfied the man must have been, to write a play with such a frustrating protagonist. Hamlet, spends five acts talking about what he should be doing, and doing what he shouldn’t. And we, as a class studying Shakespeare, are studying what we should and doing what we...

Celebrating Freedom to Read Week

Feb 26, '15

Students stopped short at the library door this week when they saw the bright yellow caution tape draped across the door. What's going on? Are we allowed in? These were some of the reactions to our display marking Banned Books Week, as it is known south of the border. Their consternation was palpable. Banned Books Week is an annual event...

Collis and the Cardinal

Feb 04, '15

Last Thursday, Mr. Paul Collis, Head of English, Steeler Faithful, Soccer Coach, Senior Privett Man, and teacher extraordinaire, received recognition from Stanford University for his superb pedagogy. Paul was nominated by Stanford Freshman Sarah Manney, Alex ’15 for his “passionate instruction”. Congratulations to Paul on inspiring a Cardinal to...

Our Values have Lost Value

Dec 14, '14

The following text won the Grade 12 Fabrications Speech contest. Read on and you'll discover why. We live in a world with movie stars, All-Stars and World Star. Looking back to where we start, it seems like we have come so far. We all aspire to be part of the high life; A life of swag and luxury with the major highlights Being a fancy...

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