Winter Sports Captains

Feb 20, '21

Winter Term Sports Captains were recently announced in Assembly. They include the following: Senior Hockey: Co-Captains Nicolas P & Trekker J Squash: Mahir A Senior Boys Basketball: Ifeanyi A & Shaw B Girls Basketball: Co-Captains Ally D & Sophie B Congrats to all our Captains. Their leadership and service are very much...

The Brentwood Turf

Feb 18, '21

The Brentwood turf is used daily for a variety of purposes, including athletics, events, and socializing. On arts afternoons and Sundays, many use the turf to play soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, rowing, and more. Even campus families get involved. Mr Smith’s son, Sebba, observed, “On the turf, you can run real fast!” In 2019 the Brentwood...

Ms Nasmith - Teacher, Coach, Houseparent, Hiker

Feb 16, '21

Not only is Ms Nasmith a Learning Centre teacher and a Mackenzie Houseparent, but she’s also a close friend and a second mom to many. You should try her lemon squares! She started her Brentwood career in 2016 working part-time in the Learning Centre and as a Socials 11 teacher while doing duty nights in Rogers House and coaching the junior...

The Fearless World of Flag Football

Feb 15, '21

Brentwood Sundays are sacred. For some, they consist of an endless sleep in. For others, they follow the order of brunch, spikeball, bed. Many committed individuals even give up their time for the theatre and spend Sundays in musical practice while others trek to Brugos to cram for their upcoming tests. But this year, with the arrival of a 21st...

First 11 Field Hockey

Feb 14, '21

This year, the Brentwood 1st IX had the joy of being coached by former - and returned - Head Coach Mrs Martin and Brentwood alumna Rachel Reynolds and Alex Hatton. Although the season was heavily restricted by the COVID protocols, the team was able to develop their skills and their sense of the game. Not being able to participate in tournaments or...

Cold Feet

Feb 09, '21

Throughout Brentwood’s winter term, many sport activities are offered with the majority of students taking part in their favorite kind of athletic activity. Among the most notable of these offerings are basketball, ice hockey, and soccer. These three host the majority of the school’s students. This year I chose to take part in soccer like lots of...

Fall Athletic Awards

Feb 07, '21

It is my pleasure to be presenting the Term 1 competitive team awards. It has definitely been an unusual start to the year with our teams not in action with other schools. Nonetheless, despite the lack of competition, we have some very deserving winners as their service and leadership has probably been more critical than ever. I would ask that...

Testing Positive for Spirit, Not COVID-19

Feb 06, '21

After a thrilling season in 2019-2020, the Junior Girls Basketball team was eager to get back on the court. Last year, for the first time in school history, Brentwood’s Junior Girls qualified for the Provincial Championships. They went in underdogs, and came out with a 3-1 record, playing mostly AAA and AAAA schools. The team is full of...

Yoga in the Wilderness

Feb 04, '21

New covid precautions are being taken on Brentwood’s campus: consequently, we have taken our sports to the outdoors. This includes the yoga program, so our teachers have gotten creative. Ms Cusi, our yoga instructor, brought a peaceful and meditative spin to her class. This yoga class has been an extremely rewarding experience so far, but one...

CB4 Athletics - The Great Outdoors

Jan 31, '21

Two weeks ago, with students returning to campus after a month-long hiatus, the fourth rendition of Camp Brentwood officially began. Just like all other aspects of the school, athletics changed for the first week in order to accommodate for the CB4 regulations, with an emphasis on outdoor activities. These changes were especially important for...

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