Brentwood at the Barry Sullivan Law Cup

Apr 25, '17

“What limits should be placed on police use of undercover operations when investigating crimes and national security threats?” This juicy question reverberated within the crowded minds of six Brentwood Debate students as the days accelerated towards the Barry Sullivan Law Cup. The public speaking competition, which would take place in Vancouver,...

Provincial Debating

Mar 22, '17

From March 2nd to 5th, 2017, 12 Brentonians, alongside their coaches, Ms. MacInnis and Mr. Bryant, set off to Vancouver for the BC Debate Provincials. Our trip consisted of sushi, card games, riding luggage carts and, believe it or not, some serious debating. We sent three junior teams: Lulu J & Caden K, Liam P & Jemma O, and Marc Y & Maya J and...

World Scholar’s Cup

Feb 14, '17

For the second year in a row Brentwood hosted the World Scholar’s Cup. This competition is in it’s 10th year but it’s especially important to Brentwood because the first round in Canada was held here one year ago. The competition is a grueling experience in which diligent competitors, in teams, participate in essay writing, debates, a particularly...

Regional Debate Success

Feb 04, '17

On January 28th, twenty-six eager Brentwood debaters travelled to Victoria to compete at the Regional Debate Tournament. The fifteen teams, accompanied by their coaches and volunteer judges, arrived at GNS at 8am. All junior and senior teams analyzed and challenged the prepared rounds in the morning. Teams argued both sides of the resolution:...

Interhouse Debate

Jan 30, '17

January 13th. A Friday. Somewhat ominous. Sixteen debaters gathered in the Centre for Art and Humanities, eagerly awaiting the first topic to be released. Once released, they zoomed off for twenty minutes of prep before the first round began. Fierce debate took place across the junior and the senior rounds. As Allard/Rogers and Privett/Hope...

Dinner Debates at BCS

Nov 25, '16

Is armed conflict a justified means of achieving peace? That is a question asked by many around the world through history, and the question that we, the novice debaters of BCS and Shawnigan Lake School, were determined to solve at the dinner debate last Friday. At 5:00, we introduced ourselves to our guests from SLS, all of us eager to begin. We...

The Oxford Cup

Nov 18, '16

Truth or Dare……. Dare? Are you sure? Alright. Take a deep breath and walk into room A261 on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon between the times of 2:00 and 4:00 pm. Within minutes - after taking several seconds to recover, of course - you’ll probably recall the quote that says “We are what we repeatedly do. And excellence, therefore is not...


Nov 08, '16

Q: How do four debate students and two teachers fit into a small van? A: With difficulty. The IISPSC, the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition, gathers participants from all over the globe. Competitors hail from a range of countries including South Africa, the United States, Scotland, the United Kingdom, and Bermuda....

Debate Begins 2016-2017

Oct 30, '16

On Saturday, October 15th, 35 Brentwood debaters got up early to head into Victoria for their first tournament of the year. Having practiced impromptu rounds for several weeks leading up to it, the Brentwood team was prepared for the day ahead. Every team participated in four rounds, attending helpful debate seminars in between each...

Yearning for Yale

Oct 20, '16

Success at the Prague Tournament this summer by members of Brentwood’s Debate and Model UN team earned them the right to compete at the Yale Scholars Cup event this November. Students are currently preparing by collaboratively studying a wide-ranging curriculum on which they will be grilled in a variety of formats over the course of several days....

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