Brentwood’s Careers Day

Mar 11, '20

Careers Day is an opportunity to take a closer look at individual jobs and the responsibles and opportunities that come with them. Every student chooses which speakers they would like to listen to and everyone has a chance to ask questions and talk with the speaker. By taking a closer look at the path that each speaker has taken to reach their...

BEAT BC Green Games

Mar 05, '20

The Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) has been committed to promoting environmental awareness and action within our school and wider community for many years. Initiatives that have already taken place this year have included waste-sorting education, coastline cleanups, transporting Coho salmon blocked by a waterfall to their spawning...

Choose Kindness!

Feb 29, '20

It’s in every one of us to be kind, but sometimes a little prompt or reminder can go a long way in letting everybody promote and give kindness wherever we go. That is what Brentwood’s annual Kindness Week is all about, and February 26, the 2020 Kindness Week drew to a close with Pink Shirt Day to support global anti-bullying campaigns. The...

Java Hut 2020

Feb 23, '20

On Saturday, February 8, Brentwood hosted a very special event called Java Hut. Here, students and staff who have a special talent, such as singing or playing an instrument, could showcase themselves to their classmates and teachers. On the weekend before the students left for their well-deserved midterm break, after five weeks of classes...

February Midterm

Feb 18, '20

On this long-awaited and well-deserved midterm break, Brentwood’s students and staff have been blessed with the opportunity to de-stress. Whether they are marking papers, catching up on work, or hitting the slopes, now is the ideal time to recuperate after being thrown back into classes, arts, and athletics following winter vacation. Everyone...

A Rogers-Allard Interhouse Streak

Feb 17, '20

At the beginning of the year and progressing through the terms, it seemed that Rogers and Allard Houses were stagnant in Interhouse points and significantly behind the other houses in the overall standing. However, in recent competitions and efforts made by participants from both houses, we were able to go 3 for 3 in the most recent interhouse...

Acta Non Verba

Feb 16, '20

The perfect paradigm of Western culture and ethics is an ostracized man nailed to a cross as he helplessly bleeds from his wrists. The man who “bares all of humanity's sins”. The man who has suffered the most. This is to say, Western culture quite literally religiously values those who can competently bear life’s suffering. As I was writing my...

B + That You Make a Difference!

Feb 15, '20

Every 60 seconds, somebody in Canada is in need of a blood transfusion. It can take up to 50 blood donors to save the life of a single car crash victim. Half of all Canadians will either need a blood donation or know somebody who does. While these facts might not be enough to convince everyone to donate blood, it certainly was for Brentwood...

“Friendly” Competition

Feb 14, '20

Interhouse is a year-long competition between all the boarding houses at Brentwood. The houses earn points through activities and challenges; the points are shared between brother and sister houses. Lily F, Hope ‘20 said, “The more difficult the challenge, the more rewarding the win.” Some activities are Airband, Eco-Challenge, painting, Reach...

Winterlude 2020!

Feb 02, '20

8:30am: Busses filled with Brentwood students begin arriving at Mt Washington. Windshield wipers work furiously to combat the bitter wind and driving snow that is pelting from the grey sky, and skiers nervously peer out into the white-washed landscape, feeling perhaps just a little underprepared for the heavy, wet, wind-blown snow. 9:00am: The...

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