Another Day, Another Sunrise

Jan 17, '19

Brentwood sits peacefully on the shore of Mill Bay, British Columbia overlooking the deep blue sea across from mighty Mount Baker. As you enter the gates to the school, trees sprinkled with fluttering bright red leaves greet you one after the other while you drive past the stunning new Foote Athletic Centre. The scenic Millenium Trail encircles...

SPARCle and Shine

Jan 16, '19

At Brentwood there are several extra-curricular groups to join, but one in particular that stands out is a program called SPARC, which stands for Student Peer Assistance Resource Counsellor. In Grade 11 and 12, students can take it upon themselves to complete this training and become a peer counsellor. Once their training is complete, they help...

New Beginnings

Jan 14, '19

Marketing material for our school will tell you that Brentwood “One of Canada’s best boarding schools, is a friendly and welcoming environment, where students choose to be. Brentwood's oceanfront campus has an international reputation that matches its educational profile as one of the world's leading boarding schools. Brentwood's unique tripartite...

A Brentwood Weekend: One Day Sunday

Jan 13, '19

Finally. A breath of relaxation following the six strenuous days of school coming to an end. Brentwood students return to their dorms after a Saturday evening outing and shut off their early morning alarms in preparation for the well-deserved weekend on Sunday. Sunday commences with the sound of loud footsteps thundering throughout the house...

A Trip to ‘Berta

Jan 12, '19

Brentwood is full of international students who might not have anywhere to go for the short midterm breaks. This poses the question of “Who will I ambush, and how do I convince them to let me go home with them?” Luckily for me, I trapped Hannah C, Alex ‘19 in my little bubble of friends last year, and the two of us planned a trip to Las Vegas. We...

History Bytes

Jan 09, '19

Imagine a world beyond sight and sound, a world in the distant and remote past: a world without cell phones, Twitter, Snapchat, Spotify, I pods, personal computers and video games, a school without smart boards, photocopiers, video projectors, solar panels, green buildings, differentiated food choices, coffee baristas - no you have not entered the...

Bringing the Best in 2019

Jan 07, '19

After an action-packed first term, and a much-needed winter break, students return in the new year to another exciting term at Brentwood. Soon after everyone is back, the interhouse competitions will resume with floor hockey on the first Saturday. The Junior Girls and Boys Basketball teams both have their ISA tournaments the following weekend,...

How to Travel Stress Free

Jan 05, '19

It is the time of the year when we break free and go back to our nests to reset and refuel from term 1. While most of us are happy to do this, the happiness comes with the stress of travel. Stressing about excess baggage! Stressing about missing your flight! Stressing about forgetting something to pack or simply getting sick! Stress, stress,...

Spare Block: Desperation Sinks In as We All Need It!

Jan 04, '19

Having a spare block during our highly demanding and hectic high school schedule provides a much-needed break from the school day for Grade 12s. It allows us to mentally recharge and prepare for our next challenging endeavour. As we all know, senior year is by far the most stressful for all students. We have pressing responsibilities such as the...

Festivities in the Houses

Jan 02, '19

It’s January and there isn’t a singular snowflake on the ground. As a student from Northern Alberta, I don’t normally get that holiday feeling unless my surroundings are caked in white. In our houses, however, we had a long list of festivities lined up for the approaching weeks until our Winter Break. All the students and faculty start to feel...

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