Nature’s Maytag

May 17, '15

Thousands of liters of water cascaded through the jagged rocks. The river churns like a washing machine cranked up to heavy load as nearly 25 CMS (cubic meters per second) of icy water pours between the steep canyon walls. The deafening sound of the frothing water tumbling over the falls above echoes in my ears. The strong torrent swiftly...

Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

May 01, '15

“The equipment makes all the difference in an emergency, whether one survives or …not” is one of the sentences Mr. Dan Norman preaches to the Outdoor Pursuits group like a prayer. Not that an adventurous excursion into Canada’s endless wilderness is very dangerous if the group takes care and knows what they are doing. But still: gear is key!...

Winter Never Slows ODP

Mar 05, '15

As the winter term ends, ODP continues to take full advantage of the incredibly dry, warm weather that nature has sent our way this year. Students have completed hikes on Mt. Finlayson, Mt. Tzouhalem, Oliphant Lake, Maple Mountain, the Trans-Canada Trail and most recently on the Cowichan River trail. On this last hike, our students who completed...

We Came, We Paddled, We Conquered

Jan 21, '15

The tide was high as the 24 members of Outdoor Pursuits brought our kayaks down to the beach. Before we left, we made sure that we had everything (including a lifejacket, Jacob MB) and then headed out towards Whiskey Point. Upon reaching the pilings, we turned north, powering our boats onward. Fighting the current and some small swells, we made...

Onward and Upward with ODP

Mar 28, '14

The ODP crew completed their first hike of the spring term on Thursday by climbing Mt Finlayson and witnessing some great views of Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and the forests of Goldstream Park. Although the drive to the base was pounded by rain, the weather gods smiled on the group and during the hike there was nothing but sunshine and blue...

ODP Attire: Style and Substance

Jan 16, '14

There is a Norwegian saying, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing.”   In Outdoor Pursuits, a lot of work is done to help new students understand how to avoid poor clothing choices. In very general terms, avoid cotton, and dress in layers. Wool and synthetic fibers have the property of drying from the inside to the outside,...

ODP Winter Adventures

Dec 30, '13

Students who have signed up for Outdoor Pursuits in the winter term have already experienced some of the highlights of outdoor life in the Cowichan Valley. This term has strong representation from the Grade 9 class, as well as a few experienced ODP veterans who are on hand to help everyone enjoy their outings safely. Although the new sport...

The BEAT Goes On

Nov 06, '13

The fact that no students were able to participate in the BEAT hike to the Koksilah River Ancient Forest Reserve last Sunday didn’t stop 6 members of the Brentwood Family and friends from enjoying the day. After a short drive out past the famous Kinsol Trestle, beyond Shawnigan Lake, we reached our destination. Out of the fog and into the sunshine...

ODP Spring 2012

Brentwood's Outdoor Pursuits  have been sampling  many activities which make spring ODP what it is: hiking local trails, paddling and swimming in the ocean and river, and climbing at the indoor rock gym.
Apr 06, '12

ODP has had an exciting and active first few weeks. Our current group is twenty students strong, and since the beginning of March, all of these hardy volunteers have been sampling the many activities which make spring ODP what it is: hiking local trails, paddling and swimming in the ocean and river, and climbing at the indoor rock gym. Students...

Salt Spring Rescheduled

Brentwood's Outdoor Pursuits class set out to circumnavigate Salt Spring Island.
Oct 03, '11

Only a week ago, a group of intrepid Outdoor Pursuits youth and seasoned adults, led by Mr. Norman, set out to accomplish a task. It was no ordinary task, mind you, but one requiring weeks of preparation and training.  We set out to circumnavigate Salt Spring Island in 5 days, and while we did not accomplish that task, we certainly had a...

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