Swingin’ Spring League

May 11, '17

Unbeknownst to many Brentwood students and faculty, there is a fun way to play field hockey in third term: it’s called Spring League. This is the first year that students have had the option to participate in Spring League inside the athletics timetable, where members of the team practice twice a week and have a game every Tuesday night....

First 11 Field Hockey

Mar 26, '17

This season was a very exciting one for Brentwood. Our team was young and fairly inexperienced with only five returning players, but we didn’t let that hold us back. We kicked off our season hosting the Friendship Cup. This tournament was a great opportunity for us to learn to play together and learn a new system; we worked hard and finished in...

First 11 Field Hockey

Feb 06, '17

With only five returning players, our team was young and inexperienced, but that didn’t hold us back. We kicked off our season hosting the Friendship Cup. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and learn a new system; we worked hard and finished 3rd. Next we competed in the ISAs at SLS and the CAIS tournament at GNS. Although...

Development Field Hockey

Jan 02, '17

Even though field hockey was a considerable time commitment with the team driving to the turf in Duncan every sports day, the turnout was good and we managed to put together a team of fifteen consisting of Junior A and Senior B girls. Although the season started slowly with the everyone having varying degrees of experience, by the end of the term...

Field Hockey Friendship

Sep 22, '16

The Brentwood First XI Field Hockey team competed in the Friendship Cup at Duncan’s Chesterfield Sportsplex last weekend. This was a chance for the new team to gain some playing time together. The girls arrived at the pitch in anticipation to see what their competitors were like. There were four teams in the tournament, most of whom our team had...

Senior Field Hockey

Jan 10, '15

The grit and joy put into the Senior Girls Field Hockey team was evident on and off the field over the course of our season. During the first official practice our team, a collection of new and returning players, departed for Duncan’s turf field. I was impressed with how much talent every individual had, whether it was speed, skills or support for...

ISA Bronze - Junior A Field Hockey

Oct 20, '14

This past weekend the Junior A Field Hockey team played in the ISA Tournament at Shawnigan Lake School. On Friday we won both of our games, and on Saturday we ended the tournament with a dramatic 0-0 game against Crofton House. The tie led to a shootout. In a shootout each team select five of their best hitters; each player gets eight seconds...

Senior Field Hockey Nets Seven

Oct 18, '14

After a nap filled, 14-way spoon train bus ride to Mark Isfeld Senior Secondary in Courtney we came out with a strong win against their team. An impressive high shot on net by Carla E, Allard ‘17 was one of the many goals scored that led us to an impressive 7-0 victory. With a solid shutout by our goalie, Piper H, Mackenzie ‘15 we left the game...

The Great Escape from Prep

Apr 29, '14

It’s official, we have found the best way to get out of prep! Every Wednesday evening for the past few weeks, a dedicated group of students has sacrificed/escaped their prep to do something way more exciting: Cowichan Spring League Field Hockey. Our team consists of players from all of Brentwood’s field hockey teams as well as a few others who...

Friendly Competition

Nov 15, '13

This past Thursday the Junior A Field Hockey team faced off against the First XI hoping for some extra practice before their Island Championships next week. The Juniors came out strong and were capable of holding their own against the Senior players. It was a fun afternoon and it gave the Juniors a little taste of what the Senior team is like....

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