Our Italian Dinner

Jan 22, '19

Brentwood is known for its diversity in students; we have students from over forty different countries who attend Brentwood. With this diversity in students comes many different cultures One way we like to make everyone feel more at home is by having dinners that represent their home cultures. On January 16th, 2019, there was an Italian Dinner...

Tony Carr is 80!

Jan 21, '19

Legendary Brentwood rowing coach Tony Carr turns 80 today. Tony was the Head of Rowing at Brentwood from 1964 to 2003. On Saturday afternoon he was right back where he belongs, on the waters of Mill Bay guest coaching the next generation of rowers to fill the school, university, and national team programs. Tony’s rowing resume includes 50+...

Taking It to the Next Level

Jan 20, '19

Early in November Brentwood had two members of its Senior Girls rowing team receive scholarships to universities in the United States. Allulah-Beth C signed to the Oregon State University and Zoe M signed to the University of Minnesota: both schools were their top picks. The girls were lucky enough to share their day together and sign off in Mr...

Finding My Voice

Jan 19, '19

Up until quite recently, I believed that I had been granted a certain privilege in the sense that I, as a young woman in the modern world, have found my voice. Being able to speak freely about my ideas and opinions was something for which I felt a sense of gratitude towards my community for granting me the opportunity to do. I certainly am...

Our Ephemeral Foundation: Theatre Pro

Jan 19, '19

As though camouflaged, Mr Donald Armitage, along with his Theatre Production crew, are the brains behind almost every illusion produced within Brentwood’s T. Gil Bunch Centre for the Performing Arts - and elsewhere around campus. Measurable and unmeasurable skills are bestowed upon the students of this course, in a hospitable environment, through...

Lead the Way!

Jan 18, '19

If you consider climbing up a vertical rock wall with a rope securely attached to your harness, running through an anchor at the top of the wall, and falling tightly back to your belay partner not enough of a challenge, then lead climbing is the next step for you! Last week, members of Brentwood’s new rock climbing program had the option to learn...

Junior A Volleyball

Jan 18, '19

Right from the beginning of our season, our team knew that we were going to have a tough year, with almost everyone being new. Not only were people new to the school, they were also new to the sport. With all the new players, it took us a couple of practices to get into our groove, but once we got our rotations down pat we really started working...

Returning for 2019!

Jan 17, '19

After a much needed break, Brentwood students return from all corners of the world last week to continue the 2018-2019 school year. Many mixed emotions come from faculty and students: “It went by way too quickly, but I am happy to be back!” Lindsey P said upon returning from a rejuvenating vacation to Egypt. While the academic, artistic and...

Another Day, Another Sunrise

Jan 17, '19

Brentwood sits peacefully on the shore of Mill Bay, British Columbia overlooking the deep blue sea across from mighty Mount Baker. As you enter the gates to the school, trees sprinkled with fluttering bright red leaves greet you one after the other while you drive past the stunning new Foote Athletic Centre. The scenic Millenium Trail encircles...

SPARCle and Shine

Jan 16, '19

At Brentwood there are several extra-curricular groups to join, but one in particular that stands out is a program called SPARC, which stands for Student Peer Assistance Resource Counsellor. In Grade 11 and 12, students can take it upon themselves to complete this training and become a peer counsellor. Once their training is complete, they help...

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