Art History Conference at the University of Victoria

Jan 22, '09

"Visual Impetus" is the title of this year's annual History of Art conference at the University of Victoria. Art Historian Mr. Maclean and his Advanced Placement Art History class took the afternoon away from sports to attend. 

Brentwood Purchases Its First OLPC Laptop

Jan 12, '09

On September 30th 2008, a group of Brentwood students used OLPC laptops when they participated in a software design workshop at the University of Victoria. In response to student interest in the OLPC initiative, Brentwood's IT department recently purchased one of these laptops.
The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization provides laptops to...

'Tis The Season for University Acceptances!

Jan 05, '09

For most, the holiday season is a peaceful time with family and friends. For the senior students applying to universities, it is a frenzied time when the decisions on early applications come in. This year has begun in spectacular fashion with some very impressive admission offers received already. The University Counsellors would like to...

Robotics Workshop at UVic

Nov 13, '08

On November 12th, all of our Grade 8 girls, a handful of Grade 8 boys, and a number of students from other grades descended on the University of Victoria for a robotics workshop. Arriving at 9:30 am, they were divided into teams of 4 or 5 students. In no time at all, each team constructed a Lego Mindstorms robot and then began writing software for...

Brentwood Welcomes Engineers Without Borders on November 14th

Nov 13, '08

On November 14th at 7:30pm, volunteers from the University of Victoria chapter of Engineers Without Borders will visit Brentwood and provide a hands-on workshop for our students. Engineers Without Borders is a volunteer organisation that believes in sustainable human development through access to simple technology. They are primarily a...

Stan Garrod Lectures on Media Literacy

Nov 13, '08

Last Friday, to celebrate Media Education Week, emeritus faculty member Stan Garrod delivered a series of lectures to various student groups around the topic of media literacy. Stan, a prolific contributor to educational publications, has contributed to nearly thirty text books, and has taught many disciplines including mathematics, geography,...

iPod, Eye-Tunes, I-Self: Identity and Music in the iPod Generation

Nov 10, '08

On 21st November, Brentwood welcomes Curwen Reed from the University of Victoria's Speakers Bureau. This presentation will be given at 7:30 p.m. in the lecture theatre.
Presentation Summary. Modern technologies have ushered forth numerous web applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, and...

Brentwood's River Rescue Mission!

Nov 03, '08

On November 12th, thirty of our Grade 8 students will attend a robotics workshop at the University of Victoria. During the morning session, they will build robots out of Lego.  In the afternoon, they will program these robots to rescue people (marbles) and transport them safely across a "river."

During this workshop...

Politics and Pizza

Oct 29, '08

Brentwood students resolve international crisis!

Under Pressure and Losing Your Bottle?

Oct 27, '08

Blowing things upward is the idea for this creative science project.

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