Brentwood Celebrates National Digital Media Day

Sep 23, '08

This Thursday (25th September), Brentwood will be celebrating National Digital Media Day by showing a three-minute video during the regular weekly assembly. Sponsored in part by the Canadian government, this video presents statistics about the growing digital media industry and showcases sample clips of video games created in Canada. A copy of...

Brentwood's Snowbird pilot comes home

Sep 23, '08

Marco Rusconi has flown to great heights since his graduation from Brentwood College in 1997.  Since his days of rowing and rugby at the Mill Bay school, Rusconi has gone on to soar as a pilot with the prestigious Snowbirds — but the captain hasn't forgotten where he came from.  To read more please

How Can Computers Analyze DNA and Proteins? A Primer on Genomic Signal Processing

Sep 19, '08

On Thursday 16th October, Brentwood will be welcoming a member of the University of Victoria's Speakers Bureau. Parameswaran Ramachandran is an Electrical Engineering PhD Candidate at the university. At 7:30 p.m. in the lecture theatre, he will be giving a presentation on DNA to our Grade 9 class and other interested students, parents, and faculty...

Engineering for Health Design Party

Sep 19, '08

On Tuesday September 30th, a group of Brentwood students will be participating in a software design workshop at the University of Victoria. Sponsored by the Faculty of Engineering, this half-day workshop will give participants the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for programs that could be used on an OLPC laptop. (More information about the OLPC...

The Snowbirds are coming to Brentwood!

Sep 16, '08

Captain Marco Rusconi, Brentwood grad of 1997, is a member of the Canadian aerial and stunt team, the Snowbirds. As the team will be performing at a special ceremony in Victoria this week, Marco asked the squadron leader if the team could perform a short display over the school here in Mill Bay.
The action is set for Thursday morning of this...

Opening Day!

Sep 02, '08

Orientation officially begins today (September 2nd) as 141 new students from around the world arrive throughout the morning. The entire staff and a number of student orientation assistants will help the new arrivals over the next three days to familiarise themselves with the campus, select their academic courses, arts classes, and sports...

Fusion. Pipedream or panacea?

Jun 12, '08

Dr. Peter O'Shea, who took his doctorate at MIT in fusion research, will be giving a lecture tomorrow, Friday (13th June).

New Era for Brentwood College School

May 22, '08

Yesterday, Head of School Andrea Pennells sent the following letter to all alumni, current parents, students, and staff members:


University Offers… They Just Won’t Stop!

Apr 10, '08

We are well into the Spring Term, and the offers of admission continue to roll in to the inboxes and mailboxes of our senior students! Nearly all schools from the United States and the United Kingdom have responded, and the news has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, our admissions to universities in the United States have been the most...

Walking the walk: Brentwood students give back to their community

Apr 06, '08

Weary Brentwood students are patting themselves on their aching backs for another phenomenally successful Charity Work Day. This Saturday, more than 100 clients from the Cowichan Valley hired groups of students to plant trees, tidy gardens, dismantle dilapidated greenhouses, prune shrubs, dig trenches, weed strawberry farms, muck paddocks, clean...

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