Exam Avalanche!

Dec 14, '10

If you haven’t heard from your son or daughter in the last few days, or if you’ve been hearing from him or her way more than usual, there is a logical explanation: December exams. That’s right, Brentwood’s 434 students are chest deep in notes, textbooks, silent prep and study groups. With five exams in the past six days, they’re on a rigorous ...

Chillin’ With My Gnomies

Dec 13, '10

Saturday, December 4th may have been just another day when loud words were exchanged between argumentative teenagers, but on this day, it also occurred at a debating competition in Victoria. The Golden Gnome Debate Tournament attracts speakers from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland to quarrel over ...

Model Parliament: A Testing Ground for our Leaders of Tomorrow

Dec 08, '10

The students of Social Studies 11, led by the energetic and creative Social Studies Department, are currently conducting a Model Parliament. In the photo, we see Brentwood veteran Mr. Rob MacLean, aka, the ‘reluctant speaker’ treated with the dignity he deserves. In their role as Members of Parliament, the students have formed...

Brentwood’s Shad Valley Medalist

Nov 25, '10

Rod R was recently presented with two academic medals for high achievement in a program known as Shad Valley, a month-long, summertime academic experience organized through the University of Waterloo and offered at several university campuses across Canada. Particularly aimed at young people interested in the sciences and...

Defence, Diplomacy, and Development

Nov 22, '10

This past Wednesday, Brentwood hosted Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Willow. The infantry officer addressed students in three Socials 11 and Global Studies classes, discussing his personal experiences in peacekeeping and development in war-torn nations from Kosovo to Sierra Leone. In 35 years of...

Brentwood's Bafa Bafa

Nov 19, '10

Grade 10 students in Marketing 11 and Global Studies 11 enjoyed a lively role playing game this week, organized by Mr. Tim Zenker, our visiting US universities counsellor, and distinguished teacher of AP History. The BaFa Bafa game involves students adopting cultural rules in one of two societies with radically different systems of behavior. ...

Musers in the Cathedral

Nov 15, '10

All 55 members of the Grade 9 class, led by Mr. MacLean, Mr. Cowie and Mr. Sullivan, visited St. Andrews and Christ Church Cathedrals in Victoria to experience, firsthand, the architecture of these buildings. Mr. MacLean commented that his Grade 9s are “like terriers in their pursuit of knowledge, especially on field trips.” Although energetic...

Science 9 Extracts DNA

Nov 11, '10

Under the tutelage of Mr. Doehler, twenty-one intrepid Grade 9 science explorers awoke very early on Tuesday and braved the wild wind storm of the Strait of Georgia to participate in a day of Bioinformatics at UBC's Michael Smith Laboratory. Our young scientists were given hands-on tasks such as extracting DNA from their cheek cells. They also...

Eastern Canadian University Tour 2010

Oct 28, '10

On Wednesday, 28 students in Grades 11 and 12, accompanied by university counselor Mr. Rodrigues and Mrs. Felix, took off for Brentwood’s annual Eastern Canadian University Tour. On this whirlwind odyssey, the group will visit more than a dozen campuses in five days, including Dalhousie, Carleton, McGill, Acadia and McMaster while staying in...

Leading by Example

Oct 08, '10

As Assistant Head Prefect, Mackenzie House Captain and Brentwood lifer, Indré S, has begun her grad year with zest.  A setter for the Senior Girls' volleyball team, Indré was recently featured in the Cowichan News Leader ( for her success on the...

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