Something is Budding at Brentwood

May 30, '17

Indubitably, the Brentwood campus is a beautiful environment, with lush plant life and captivating, ecologically-inspired architecture. From the Millennium Trail, to the myriad of trees and flowers that dot our plazas, to our oceanfront location, there is a focus on connecting nature to our daily lives. However, it may surprise you that in spite...

Pottery For Poppins: The Musical Ceramics Show

Feb 17, '17

Every year the advanced potters in the ceramics program put on a musical-themed pottery show that will be displayed in the foyer of the Bunch Centre for Performing Arts during the run of the musical. This year’s musical is Mary Poppins which opens a variety of themes and art designs that the potters can play with and have artistic freedom over....

A Fusion of Art & Colour

Dec 14, '16

As you walk into the Centre for Art and Humanities building, you are immediately greeted by a fresh wave of brightness, colour, innovation and creativity. This is the Fusion Art Show, a collection that encompasses months of hard work that students from drawing and painting, pottery, art foundation, and sculpture have been working on to get their...

An American Thanksgiving with Fusion

Nov 28, '16

As the Brentwood community includes about 40 American students, the school celebrates American Thanksgiving at the end of each November. With American and Canadian Thanksgiving being just over a month apart, Brentwood students and faculty are lucky enough to indulge in two fantastic meals. There are three sets of Parent-Teacher-Student...

Carpe Argillum: Seize the Clay!

Oct 01, '16

Arts are back in full swing at Brentwood and therefore the pottery studio is back up and spinning again! Ceramics is as full as ever with more than 80 students in the program who are able to produce whatever their inner artist desires, shaped in clay. In the studio, students are able to put their ideas to life, shaping bowls, plates, sculptures...

Arts Captains Announced

Sep 27, '16

The Grade 12s who will be leading their respective arts this year were announced by Mrs. Widenmaier Thursday at Assembly. SEC Arts Rep: Michael G Co-Captain of Drawing & Painting: Brady C Co-Captain of Drawing & Painting: Eve Captain of Foundation Art: Ella MK Captain of Pottery: Keiran MH Captain of Hand Built Pottery: Clare...

Visual Art Voyage to Vancouver

Jul 07, '16

Approximately two dozen Studio Art and Art History students crawled out of their beds early on a Friday morning in June to embark on their last field trip of the year. Led by Mr. Luna and accompanied by Ms. Ramundi and Ms. Suderman, we headed up to the Nanaimo ferry in order to get to Vancouver to see the exhibit “MashUp” at the Vancouver Art...

AP Art Adventures

Dec 19, '15

“Do we have everyone?” This was, unfortunately, the over-asked question of the weekend. Blaming it on being artsy and scattered, the Studio Art AP students—or “clamlings” as is the correct term—ran all over Vancouver this past Friday and Saturday trying to keep everyone together. We were led by our very own Mr. Luna – art/life teacher...

Art Foundations

Dec 18, '15

Mr. Luna’s Art Foundations class jumped into the deep end this term, beginning with challenging landscape paintings. The process included sunny walks and outdoor drawing days for inspiration, followed by charcoal sketches, and finally multi-layered oil paintings. Many students made paintings of memorable places from home, while others worked off...

Space in Studio Art

Nov 30, '15

Lying on the floor, tears, existential crises, being covered in paint, claiming to be “literally dying” of laughter—among other things— it’s inevitable. Just another standard day in AP Studio Art. I may make it sound bad, but for me and most of the class, it’s our favourite space (ha! Space) to be in. These past couple of weeks, the eighteen...

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