On the Third Day of St. Cat’s…

May 31, '19

The first day of races came, filled with the excitement and adrenaline of hundreds of the country’s best athletes. While several seniors kicked off their final regatta today, the grand majority of races that Brentwood participated in were rowed by junior crews. To kick off the day, the Jr Boys 4+ started Brentwood’s climb to the top by winning...

First Day of St. Cat’s

May 29, '19

After a long day of flying, and a longer night’s rest, The BCS rowers got up and got dressed For a slow going morning, and a meal breaking their fast. All hopped in the vans - of course Alec was last. Upon arrival, boats went down to the water, Athletes hoping against hope, the weather’d get hotter. Race warm ups came next: arms only on the...

The Night B’fore St. Catharines

May 28, '19

’Twas the night b‘fore St. Catharines, and in Rogers House, Santino was packing, louder than a mouse. Shae, Solveig and Sarah snoozed with teddy bears, Because unlike Santino, they were better prepared. All rose in the morning, at dark 3 o’clock. Ethan woke later, nearly missing his stop. We hopped on the bus, dressed in uniform,...

A Race to the Top

May 18, '19

With the competitive season ramping up to its climax, the Brentwood College Rowing Club sent the majority of its athletes to the Shawnigan Lake School Regatta last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This was a huge competition for the club because most of the boats sent to the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association (CSSRA) Regatta in St....

Regatta Takedown

May 12, '19

Regatta is a busy time for the Brentwood community; with spring in full force, the campus is buzzing with life. Hosting an event is no simple task let alone running a seamless weekend with athletes from around North America. The Brentwood staff spend weeks preparing for Regatta weekend and now I see why. This year was my first Regatta and what...

Regatta Boat Holding - A Grade 8 Tradition

May 04, '19

Last weekend, April 26th-28th was the 49th Annual Brentwood International Rowing Regatta. Most of the Grade 8s were given the job of boat holding while a couple of us were boat driving. As we climbed into the tiny tin boat that was to take us up to the start doock, feelings of nervousness and excitement crept up our throats. We did not know what...

Asian Invasion at Regatta

May 01, '19

Every year, a popular attraction at the annual Brentwood Regatta is the entre booths. Entrepreneurship 12, a course taught by Mr. Branchflower, gives students the opportunity to put together a food service business and operate it at the Regatta where they treat the guests and school to a variety of food choices. A popular booth this year was...

A Spectator Event

Apr 28, '19

The Annual Brentwood Regatta is a renowned event that brings together people from all corners of the globe for a weekend to celebrate the incredible sport of rowing. This year, Brentwood was proud to host Regatta for the 49th year in a row, and welcomed coaches, athletes, and spectators to our oceanfront campus for some great racing....

Rockin’ Regatta

Apr 28, '19

With the 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta well underway, the campus has been transformed into a frenzied atmosphere, with students, athletes, and spectators here to enjoy an incredible weekend! The heart of the action is on Founder’s Plaza, overlooking the water, where there are vendor booths, fantastic food, and live entertainment from a series of...

Bright & Early

Apr 28, '19

With the sun just creeping above the easter horizon of a flat race course, the first heat will spring from the gates at 6:00 this morning. Crews will begin lining up to push off the docks and head down to the start line in the crisp air at 5:30. The energy of the regatta will be enough to wake up the campus for the early morning racing. “The...

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