Writing for Rights

Dec 11, '16

In Mr. Collis’ Lit 12 class, we all stopped and together gazed across the beautiful view of Mill Bay and Mount Baker and were told to think about what we have. Looking out over the stunning water, there were some unpleasant things that we could think about happening in our daily lives, but nothing compared to what is happening across the world...

Brendan McLeod: Slam Poet

Nov 20, '16

Last Saturday, Grade 10 students in E block skipped their regular English class and went to a slam poetry session with Brendan McLeod in the lecture theatre. Brendan opened up his performance with a hilarious political poem, talking about how his mum “forced him to write” and a short background on what he does and his passion for poetry. Mr....


Oct 11, '16

In early September, Mr, Ganley’s English 12 students enjoyed reflecting on the Rio Olympics and the power of the WhatItTakes ads by Sport Chex (39 seconds in you can see Olympic Bronze medallist and Brentwood RFA Ms. Kelly Russell scoring a try in Women’s 7s action). Below are the works of two young...

A Jane Austen Tea Party

Jun 16, '16

Last Wednesday, after trying on countless dresses and bonnets, squeezing in last-minute dance practice, and getting into the 19th century mindset, the Literature 12 classes who had recently read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice left the school to set off on a tea party adventure at the Wilson’s waterfront home on Whiskey Point. On the bus,...

Poetry In Voice

Mar 18, '16

Poetry memorization is a bit of a lost art. In an age when every line of any verse is mere keyboard strokes away, memorization is not as commonplace as it once was. Since the 1950s, poem memorization has slowly faded from schools and classrooms. In recent years, however, some have pushed for poetry’s return, and are once again advocating the value...

Melhuish Speech Contest - Grade 11 Winner

Mar 18, '16

Over Midterm Break I had the opportunity to visit my old school and meet with a few former teachers. After about a minute of reminiscing, the first question I was asked by my former English teacher was: "So what's your passion? What do you want to do after you graduate?" After explaining to her that I don't really have a "passion" since all of my...


Mar 18, '16

In 2010, catastrophe strikes Haiti. The first major biennial art show in Haiti has been held in the capitol only months before. When the 7.0 earthquake hits, everything is destroyed. The earthquake rips through the country, leaving ruin and sadness in its wake. But, the artists do not quit. They create new art. They incorporate ruin and the...

Great Grade 8 Poets

Mar 18, '16

In the fall of 2015, many of the Grade 8s entered a poetry competition - Creative Communications. They were competing against thousands of students from all over North America. The results are in, and 14 of our Grade 8s were selected as winners of this contest. It is so exciting that these individuals are now published authors. Of particular...

Poetry Workshop is A Slam Dunk

Feb 22, '16

There was an impressive turnout to last Thursday’s poetry slam workshop. Wordsmiths from Grades 11 & 12 flocked to the Collisseum to learn the tricks of the trade from two accomplished slam poets, Jeremy Loveday and Elysia Glover. We were briefed on the history of slam poetry, which they described as “Pouring your heart out, then getting marked...

Meluish Poetry Recitation Contest

Dec 28, '15

This December the English Department hosted the first annual Melhuish Recitation Contest (named after Beth Melhuish, an English Department legend and the inventor of what used to be called The Fabrications contest). Students had to visit the website Poetry in Voice -- --and, by either careful perusal or playing...

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