One Hour Full of Wood

Nov 09, '19

Woodworking is my favourite art. It's perfect to be creative and to just implement your thoughts. The course takes place in the basement floor of the Arts building. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon we start the class with the teachers, Mr. Parent and Ms. Ramsey who have thoughts and tricks to build something. Afterward an...

The Jolly Jazzband

Nov 08, '19

As the new year begins, the Brentwood Jazz Band has been working as hard as ever to integrate both returning and new musicians. Taking our instruments and skills into account, Mr Newns, our band instructor, worked hard all summer to prepare songs that would suit our group. Currently, we are working on “All In For The Blues” - a fast tempo and...

Midterm 2019

Nov 05, '19

For nine weeks in September and October the midterm break is a goal to be pursued, but not quite attained. It is a refuge for the fatigued. A star to every wandering bark. For most of us it is a time to recover, relax, re-create. For others, it is just another opportunity to pursue their passions. Here is a list of the academic, artistic, and...

Brentwood Through Our Lenses

Oct 23, '19

With all of the events and activities at Brentwood, I find that memories often get lost in time. In Brentwood Broadcast we quite literally “broadcast” Brentwood to the world. We share the memories. Since we are a global school, it's often hard to keep in touch with the extended Brentwood family. Broadcasting is a medium in which the students...

Wind Ensemble Prepares for Winter’s Eve Concert

Oct 22, '19

Every first block arts afternoon, members of the Wind Ensemble get together in the Asper Room to practice music that we have picked with the help of our teacher, Mr Clausen. It’s only the beginning of October, but we are all now very excited for the first school event that we will be performing in: the Concert for A Winter’s Eve, the 5th and 6th...

Ceramics Gets Started

Oct 18, '19

Pottery has been a big draw for students from 9th grade to 12th alike. Taught at Brentwood for the past twenty-two years by Ms Peggy Elmes, pottery has been and continues to be a passion of hers, one she hopes she can pass on to her students. Just six weeks into term one, students new to the class are learning the fundamentals of pottery, and...

Dancing at Disney

Oct 17, '19

With no dance experience before Brentwood, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be good enough to keep up with the experienced dancer group; however, when I joined the dance program, I soon learned that there was no reason to be scared. Brentwood offers a big dance program with a large range of skill sets with classes from beginners to advanced....

The Quest for the Holy Grail Begins

Oct 16, '19

Each year, Mrs Widenmaier, Mr Newns and Mrs Blake get together to discuss what musical experience they want to bring to the Brentwood stage. They take into account the returning students and select a show they believe that will feature and challenge the skills of the cast. This year the school will get to enjoy the comedy Spamalot, a stage version...

3D Art and Sculpture

Oct 15, '19

I came to Brentwood last year eager to experience its unique tripartite system that allows a student to juggle their academic goals, commit to their athletic ambitions, and turn their artistic fantasies into a reality. Amidst the gratifying chaos, the visual arts program allows my mind to escape from challenging assignments, and to pour my...

Casting Spamalot

Oct 06, '19

The 52 members of Brentwood’s musical theatre program, led by Ms Widenmaier, Mr Newns, & Ms Blake, have been hard at work this month honing their skills and auditioning for roles in the school’s 2020 musical, Spamalot. Spamalot, written by Monty Python’s Eric Idle, is the 2005 stage adaptation of the 1975 classic comedy, Monty Python and the...

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