Women’s Weight Training

Mar 22, '21

Term three sports just had their kickoff. While some students decided to continue with their term two sport, many students chose to try new athletic options to discover even more hidden talents. Brentwood has countless athletic options that we can choose from, and each program is well organized and unique. One of these programs is Women’s...

Outdoor Pursuits - Cold Feet and Even Colder Water

Mar 19, '21

Of the many sports offered at Brentwood, Outdoor Pursuits (ODP) is, in my experience, the most unique. Led by Mr Norman, who is often accompanied by Ms Wolinsky, Ms West and his son, Jacob, ODP is full of fantastic and varied experiences. Although not for everyone, it offers a wide range of activities from hiking to kayaking in both river and...

Senior B Volleyball

Mar 16, '21

This season has been an interesting one to say the least. Although this year was not competitive, we were still given the opportunity to develop and hone a variety of skills. The girls demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the sport, keeping their heads held high while simultaneously giving their all in practices. Overcoming Covid-19 mitigation...

Let’s Start With The Basics

Mar 14, '21

Among many other things, Brentwood is known for its rowing programs. The oceanfront campus is an ideal place for students to row during arts afternoons or on sports days. Brentwood has one of the only indoor rowing tanks in the country, dozens of ergs, and a boathouse lined with rowing shells. Our school has had enormous success with rowing...

Interhouse Volleyball

Mar 08, '21

Brentwood has a very competitive spirit when it comes to interhouse events. This competitive spirit was recently shown at our annual Interhouse Volleyball Tournament, a round robin of three divisions. The first division was boys consisting of four teams: Privett, Ellis, Whittall, and Rogers. Privett and Ellis were definitely the strongest...

Senior Boys Basketball Closure

Mar 06, '21

Brentwood’s second term is usually known as the most difficult of the year. That said, winter sports are usually the most fun. Some of Brentwood’s most competitive sports take place during this term like my favorite, basketball. As the second term of basketball comes to an end, many of the players are now entering the off season. Even though...

Hanging Up The Skates for '20-'21

Mar 05, '21

With Term Two coming to a close, marking the official end of the 2020-21 Brentwood Ice Hockey season, now is a good time to look back at all the memories that were made in the strangest year in the program’s history. In a year with no possibility of competitive action, this season was characterized by the development of a pool of players with...

Senior Boys Basketball

Mar 03, '21

I have been fortunate to be part of Brentwood Basketball with coaches Gage & Sullivan for three years. The pandemic has brought BC basketball to a complete standstill, but it has not stopped Brentwood Basketball from continuing to push ourselves to the limits - while following mitigations of course. The incredible opportunity to step into a...

CB5 is in the Books

Feb 22, '21

As the students of Brentwood returned to campus coming off a refreshing February midterm break, we were met with the usual safety protocols necessary to secure a successful restart to school. As of now everything has run smoothly and everyone’s fingers are crossed that the story remains the same well into the future. These strategies include...

Mr Garry Hughes - RFA, Advisor, Instructor, Friend.

Feb 21, '21

In my time at Brentwood, I’ve known a few of the Resident Faculty Assistants quite well. They are always very interesting, responsible, and relatable, bringing out the best in those they interact with. Mr Garry Hughes is no exception to this, as he has been an absolute pleasure to have around Brentwood - and Privett House - since he joined last...

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