Model UN in Mill Bay

Dec 22, '15

On the morning of November 28th, the air was full of excitement, and anticipation filled the campus, as students from 12 schools—dressed up in their freshly-ironed blazers and suits—rushed into the Bunch Theatre. Approximately two hundred people from different schools, not as students, but as delegates representing a country, took a seat in their...

Musings on CAIMUN

Jul 23, '15

Prior to this experience, if someone told me they wanted to motion to the dais for a 10 minute unmod, I would probably have raised an eyebrow in confusion and swiftly move in the opposite direction. Fortunately, I have since then been enlightened. I, along with fifteen other Brentwood delegates, was invited to attend CAIMUN in Vancouver from May...

Speech Provincials: The Spry Six

Jun 01, '15

It has been said by many untalented painters that speech is the highest form of art, and I wholeheartedly agree. Over the first weekend in May, six of Brentwood College’s most effervescent public speakers crossed the Salish Sea to journey to the foreign lands of Vancouver, where they would partake in the 100th Provincial Speech Championships,...

I Rise on a Point of Order

May 17, '15

Rhetoric, wit, passive-aggressive jabs at your opponent’s intellect (or lack thereof): these are the principles of debate that our introductory Grade 10 English Elective aims to instill in its students. Comprised mostly of newcomers to the wide world of debate, we’ve steadily stepped into its depths, learning the basics of forming a compelling...

Debate, Model United Nations, & Public Speaking

May 12, '15

They have been called many things: the Wolves of Brentwood, the Shamans of ShawMUN and the guys who apparently don't have enough time to change out of their uniform before Arts. Officially, though, they are the Debate, Model United Nations, and Public Speaking Club. This year, the prizewinning pack emerged from the Brentwood Bubble to make...

Going To Nationals!

Apr 10, '15

The Debate Club will be sending forth two of their most formidable verbal athletes to the senior level of the Canadian National Debate Championships this spring. Brentwood’s Head Prefect, Tyler P, Rogers ’15 and tennis ace Nick M, Ellis ’15 took on challenges at both the regional and provincial levels of debating play, each performing with their...

Vancouver MUN and the Importance of Sun

Feb 28, '15

The largest conglomeration of politically interested nerds in Canada, Vancouver Model United Nations 2015, took place this term. Consisting of over a dozen well-dressed students, Brentwood's delegation, and their esteemed coaches, Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele-MacInnis, departed on Thursday afternoon. After a pleasant bus ride to the ferry terminal,...

Debate: The Gob-Stopping Golden Gnome

Jan 30, '15

The Debate & MUN program is not just about standing around with sunglasses and suits; they’re also about public speaking, judgement, and holiday cheer. The Friday and Saturday before Winter Break, an elite squadron bustled out of Brentwood, and, tightly packed together, they entered Oak Bay High School for a prestigious island event: The Golden...

Brentwood Takes On UBC

Nov 24, '14

A couple of weeks ago Brentwood sent a highly talented group of debaters to compete at the UBC debate tournament. The prestigious University of British Columbia hosted this tournament with national caliber debaters in attendance. Brentwood’s 10 students were well prepared and, led by their coaches and captains, they conquered Vancouver! Members...

Debate: Words of War

Oct 03, '14

As the sun set on West Coast Canada, it emerged on the eastern coast of Hong Kong. As it did, three Brentwood students, and three from the Australian International School of Hong Kong were set to debate the controversial idea that the War on Terror is futile. Separated by 6000 miles, the students resolved to debate online via Skype. With the...

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