Writing for Rights

Dec 25, '18

Every year, in honour of International Human Rights Day on December 10th, Amnesty International launches a campaign called Write for Rights. Identifying individuals and communities facing human rights violations, they create a method for concerned citizens to partake in meaningful global action through the writing of letters urging governments to...

A Win for Fiction

Dec 23, '18

Write the World is a global online community for young writers which provides feedback, competitions, and opportunities to publish works. Recently, the organization held a novel writing competition, in which young authors were challenged to write and submit an excerpt of a fiction novel. Always looking for opportunities for his creative and...

The Winter Break Reset

Dec 21, '18

It’s that time of year again. We have clawed and crawled our way along this treacherous, rocky path that is first term, but we have arrived: Winter Break. It is finally time to relax and unwind, while also reflecting on the memories and experiences that we have gained since our September arrival. All those late nights plowing through assignments,...

Casino Royale: Playing the Odds in Ross 305

Dec 17, '18

Parents make the decision to enrol their children at Brentwood in the hope of them being well prepared for life beyond high school. At Brentwood we are given the opportunity to learn life’s most essential skills: we learn how to live independently, develop critical, global-minded thinking skills, foster lifelong relationships, and, as importantly,...

Environmental Science 12

Dec 03, '18

Environmental Science 12 students enjoyed a trip to the Somenos Marsh north of Duncan earlier today to learn about conservation of these valuable habitats. They took a stroll on the birdwatchers’ boardwalk, viewed the marshlands, and learned about the ecological “services” these wetlands provide from flood control and carbon storage to waste water...

AP Psychology 12 Mindfulness

Dec 03, '18

The AP Psychology 12 class at Brentwood encourages students to delve into the brain and its various functions, from the biology to the effects of one’s environment on their behavior and thinking. So far this year, our psychology class has learned about how to better improve our memory, the different compartments of the brain that affect how we as...

Law 12: Try This

Dec 02, '18

Apart from the obvious downfall or ruining the integrity of all my favourite legal movies, Law 12 is a truly fascinating and enjoyable course. Astounded is the only word I can use to describe how I feel when I realize the delicate intricacies of our complex legal system. Most of the rights which we have remain in the average citizen’s realm of...

A Notable Night

Dec 01, '18

The Grade 8 class sat quietly in their seats waiting to receive their homework assignment. We all knew what was coming: Night of the Notables. Some were excited, some were terrified, and others didn’t know what to expect. But by the end of the lesson, we all knew what had to get done. Throughout weeks of preparation for the big night, with many...

On Their Own Wavelength

Nov 29, '18

Students visited the Neuroscience Lab at UVic on Nov. 22 where Dr Krigolson (a former physics teacher at Brentwood and now research professor at UVic) organized a series of activities including a chance to wear portable brainwave devices. Students were able to watch their brains in action as the headset relayed them to an iPad that showed them...

Neuroscience - A Key to The Future

Nov 27, '18

Science is the human endeavour to explore mysteries manifested in the world and link phenomena to our existence. There are some aspects of science, however, that we can’t yet comprehend: if there was too much gravity the universe would collapse into a ball; if gravity were less powerful, the universe would fly apart. It is mysteries like these...

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