Writing 12 in Victoria

Nov 09, '18

What do you call a bunch of eager nerds who would happily sign away their free time on a Saturday to look at old books? The Writing 12 class. This class is, in my opinion, one of my favourite things that Brentwood has to offer. Many students submit their work to Mr. Collis as a resume to get into the class, but in the end, only 10 are accepted....

A Step Towards Our Future

Nov 04, '18

As a fifth year student at Brentwood, I’ve seen many students before me go through the stressful, time-sensitive mission of applying to university. I was able to sense the panic emanating from the Grade 12s as they rushed towards the University Counselling office, muttering to themselves, “Deadlines, deadlines, why are there so many deadlines?” or...

Home Schooled to Boarding School

Nov 01, '18

Growing up in community on a small island is not your typical childhood. However, it has been something I will never forget. I was born and raised on an organic produce farm on Salt Spring Island, farming and stewarding the land with the community I was brought up in. I was homeschooled until Grade 8, so I spent almost 100% of my time before that...

Global Thinking En Francais

Oct 30, '18

In my Grade 12 AP French class recently we did a project on global difficulties. We narrowed the subject down to 7 categories: economy, environment, health, human rights, nutrition, peace and war, and drought. The class was divided into seven groups, one for each subject. Each person in each group chose a francophone country and found information...

A Physics Tribute to Mrs Lawrence

Oct 26, '18

60 years ago scientist Rosalind Franklin observed that “Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated.” These are the principles that physics, calculus and geography teacher Mrs Giselle Lawrence encompasses in her class and in her everyday life. Mrs Lawrence is an inquisitive and keen teacher who devotes her time at Brentwood to...

Brentwood Reaches For the Top

Oct 24, '18

This past Saturday night, Brentwood students flooded into the T. Gil Bunch Centre to cheer on their housemates as the houses went head-to-head in the mind-boggling and reflex-testing inter-house competition, Reach For The Top. Student’s knowledge on history, geography, literature, mythology, and science & innovation were put to the test and many...

Gone Caving

Oct 24, '18

Last Friday the Grade Eights had the opportunity to visit the Horne Lake Caves. We arrived at the caves after a two hour song-filled bus ride ready to go caving. We were split into two groups each headed to two seperate caves. My group went into a cave that was one hundred and forty metres deep! Our informative group guide, Alex, provided us...

Ideas Worth Spreading

Oct 22, '18

TEDx’s motto is, ‘Ideas worth spreading’ and that is precisely what the students of Brentwood heard at our TEDx on Saturday. For those who have never had the pleasure of experiencing TED, it is series of talks organized by a non-profit organization which strives to share ideas on a variety of topics through a series of fascinating, albeit short,...

Cutting Edge Science

Oct 19, '18

Environmental science students learned how multiply today by taking cuttings of plants. Mr John Brennan, our school gardener, demonstrated the technique and agreed to keep the cuttings alive over winter. The newly sprouted plants will be decorating student’s dorms and classrooms in the spring. Mr David McCarthy

Not as EATsy as EAT seems - My French Trip to Bon Macaron

Oct 17, '18

After a much enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend, students from Mme. Hall’s French 12 class were able to go on an outing to Victoria to learn to make macarons. We left just before lunch and made our way down to Bon Macaron Patisseri owned and operated by two native Frenchmen who truly know the ins and outs of baking. Once we arrived, the eight of us...

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