Sunday Ski Trips

Feb 04, '19

Along with many of the special activities offered at Brentwood, one of my favourites is a Sunday ski trip. Every Sunday a bus heads up to our local mountain, offering students the opportunity to get off campus and go play in the snow for a day. Mt. Washington is a fun mountain with all terrain spanning from fun easy green runs all the way to...

International Dinners At Brentwood

Feb 03, '19

A classic Brentwood tradition is the international dinners that take place throughout the year. Whether it be sushi from the Japan empanadas from our South American, or pasta from Italy you can expect to indulge in a variety of cuisines during your time at Brentwood, thanks to the Food Services Team, the SAC, Mrs McLean, and our international...

A Jolly Good British Dinner

Feb 01, '19

Brentwood came together to celebrate British culture late last week as a part of the SAC Spirit Week initiatives. As the students walked into Crooks Hall, they were met with British flags hung up around the cafeteria. With the Beatles playing in the background, the dining hall was soon transformed into Britain in the 60s. We were also treated to...

Polar Bear Swim

Feb 01, '19

A Polar Bear Swim is a quintessential ‘easier said than done’ situation. Essentially, one wakes up early in the morning and runs into the water sometime in January. Oftentimes this is done in Canada on New Year’s Day to celebrate new beginnings. On Saturday, Brentwood did our own version of a Polar Bear Swim. A crisp 7:45 on coveted sleep-in...

Allard Open House 2019

Jan 31, '19

Brentwood’s memorable open houses continued this past Saturday with Allard hosting the school on January 19th. The theme of the open house was revealed on the Thursday prior with a video of the girls, placed all around the world, realizing they must come back to their boarding school on Vancouver Island to fulfill their duties as FBI agents....

It’s All Downhill From Here

Jan 31, '19

For many years, the end of January has held an exciting day for the members of Brentwood: Winterlude! This school-wide day of fun in the snow offers activities for all interests and abilities at the Mount Washington Alpine Resort. This year, those with experience had the option to hit the slopes on skis or snowboards, beginners took lessons, and...

Hawaiian Day Adds Spirit

Jan 30, '19

Hula skirts, flip flops, Hawaiian shirts, and leis are the essential accoutrements for a winter day in Mill Bay. Of course that is only if you, like the Brentwood student body, are trying to shield yourself from the cloudy reality that is mid-January. This past Friday was Hawaiian Day, and even if the concept didn’t brighten up Mill Bay skies,...

Our Italian Dinner

Jan 22, '19

Brentwood is known for its diversity in students; we have students from over forty different countries who attend Brentwood. With this diversity in students comes many different cultures One way we like to make everyone feel more at home is by having dinners that represent their home cultures. On January 16th, 2019, there was an Italian Dinner...

Finding My Voice

Jan 19, '19

Up until quite recently, I believed that I had been granted a certain privilege in the sense that I, as a young woman in the modern world, have found my voice. Being able to speak freely about my ideas and opinions was something for which I felt a sense of gratitude towards my community for granting me the opportunity to do. I certainly am...

Returning for 2019!

Jan 17, '19

After a much needed break, Brentwood students return from all corners of the world last week to continue the 2018-2019 school year. Many mixed emotions come from faculty and students: “It went by way too quickly, but I am happy to be back!” Lindsey P said upon returning from a rejuvenating vacation to Egypt. While the academic, artistic and...

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