Learning to Use Our Sixth Sense

Apr 08, '19

This past weekend, Brentwood’s Grade 12 girls were offered the option of taking a self-defence course. The female houseparents got together and came to the agreement that it was in all of our best interest to be sent off into the world feeling safe and confident in ourselves. This defence class served not only to help women defend themselves in...

Kicking Off Term 3

Apr 07, '19

A very busy term two has come to a close for Brentwood. While term two is the shortest term of the year, it definitely feels like the longest with the darker, gloomier weather that takes ahold of Mill Bay. For the grads, term three is expected to fly by just as these past few months have. It was a term full of fantastic events such as Java Hut,...

Dirty Hands for a Good Cause

Apr 04, '19

At Brentwood, every one of us has access to clean water and three nutritious meals each day. We go to sleep in a bed every night, secure in the knowledge that we are safe. We have clean, warm clothes, roofs over our heads, as well as many things beyond these basic necessities. But the sad truth remains that many people are not so lucky, even close...

Choose To BEE a Speller

Apr 03, '19

For weeks, students inboxes were swarmed with notifications from Mrs. Day Reynolds. Reminders were sent, hints were given, and the judges were chosen. The heavily anticipated event was just around the corner. The annual Interhouse Spelling Bee took place on Saturday, March 30th in the Killy Theatre as one junior and one senior from each house...

World Water & Youth Climate Strike Day!

Mar 22, '19

As we solidly and comprehensively approach the end of our Brentwood school year, we encounter many themes that broaden our perspective towards the world and exponentially increase our participation in aspects of society such as global climate change. Brentwood encourages students to engage in activities by campaigning for positive change in the...

History Bites # 3 - Ode to Women

Mar 19, '19

The following is the text of an address delivered by Mr Steve Cowie to the School in Assembly on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Women - You can’t live without them ... We can’t live without them. March 8 is International Women’s Day, so on behalf of our school, I would like to use this Herstory Bite to express our gratitude to the women of Brentwood,...

Belize Unplugged

Mar 18, '19

When we were first told, before we left, that our electronics such as our phones and computers were going to be taken away for the duration of the trip, there were a variety of responses, however, the majority of reactions were along the lines of “You’re joking”, “No way” and “Over my dead body”. The weeks went by and then we were finally on our...

Where The Streets Have No Names

Mar 15, '19

Belize is stereotyped as a beach resort vacation destination. Those of us on the Brentwood Service Trip, however, saw the realities that most of the Belizeans had to deal with. San Antonio, the village that we stayed in, had a population of 1400 people and only two of the roads had names. Its citizens, however, were constantly surrounded by a...

Careers Day

Mar 12, '19

Near the end of second term, Brentwood hosts Careers Day when alumni of all ages return to campus to speak about and shine a light on many different paths that are possible in university and beyond. From Hollywood set directors, to environmentalists, to social workers, Careers Day covers a wide variety of futures. “It was really inspiring to see...

A Reflection on Time at Brentwood

Mar 09, '19

Friday began Spring Break, the second installment of the great escape from the confines of boarding school. And although that splendid day has been long awaited, for me, it is the first major break since passing the halfway milestone of my career at Brentwood College. It’s bizarre to think I have made it this far, but it’s even harder to...

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