Movember - Leave Mo' Man Behind

Nov 28, '14

This November the men of Brentwood College participated in the annual fundraising event ‘Movember’. Male faculty and students of all ages participated by growing a moustache during the month of November to raise awareness for prostate cancer and male mental health. Excessive amounts of ‘Just for Men’ facial hair dye plagued the school with...

Prep is for Bonding

Nov 19, '14

Approximately once a month, at 8:30pm during prep, laptops are shut down, binders are closed and final emails are sent. As the house starts to stir with people running around—often wrapped in blankets—there are shouts of food-induced glee. Homework is forgotten, cast aside for the next hour and in its place: Big/Little’s Night. Students are...

We Must Remember

Nov 13, '14

Aaron H, Privett '15 addressed the school Tuesday during our Remembrance Day Ceremony and spoke of his family's experience in the Holocaust. Below is his text: Sounds of sickening coughs and petrified moans echo through the metal box. Your limbs ache from exhaustion, your throat is dry from dehydration. Scared and confused, all you can do is...

Movember in Mill Bay

Nov 05, '14

Hey Gentlemen, If you wish to join the legendary ranks of Mr. Steve Cowie and other extremely well-respected men of the mustachioed Brentwood community, you may now grow your very own moustache this Movember and help raise awareness of men’s health issues. Here are the rules: 1. You shave on November 1st. 2. Upon your return to school...

Me to We to Us

Oct 30, '14

Last Tuesday, 20 senior students made the commute to Vancouver to attend the spectacular We Day the following morning. We Day is a chance for students from all over to come together to watch live performances from people like Hedley, Nick Jonas, and many more. There are also speakers who give the audience a new way of viewing change and how we can...

One World in One Night

Oct 24, '14

Last Friday, students volunteered at the Cowichan Valley’s One World Festival and every student brought a piece of their home with them. The festival consisted of a wide range of cultural music, performances, a fashion show and international cuisine. Brentwood, a place where the world comes to board, is honored to have many different cultures and...

A Saturday of First Aid

Oct 04, '14

Last Saturday the Grade 10s dedicated eight hours to learning first aid. We were split into five groups, with different instructors, throughout the Bunch Centre. They taught us many useful skills, from basic first aid to CPR. The instructors would often have some students act as injured people, while others quickly came to aid them. We treated...

Two Dukes of Edinburgh

Oct 02, '14

There are several students at Brentwood who are currently involved with the Duke of Edinburgh program. The D of E was developed over 50 years ago to encourage young people to challenge themselves and make positive contributions to their community. Today, we recognize Jacob N, Whittall ‘16 on earning his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, and Joe K,...

Are You Ready for Airband 2014?

Sep 28, '14

October 18th, when Brentwood will be hosting one of the most entertaining events all year, AIRBAND, is less than a month away! This event allows you to come together with your friends in the house (and some houses might even pair up with their brother/sister house) to bust some moves to some of the biggest hit songs around, or even to some of the...

Cyber Safety

Sep 27, '14

“Hello, I'm Beth. And I'm fifteen,” Darren Lauer crooned to us. At first, this man (who was so obviously not fifteen and not named Beth) made us laugh. And then he made us think. And then he made us cry: I'm sure there wasn't a single person left in the audience who didn't feel impacted after his presentation on cyber bullying and digital...

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