SPARC: Serving Our Community

Brentwood SPARC team serving our community
Jan 05, '12

While another holiday season has come and gone, the generous spirit of Brentwood students continues throughout the year. Alongside Tracy, Terry and countless other CMS Food Bank volunteers, a dedicated group of SPARC members spent much of their free time before the December holiday stocking shelves and packaging hampers which were then distributed...


Brentwood students and  members of SPARC have been making soup and applesauce for children who attend Khowhemun School.
Dec 21, '11

Members of SPARC have spent their Sunday afternoons over the past two months making soup and applesauce for children who attend Khowhemun School. As the weekly delivery is usually done on Monday mornings by a volunteer from Thrifty Foods, our student cooks had not yet met their student.

After an evening of picking apples from Mr. and...

More Peer Counselors on Campus

Dec 08, '11

On December 2nd approximately 100 new SPARC members were awarded their golden star. After 12 vigorous weeks of training sessions on varied subjects including addiction, suicide, interpersonal relationships, and how to talk to their peers, they learned how to react and respond appropriately. With these new stars, housemates now know who they can...

Broom Busting

Dec 05, '11

An invasive species is as an organism that is introduced into a region which then damages the ecosystem. Invasive species can be anything from zebra mussels to broom. Broom is one of Vancouver Island’s most invasive species. It has become naturalized into the area and due to its ability to aggressively disperse seeds, it is extremely difficult to...

A Vow of Silence

Vow of Silence at Brentwood College School. Private boarding school on the oceanfront.
Nov 30, '11

The wise father, Atticus Finch, from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, advises his children that to really know another person, you must walk around in their shoes. Beginning this morning at 9:00 a.m., Brentwood students will experience the isolation and helplessness of millions of children throughout the world who have no voice to speak up for...

MOSQOY: Peruvian Dreams

Oct 20, '11

Ms. Ashli Akins, at the invitation of the SAC, made a moving presentation to the school assembly this past Thursday about Mosqoy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, preservation and sustainability of the Peruvian Andes villages. Ashli founded Mosqoy, which means ‘dream’ in Quechua, the indigenous language of the Sacred Valley...

Soup for the Soul

Brentwood kids make soup for local school in Duncan.
Oct 17, '11

Each week, a number of Brentwood students volunteer to make soup for Kowhemun Elementary, a K-7 school located in Duncan. It is led by SPARC reps Anthony S and Felipe P S. It is also well supported by many students within the school as they pitch in by purchasing baked goods also made by SPARC students to raise funds.

At Kowhemun there...

Let Them Eat Cake

Brentwood teachers and coaches hold dinners or barbeques for their groups to celebrate their time together.  This was the case for the Girls Rowing Crews
Jun 21, '11

As the month of June comes to a close so do all sport and art classes at Brentwood.  As a finale, some teachers and coaches hold dinners or barbeques for their groups to celebrate their time together.  This was the case for the Girls Rowing Crews last Friday as they boarded a bus to go to Mrs. Sage’s house for an end of year wrap-up....

Taking the Plunge

Jun 17, '11

As the school body prepares for a week of year-end exams, every student, no doubt, looks forward, most of all, to the challenge of deconstructing the metaphor that they will certainly find on the poetry section of their English paper. And if we’re talking metaphor, how about the metaphoric plunge the Grad class took into the waters of Mill Bay...

Kid Lit a Big Hit

Brentwood students with kids
Jun 15, '11

For five fun-filled Thursday afternoons this spring, the lucky English 10 students who opted for Ms. Hedquist's Children's Literature genre unit played with and read to kindergarten students at Bench Elementary School in Cowichan Bay. Each Grade 10 was matched with a kindie buddie for the duration of the unit, and each week the big buddies helped...

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