Are You Road Safe?

Mar 18, '16

Friday of last week Brentwood brought back Heather, a woman who came to talk to the senior students about driving safely. After sharing a heart-wrenching story of her own experiences while driving under the influence and discussing how the impacts of the crash can affect the lives of those involved years later, Heather asked the room about our own...

Charity Work Day

Mar 18, '16

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth”- Muhammed Ali The first Saturday back from March Break and Brentonians were already back to work...not school work though: every single student spent their day helping somebody else to better the community. The charity work that could be done included a lot of yard work, painting...

A Brentwood Sunday

Mar 18, '16

Sundays: the day all Brentwood students cherish. Sleep-in, relaxation, and most importantly, Sunday Brunch. The morning dew sits on the field as the sun starts to rise and reflect off the ocean. Soon, the campus starts buzzing with students beginning their day. It begins similar to any other day. The routine shower, get dressed, and then head for...

An American Dinner Fit For a King (or President)

Mar 18, '16

A walk to the Brentwood caf can often surprise. This, however, was not the case on a certain Wednesday evening, in the second week of April. We knew that the American Dinner was taking place. Throughout the day’s classes, even the most studious of pupils were observed longingly glancing out of the windows, their glazed eyes yearning for the...

Energy Conservation Week

Mar 18, '16

On Saturday April 16, Brentwood decided to step out of the box and challenge the campus and each of the houses to a week of conserving energy. Two weeks before, the BEAT (Brentwood Environmental Action Team) measured the charts for the consumption of energy in each house. With that information, they challenged all houses to unplug themselves from...

Breakfast Boys Bite into the Regatta Weekend

Mar 18, '16

Since the beginning of the school year, Grade 11 students have been busily working on a year long project for the Regatta weekend in their Entrepreneurship 11 course. Once they were put into groups, their job was to succeed in their personal business, selling edible goods to rowers, visitors, students, and staff. Working all day, they...


Mar 04, '16

Madame Hall, 3 Eltern und 22 Schüler haben vom 4. bis zum 10. Februar am Quebec trip teilgenommen. Vorort sind wir dann mit einer sehr netten Reiseführerin von der Organisation Jumpstreet erstmal in Montreal einen Tag geblieben und haben uns vor Ort alle Sehenswürdigkeiten angeschaut. Am nächsten Tag sind wir dann nach Quebec City gefahren, wo wir...

Ville de Quebec

Mar 03, '16

Pendant les vacances, un groupe d’élèves, plus quatre chaperons, sont allés au Québec. Nous avons visité beaucoup d’endroits célèbres à Montréal et à Québec comme le Château Frontenac, Mont Royal, Les Plaines d’Abraham, les Chutes Montmorency, et la Basilica Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. Heureusement, le météo était très bon pour la semaine, et dans...

A Visit to Bonhomme

Feb 19, '16

Over the Midterm Break 22 students from Grades 9-11 bundled up in a gazillion layers and flew to Montreal, Quebec. We spent one day in Montreal where we met our amazing guide, Amelie, and visited the French headquarters of Radio-Canada, where we filmed a radio/TV news broadcast. We then did a little shopping before packing ourselves onto a bus...

Baked Goods for Peru

Feb 16, '16

In just three and a bit weeks time, twenty students will be travelling on their service trip to Cusco, Peru. On Monday February 15th, they held a bake sale to raise funds for their service project. This project will be help improve living conditions for students in Peru. The group of Brentwood students sold cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and many...

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