Cyber Safety

Sep 27, '14

“Hello, I'm Beth. And I'm fifteen,” Darren Lauer crooned to us. At first, this man (who was so obviously not fifteen and not named Beth) made us laugh. And then he made us think. And then he made us cry: I'm sure there wasn't a single person left in the audience who didn't feel impacted after his presentation on cyber bullying and digital...

Where I Am From

Sep 10, '14

I am from logical thoughts, math, physics and chemistry. Equations and functions made up my bones, curiosity accelerates in my blood, delivers thermal energy into my heart. I am from the Spring Festival reunion, the steamed fish, dumplings and fireworks-lightened night. I am from the shuffled Poker cards, myth telling, pumping up and...

We are Family

Sep 05, '14

Classes start in earnest today. The last few returning students arrived yesterday. One of the things that always strike me at the beginning of a new year is the emotions students show when they first see each other again after the summer holidays. Screams of joy, leaping and hopping up and down, and loud, raucous banter are everywhere on the...

The Head of School's Address to the Graduating Class – Closing 2014

Jul 12, '14

Good Morning and welcome to Campbell Common. As any good geographer knows, June 21st is summer solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day of sunshine for us in the northern hemisphere. How appropriate it is then that we bid farewell to the graduates of 2014 on our sun-drenched campus. We extend a warm welcome to some special guests:...

Priceless, Not Worthless

May 06, '14

No matter if it’s summer or winter, a sunny or rainy day, there is always a white Brentwood van waiting for a group of kind-hearted students outside of Crooks Hall on Sunday afternoon. This year, seventeen grade 10s and 11s have joined the Vancouver Island Health Authority volunteering program. These students are committed to volunteer at either...

Saturday Incentive

Mar 02, '14

Current events presentations happen every Saturday #2 in Ms Richardson's Social Studies 9 class. Each group of students is responsible for selecting a current event and presenting the topic to the class. This week was Max Q & Justin F presented on the demonstration on Venezuela and the Ukraine. The presenters are also responsible for making a...

Whittall Squashed the Competition

Feb 14, '14

On Saturday, February 1st four teams took to the courts to battle it out in 2014's Interhouse Squash Tournament. Claimed by many to be a lesser sport, squash actually claims one of the highest number of applicants in winter term: this year 43 people signed up for just 20 available spots. The tournament was laid out as follows: four teams of...

Java Hut 2014

Feb 07, '14

Java Hut took place last Saturday evening with wonderful displays of Brentwood’s established and emerging talents. Teachers and students of all ages got up on stage with their sights set on Brentwood stardom. Every year some unexpected stars are born; this year they varied from Garey G, the yo-yo prodigy, to the department-head daughters Holly...

Thanks from the Prime Minister

Feb 07, '14

The following is a letter from the Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper, thanking Brentwood for his visit to the school in January.

The Graduation of Elizabeth & Elmer – A Mosqoy Success Story

Jan 10, '14

In 2006, when Ashli Akins ventured to Peru with nothing but a backpack and a desire to make a positive difference, she found communities which were faced with a vicious cycle of poverty and cultural loss. Seeing the changes that needed to be made, Ashli got right to work. Through several initiatives like the Textile Revitalization Program and the...

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